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Salvation Army says “Gays Need to Be Put to Death”

sa coverChristmas, it is the time of the year for holiday shopping, and also hearing the bell ringers for the Salvation Army collection donations. Those donations provide Christmas dinners, clothing, and Christmas toys for children in need. The charity collects millions of dollars in donations every year, and they distribute it to needy families, seniors, and the homeless in keeping with the spirit of the holiday season.

The Salvation Army has expressed their Christian beliefs in the past, stating that they do not accept the LGBTQ lifestyle, nor do they stand up for gay marriage. Salvation Army went on record recently, stating that LGBTQ parents should be put to death as the bible instructs. Major Andrew Craibe, a Salvation Army Media Relations Director, went on public radio hosted by journalist Serena Ryan, to discuss a recent call by LGBTQ parents for a boycott of the nonprofit for its anti-gay policies and beliefs.

Ryan questioned Craibe about Salvation Story: Salvationist Handbook of Doctrine, the manual used to train Salvation sa1Army “soldiers” and members. Several chapters refer to the sin of homosexuality, including a section that cites Romans 1:18-32, which includes a admonition that homosexuals “deserved to die”;

“ Ryan: According to the Salvation Army gay parents deserve death. How do you respond to that, as part of your doctrine?”

“Craibe: Well, that’s a part of our belief system.”

Ryan: So they should die.”

“Craibe: You know, we have an alignment to the Scriptures, but that’s our belief.”

“Ryan: You’re proposing in your doctrine that because these parents are gay, that they must die.”

“Craibe: Well, well, because that is part of our Christian doctrine “

“Ryan: But how is that Christian? Shouldn’t it be about love?”

sa5“Craibe: Well, the love that we would show is about that: consideration for all human beings to come to know salvation…”

“Ryan Or die…”

“Craibe: Well, yes.”

Major Bruce Harmer, the Army’s Communications and Public Relations Secretary recently issued the following statement;

“The Salvation Army encompasses a diverse community with a wide range of opinions on human sexuality and other subjects. The senior leadership of The Salvation Army continues to reflect on Christian and Biblical tradition, and especially on the themes of  justice and mercy, to further deepen the understandings of our own members and build a more healthy relationship with the LGBTQ community. We pledge to continue to offer services to all and to treat each person with dignity, respect and non-discrimination.”

The salvation is willing to take the money from the LGBTQ community, but they aren’t willing to support them. I remember reading a story a year or two ago about the salvation army not supporting the LGBTQ community, so I stopped supporting them. That red bucket they put out every year for Christmas, depends on people like us, to put money in it. They are a charity that depends on donations to help the families in need.sa3

I think it is horrible that a charity admits they think LGBTQ parents should die. It does not matter who you are or what you believe in. No one deserves death. For a charity to wish death upon the LGBTQ community is distasteful, alarming and hurtful. I think the LGBTQ community needs to take a stand against the Salvation Army. If you do not support us, then we do not support you.



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Here is a link to the official article and the recording from this interview

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  1. VERY christian of them…

    • Indeed.. 450+ species are Homosexuals and supposed angels and other creatures of god have no gender. This is of course with a scientifically-challenged book created 1ks of years ago with tons of hatred and has most of their followers approving killing though it says “thou shall not kill”. -_- I’m straight by the way. I had to share this off the source ’cause the post was deleted for some odd reason. 0.0 -_-

      • The proper translation of that commandment is thou shalt not murder. The good thing about Christianity is the passage ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’ is what followers of Christ should be following. Wishing harm to anyone is foolish, because who would happily wish bad things for themselves?

        • That translation depends on which “version” of the Bible you read. Just like all of the other things people want to use the Bible to support or condemn. It’s flexible – bend it to your own will and thump away!

          • A couple of things here.

            1) the bible, while I consider myself christian, is full of issues, it is written by men, translated how many times through how many languages by MEN, and man is a flawed creature. it has mistranslations, either accidental or deliberate. that is a fact. the issue that not all texts pertaining are included is another issue. the Bible was put together to support a certain belief, period.

            2) most things against Homosexuality are in the old testament. that is PRE JC. New testament changes from the god of wrath and judgement to a loving caring god, no stoning of wives, etc. there are even parts stating that the soul is neither male or female, so if it is our immortal soul, then how can it be homosexuality???? if the soul has no sex, and THAT is what god i worried about, it doesnt make sense.

