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Phillip Smith

Phillip Smith

TGV is designed to be a portal of news and politics on gay issues. We have just started laying out the new design.

TGV consist of World News, Events, Sports, Arts, Entertainment, Fitness, Technology, and Videos all pertaining to the LGBTQ Community.

Our Mission is to open discussions of controversy, as well as finding ways to enjoy life. We want to be a voice for equality and not just for the stereotypical members of the LGBTQ community, but for all of us. The LGBTQ community¬†doesn’t¬†have one look, or one sound, or even one voice. We are many and each with great views and proud of them.

Hope you find our continual growth helpful.
Phillip Smith
TGV (The Gay Voice)

About Phil Smith

Phillip Smith studied at Kaplan and University of Phoenix. He has worked closely with multiple non-profit organizations to help keep kids off drugs and rehabilitate recovering addicts. In the past, Phillip has been highly active in churches and the ministry. After coming out to friends and family he devoted most of his time working with LGBTQ organizations and efforts. In 2012 he started TGV (The Gay Voice) News to help keep the community informed of all sort of issues pertaining to the LGBTQ community.

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