            3)People will ALWAYS rewrite/interpret/etc books, documents to mean what THEY think they should mean. the meaning of words NOW vs 50 years ago, not to mention centuries ago, is different, and translating from one language to another is another vector of change/error, written word is usually NOT a good interpreter of inflection, just look at some of the stuff on line that is taken wrong.

            as a child i went to a Salvation army church, i dont know if it was that church or a later one that caused me a lot of mental trauma over a child molestation so much i repressed those memories and my “girl” time memories until recently, having “learned/been told” that what happened was wrong, and my dressing was wrong (not that they knew, just learning that part in some lesson or sermon i guess). I still consider myself christian, but to be a real christian a person needs to espouse the Teachings of Christ, NOT the old testament. that is the failure, some will use whatever they feel is necessary to justify their actions or hate. doesnt matter if it is law, religion or even just tradition

          • I don’t say this to get on you specifically… but, Really, why do we debate what was written or what was meant by what was written? It’s terribly irrelevant to the conversation. These people are hateful and choose to believe their interpretation of the bible. You choose yours, and indeed choose a less hateful interpretation. However, we live in a country where religion should have no play in the public discourse.

          • My belief is “Judge not, and ye shall not be judge” May I suggest that you read The Shack written by Wm. Paul Young. I am a Christian and I live in Christ. I have no religious preference because as a young child I was in Church and the Minister told a story about himself and his wife turning their backs on a drunk man laying in the gutter, from then on I do not do churches. Just me Jesus and the Spoken Word. I will say that I feel bad for the Salvation Army and their members that feel that way. I will pray for them. I am a straight mother of a Gay son. Love is more powerful than hateful words.

          • No, it is not dependent on which version of the Bible. The direct Hebrew translation is “murder”. If you want to know what Jewish texts really say, go to a rabbi and not white people that compiled, redacted, modified, and adapted said texts into a bootleg religion to enslave the minds of the masses.

        • So what you’re saying is “Gays should be killed” isn’t murder. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

          • Are you an idiot? Wait… don’t answer that, I think i figured it out.

          • There seems to be a major failure to communicate here. The text referenced in Romans is an explanation of the situation the church members were creating for themselves. The Apostle Paul was trying to make it clear that true followers of Jesus Christ will follow him in their daily life. If they (we) continue in sin they (we) are not the children of God. Those who are not the children of God will face both physical and spiritual death. They (we) continue in sin that God finds abominable and therefore they (we) deserve both physical and spiritual death. There is no, I repeat no, command for Christians to judge or execute anyone in the new covenant (testament). Read Matthew 7:1-5 It begins with “ Judge not …” then explains why. Read the “lord’s prayer”. The part about “forgive us our trespasses …”, Why does it say that…?
            People who make these uninformed doctrinal errors into problems are simply in need of education (on both sides of the issue).

          • Sad! Going back in 1960′s? Are they that blind? This is 2013 not 1960′s. How can The Salvation Army sleep at night? Look like The Salvation Army will needs to watch theirs back for now on, because look as going to be awful lot of angry family out there ie; ‘that is included’ the Police, Judged, Doctors, FBI, and so much more out there around the world is watching! I have support for The Salvation Army for many years, however this one The Salvation Army came out wrong said ‘death’. I am shocked to see this news and is ‘murder’ couldn’t believed that not be the way to kill people. I believe This news about death is possible this The Salvation Army someone will be giving them a sack or close down if they are not too careful, because this should be about community and help not hateful. Kill is against the laws and wrong to hateful and bully is also is a against the laws. Choose words wisely!


        • Really? You speak ancient Hebrew?

          • I am actually learning it now. I have friends who have also studied Koiné Greek. So far with what little I have learned it has added an incredible dimension to what I have been learning as a whole. I feel it is also important to learn about history so one can plant themself in the time they are studying. It is also important to analyse one’s presuppositions and biases, and perhaps suppress those so that one does not give emphasis to what one already agrees with and breeze over what one disagrees with.

            I wonder if the people who want to put gays to death have actually read the entire Bible from cover to cover.

          • Cheryel Lemley-McRoy

            Mookie, I applaud you! I have been studying Biblical Hebrew and also the idioms and euphemisms. And one of the first thing one realizes is that the English Bible is nothing like the original Hebrew. In regards to the subject of this column, gays in Biblical times were called born eunuchs. Sarisim yeleed. Eunuch was an umbrella word that meant one who would not procreate. It was applied to childless women, too. One of the first things I learned was the word kadesh, the Hebrew word for holy or sacred was translated sodomite in every reference in the KJV. This was done deliberately by the translators to shame and control King James who was a blatant homosexual. If Christians could read the original Bible, the world would be a very different place.

          • Thanks! I read the NIV, and NKJV. Now I am reading the NRSV. How have you been learning Hebrew? Do you happen to know Koiné as well? Our class has spent about 4 hours just diving into the first chapter of Genesis and we still have a bit to go in it.

          • Cheryel Lemley-McRoy

            Besides online Biblical Hebrew classes, and doing followup research with experienced people, I recommend studying the books of Dr. Roy Blizzard. Search for him on Amazon. com.

          • I just tried to facebook friend request you earlier today.

          • Sorry to burst your bubble,, but the original writings for the bible were not written in ancient Hebrew,, they were written in Ancient Sanskrit,,, so you better get your facts straight!!!!

          • No, no, Aaron, the bible was not written in Sanskrit. Absolutely not, Sanskrit is an Indo-European language. Hebrew is a Semitic language. Why would a Semitic people speak a Indo-European language.

        • I wrote an article on Love, Jesus and Gay Rights. I explain how many Christians are not abiding in Christ’s love, which was his number one commandment. You can read it at this URL:

        • As I understand it we all deserve to die because of our sin and as ye judge so shall ye be judged so I’d be more careful about threatening death on anyone. And since God said that Vengance is Mine its obviously not our job to dole out such punishment. Our job is to bring people to the Lord. Banning them will not accomplish that

        • The problem is, Jesus is imaginary, just like all other gods that man made. The harm of religion is that these people most likely wouldn’t have these beliefs if not for the Bible. It’s one example of many that religion does more harm than good in the world.

      • No one will listen to your incredible intelligence. I am married to a beautiful Woman and also love my friends that have chosen to love who they are with. This is without a doubt a stupid , ignorant prank that should be ignored as human waste.

      • Your opportunity to attack Gods perfect word should not come on the heals of representation of those who do not represent the Scriptures correctly… I would not support the statement that homosexuals must die. I traditionally believe the Salvation Army did not originally support this interpetation but now in these end of days is now gone astray with the Love of Jesus.. Sin does seperate us from the One True God, Jesus Christ and the gift of Salvation is Given Freely by Our Lord and Savior.. All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God, whether it be heterosexually or homosexual. The acceptance or rejection of His Grace and provision to overcome the flesh and sin is each individuals choice and the Scriptures is not made invalid or of non effect because of a group or an individuals misinterpretation of His Absolute Truths. Many Christians Love the Lost because we have all been there. There is not hate through Yesuah Hamasiach…

        • No such thing.

          Three of four passages say the blind and nonwitnesses are without sin, not sinners, which means everyone after Jèsu’s death. This Scripture has nothing to do with you (likely), is not addressed to nor concerns you but with 1/200 of the world, his own kind; otherwise he said a foreign woman who askd for his help to heal her dauhter a bitch. Other passages say to hate your family and your own life. Yet others tell you to cut off your limbs or play with snakes or sell everything you own. And others to slay unbelievers; toss kids into rocks; rape women; maul kids who mock. The biggest sinners are your gods.

          The endtimes of the Tànàc were 2400 years ago and of the Vivlo were 1950 years ago. Your gnat-witted brain can’t see how these books fail 100s of times.

      • In the Bible (I’m a Christian BTW) it’s clearly states in I Corinthians 6:9-11 “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, NOR MEN WHO PRACTICE HOMOSEXUALITY, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.” this HOMOSEXUAL life style is a sin. In Romans 3:23 it says “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” we all are sinners and have fallen short, but this doesn’t mean that we cannot be forgiven. My youth pastor says “Hate the sin not the sinner.” I like that, I’m pretty sure if everyone went around proclaiming their sin then they would be hated for that. What I’m trying to say is Homosexuality is a sin and if the people living this life style want to inherit the kingdom of heaven they need to repent of their sin. the Salvation Army has the right ideas but the wrong motives, homosexuals don’t need to be killed the need to be shown that their life style is wrong, and if they choose to change then praise the Lord, but if they deny it then they will spend Entirety in hell, which I don’t want anyone to go through.

        • Very well stated Corrine. You hit the nail, no pun intended, on the head. Jesus gave his life on the cross for our sin. All we now have to do is believe and ask forgiveness. This means changing our life style and leading a more Godly life. God Bless you All.

          • Denny,
            What you just said is works righteousness. Faith is the only thing that saves, not wheather or not I do something in response. Fruits of the spirit will come, but by no means think that they are required. I am gay and a christian. Yes, they can co-exist in one being. There are all sorts of peripheral crap that one can pull out of the Bible to argue about, and the fact that somebody claims the Bible actually uses the word Homosexuality is just one of them. The socio-political time that the Bible was written, and these passages specifically have to be considered. The verbage used and then translated is also in contention. All these things can be argued about for and against. I want to avoid all that and get down to the very guts of contrition, repentance, forgiveness, and faith.
            I believe that homosexuality is not a sin. Right or wrong does not matter. Because I have faith that Jesus is my savior. If I’m wrong, and I’m a sinner, does my faith not allow God to forgive me? What if you are wrong about something that somebody else claims is a sin? Does your faith not allow you to be covered by the Grace of God and bring you eternal salvation? If it works for you, why not for me? It’s not a ploy, a tactic, or a loophole. Faith is what saves, not wheather or not you agree with the peripheral arguements of one faith or another.

        • Bet you burn offerings of lambs too…

        • You are not Kristian. You are still with your family who marries, weds, and breeds even thouh four chapters of the NT discourage marriage and forbids those who marry from resurrection. You do not hate your family or your own life; you don’t cut off your limbs when they sin; you don’t play with snakes, drink poison, cast out demons; you don’t sell everything you own; you don’t eat anything without fear of filth or sickness; you are not Israeli; you did not formerly sacrifice animals to atone for sin; you never knew the gods of Scripture nor they you; you could never say any of the foreign names in Scripture; you couldn’t tell that the framing of all statements in Scripture were for contemporaries and are irrelevant and failed today.

          Only mistranslations say anything about homosexuals. The original terms refer to prostitutes; the NT prohibitions are against the soft and “male-lyers” which are attributed to hookers (pornos) in two other verses. Fornication also only refers to brothels. All sex is proscribed in the NT. Otherwise same-sex relations were celebrated between Dàvid and Jonàtàn, Rut and Naomi, a Song of Songs poem whose pronouns were censored. and of course between Paul and other believers:

      • I am not one who judges others, especially when based on belief systems. However, if everything that has been said is true and the Salvation Army is really discriminating same sex relationships based on some ancient text that, let’s face it know one really knows is true. Then they should not be allowed to be in business. Turning people away based on the their sexuality is a sin in itself, and if they were true Christians they go against everything they stand for by doing these hateful things. You can have your beliefs, but when your beliefs hurt others that is when something should be done about the way they conduct business. Also, something I learned about homophobes, is that 90% of the time they are homosexual but just too ashamed to admit it.

    • I agree this author needs to update the story… we are talking about an organization that does a TON of good for every community… They have rejected statements made by this person in australia… follow the link

      • Thank you for doing the simplest web search on this issue; something the author of this article was either too lazy to do himself, or chose to omit.

        • That’s just ONE country that has refuted what was said here. Unfortunately, I have been witness to the discrimination forced upon homeless gays by the Salvation Army in their Shelters in the US. In one Iowa Shelter, if you admit that you are a gay individual and just need a place to sleep overnight, you are rejected. It’s a sad state, but the organization is very hateful toward LBGTQ people. I won’t ever support them again, that’s for sure. I won’t support Goodwill’s corporate greed structure either!

        • I think that with any organization there is the “official” stance and then there is the real stance. Officially the church may state that they do not discriminate, but one needs to look into their actual practices to make the real determination. Bell ringers are less-likely to be politically savvy and will tell it like it is. Official statements are usually nothing more than smiley-face PR. It is similar to Denny’s restaurants and discrimination of African-Americans. Officially, they denied there was a problem and pointed to their official policies as proof, but ultimately said they conceded that there was an informal pattern of discrimination and set out on a major re-education and apology PR campaign. Officially, a lot of practices are not supposed to happen, but in reality they do and those at the highest levels know the difference between official and reality.

      • I agree that they do a lot of good in the community, but so do a lot of other organizations. I would rather support a nonprofit that does not have discrimination as part of it’s doctrine.

        • I donate regularly to other charities who don’t make hateful judgmental statements like this Cult of Fools.

          • I would not believe every article that comes out with photos either, looks like a possible set up, gay actors with gay made signs to really add salt to the wound. This would be typical of any radical with an agenda, activists or religious, including the insane conspiracies.

      • I stopped donating to this organization years ago when I found out that the leader made over $100,000, a year. So this info only strengthens my decision to not promote,or donate.I do donate to other organizations in our neighborhood tho.

        • The US National Commander of the Salvation Army has a salary of under $15,000 per year plus quarters. I don’t know where you got you information re a $100,000Check with the National commanders office. Every agency that has rated charities always marvels at the extream low salary of Salvation Army Officers.

          • Chief Executive : William A. Roberts, National Commander

            *October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010 compensation includes annual salary and, if applicable, benefit plans, expense accounts, and other allowances.
            Total Revenue: $3,745,103,000
            Total Expenses: $3,239,149,000
            Programs: $2,655,565,000
            Fundraising: $190,721,000
            Administrative: $392,863,000
            Expenses in Excess of Income: $505,954,000
            Beginning net assets: $8,826,309,000
            Other changes in net assets: ($101,692,000)
            Ending net assets: $9,230,571,000
            Total liabilities: $3,762,273,000
            Total assets: $12,992,844,000

          • Guess “trixr4kids” did that quick little web search fact check and made you eat your words about the $15,000 plus quarters that you stated. Maybe it’s you that needs to get your facts right “Kenneth T Welch”! It just goes to show how back-ass-words this shit about quotes in the bible. FIRST. Can we all agree that Jesus was a JEW? He was put to death just like everyone else that stood against Rome. There were many people like him in his time so for that fact alone there is nothing special about him. The bible was written long after Jesus had been dead and in some cases people that wrote books that were included in the bible did not even live in the same time as Jesus. Hell. The Bible would not even stand up in a court of law because it is hearsay. Damn! People loose all logic and do not use there brains when it comes to most all religions. I am sorry but you can not have a debate with someone that can not think on logical terms. When someone can not speak or reason logically you might as be speaking to a wall or a FOOL! Dumb, Dumb, Fools. Hell. If you want to take things out of the bible and apply them to the world today then sell me your daughter as I need some cheep labor to clean my house and rub my sore feet. Oh and maybe you might want to put down that Neptune Salad as that is listed as an abomination before the verse that is used towards the gay community. OH and you can charge your christian little ass to Canada or Mexico and pick me up a few slaves as the same book says it’s within gods law to own slaves from your neighboring countries. And dear lordy forgive you if your a woman and speak back to me cause the bible gives me the right as a man to put you in line and I have a hefty branch ready to put you in your place. Oh, No… Better yet! I think I will make you go cut your own and bring it back to me. Maybe all of you that call yourselves “Christian’s” might want to do some fact checking yourselves rather than be lead like a bull with a ring in your nose at church every Sunday (guess fool fits here too). Shall I go on or have you had enough. And yes, as I am sure you can tell, I BITE BACK and take no SH*T! I give one warning, “Walk Lightly” Now I have friends that are Christian, Muslim, Jewish and a couple of Buddhist as I was born in Japan and that was my first introduction to a religious belief system. In Fact many Eastern religions predates any christian beliefs by thousands of years and with some even more. My father was in the military for 32 years so we moved around a lot as a family and I got to see and learn about many religions and cultures and I rather enjoy studding many of them when I have time. Does not mean I agree with them and that goes for Christianity too, aMeN! LOL Now I feel better and can get back to my peaceful nap.

          • The low salary is actually correct. Monetary compensation equals that. Pastors in The Salvation Army receive one paycheck per married couple. Their housing/vehicles/benefits, when factored in raise the income to appear much higher.

            For you asshats that think otherwise and think you know everything you know NOTHING about this. I have first hand information and try and debate me on this and I’ll bitch slap you into the middle of next week.

            Go spread your hate somewhere else.

        • I’m an atheist and I strongly dislike the SA and never give them money. That said, the idea that you should boycott a charity because their CEO makes $100k+ is nonsense. These companies deal with millions and millions of dollars per year; a CEO that makes over $100k is entirely in line with what most charities do.

          Go look up how much the CEOs of other major charities make. Most likely, all the charities you give to have “high” salaries for their executive team — and (usually) for good reason. It’s a big job.

        • yup…they are like many other cults..hypocrites lulled into false security with all their money.

        • Well, $100,000 is not a lot of money for a salary in a prosperous business, especially for a CEO. Look up wages to get a national average.

          • @ Michael

            Actually the figure is accurate, according to your sources. I quote directly from the Snopes article you linked to:

            Salvation Army: [T]he current National Commander of the Salvation Army (since 2010) is William A. Roberts. The Salvation Army is not required to file a Form 990 with the IRS because it is primarily a religious organization, but according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Roberts’ last reported total annual compensation was $126,920, much higher than the $13,000 reported above.

            As it happens, I don’t think that’s an unreasonable salary for someone heading such a large organization so I’m not calling them out for that, just clarifying the facts of the matter.

        • Do better research. ALL of the major charities are run by folks who make some pretty nice salaries. United Way, Susan G Komen For the Cure, etc. The salaries are that way to attract executives who are capable of managing large organizations effectively, and those executives are accountable to a Board of Directors and required to show results.

      • A tin of Good does not wrote away the bad. Just ask them (the salvation army). They’ll tell you that no matter how much good you do, if you have one little sin you go to hell. Nice freaking religion y’all have got there. Stay away from me with your bucket, and I’ll gladly stay away from you with my REAL Christianity.

        • Your “Real Christianity” was in charge of “The Crusades”!
          Christaians of all sorts go on about how Christians are all about love? In Truth, Historically, Christians will murder those who they think are sinners.

          • Why are you judging the Christians of today by what people did many centuries ago. The group of people who perpetrated the crudades were not even the mainstream Christians. I don’t know anybody in the U.S. that can actually trace their ancestry all the way back to the crusades. Historically my eye. Those people who murdered others in the name of Christianity were not true followers of Christ. If you look at history, whatever group was currently in power imposed whatever religion they believed in.

          • [Your “Real Christianity” was in charge of “The Crusades”!]

            Your country of America was in charge of blowing up Hiroshima and Nagasaki! Whole cities vaporized in SECONDS! And destroying Dresden! And participated in WWI, which was fought for NO REASON and made the Crusades look like a walk in the park! And was the LAST western nation to end slavery! And is RIGHT NOW letting poor sick children DIE because they can’t afford a doctor and CAGING people for smoking pot! And that didn’t happen a thousand years ago!

          • For the person who said World War I was fought for no reason (ignatz or something).
            Holy shit, shut your idiotic uneducated mouth and don’t talk about history anymore.
            And do me a favor and google “Archduke Franz Ferdinand” “Black Hand” and “Gavrilo Princip”.

          • Doesn’t the bible state though that only the lord may judge. By stating that you think homosexuality as an abomination don’t you yourself judge in that statement?

        • If someone is telling you that you will go to hell because you sin then they don’t know what Jesus came for or why he died upon the cross and shed his blood for us. He came to save the sinners of the world so that we may have ever lasting life!

          • I’m pretty sure Jesus was nothing more than a metaphor used as an example of how humanity should behave. There is no proof he ever existed, no proof that he was born of a virgin, and no proof that the man who came back from God knows where after all those years was even the same Jesus that was born in that manger on that cold day in December (oh wait, I got that wrong…he wasn’t born in December…that was Horis…we just celebrate CHRISTmas in December because it’s better for the retail business…go figure). The truth is, no one REALLY knows…All religions do 2 things…create division and control the masses. And they do it well. What needs to happen to humanity is we all need to wake up and realize that we dont need religion to have a “spiritual” relationship with the creator…we need to drop all the names like God, or Allah, or Jehovah, or any other “labels” (mainly because the labels themselves create division) and just recognize and have our own personal relationship with the “creator”. Even the bible says “believe in the name of the lord thy god and accept him as ur savior and u will be saved”. U dont need anything or anyone else…it’s YOUR personal relationship with the “creator” and no-one else’s. Stop letting urself be controlled by some recycled religion…take the time to meditate (it’s kinda like prayer, only easier) and realize that we r all one in the greater collective consciousness called the universe! It’s all about pure and unconditional love! No one wants to be judged, so why judge others? It’s not our place. Ur bible even says to leave the judging to the creator. All I’m saying is to at least take a look at the whole situation from a different perspective…u might be very surprised. Sending good vibes and energy to any and all who might need it! Peace and Love to u all!

          • Everyone is entitled to their own religious belief system. Everyone has the right to worship a doorknob is that is their belief, they have that right. They do not have the right to impose their beliefs on the rest of us and they do not have the right to discriminate among the people that they serve or the people that they employ.

          • Angus, Christmas is not celebrated in December, midwinter, due to retailers…the Christians took the timing from the Pagans of Western Europe as they did with all of their Holy days. That way it was easier for them to convert the heathens. This is historical fact, I HAVE read primary sources and gone to University to learn about this very subject. I am not anti-Christian either, even though I am not one. I believe that Divinity shows itself to people in a way that they can relate to and the specifics are merely what makes sense to each individual.

            It makes me quite sad that the SA is so vehement about this…I donate a dollar to every single bucket I pass, all season long. I will not be able to anymore because I don’t support hate in any form. It’s quite sad and discouraging because I feel you can’t help any organization out without personal politics or warped beliefs coming into play and hurting the poor and disenfranchised…I am not a person with money and this made me feel better to be able to help a little….damn

        • let he without sin cast the first stone

      • Re: Loretta, et al…

        Yes, both the US and Australian leadership of the Sal Army did issue a statement rejecting these words by the Sal Army’s AST Media Relations Director. But they have issued such statements in the past, and still these incidents continue. They need to actually tell their members (ALL OF THEM, not just the ones that put voice to these sorts of beliefs) that this is where they stand, rather than telling only the MEDIA where they stand on this.

        Until they start some sort of training program, and publicly dialogue with LGBT organizations to address the harm these past anti-gay statements have caused, simply saying, “That guy who we pay to speak on our behalf was wrong,” doesn’t cut it for many of us. Fix the problem. This “rogue” Media Relations Director incident is far from the first time the Sal Army has hurt the LGBT community or openly discriminated.

      • “we are talking about an organization that does a TON of good for every community…”

        So do others.

        Look, here’s the thing. If you add a teaspoon of wine to a barrel of sewage, you get sewage. If you add a teaspoon of sewage to a barrel of wine, you still get…sewage.

        The sewage is bigotry. It isn’t erased just because someone does a “ton of good.” A teaspoon of bigotry in a ton of good is still sewage.

        There are other charitable organizations that aren’t filled with hate. Give to them. They do a ton of good too, without the seasoning of bigotry and malice.

        • Extremely well put!

        • I will not donate to them prior to this but it emphasizes my stand- I took a young girl into the salvation army in Oklahoma town (starts with an M) and explained that she fled an abusive home (sexual and physical) the young girl was disabled and needed clothes for school till we could find her a payee for her check and get her some nice things- they referred me to the rag bag- t shirts full of holes and stained and jeans just as bad- I explained she only had clothes on her back and she had enough of a stigma being a person with a disability in this town to go to school in rags and they said sorry I could shopt the better lol racks and buy her clothes- oh I bought her clothes from wal mart- so that is why I never again donated to them or their xmas drive and this story just reinforces my belief

      • This does not support the hate being spread by the Salvation Army! This just makes it worse because of the way they are trying to put a spin on it through how they are interpreting their Bible. What a crock of @#$%!

      • If that is the case then I believe I have the same right to call for All Christians to be put to death to protect MY religious freedom according to the 1st Amendment of the USA. KILL every Christian. How does that set with the S.A.? Treat others as you would want to be treated eh? They want death over life. Horrid group of hate filled people is the whole of the S.A.

      • Of course they reject his comments, they want money. But the fact remains that they do not support the LGBTQ community

        • Would someone please explain to me what you define as “supporting the LGBT?” They serve ALL PEOPLE, but you guys are making it sound like the Salvation Army doesn’t help gays. If you mean they don’t actively fund gay rights causes and fight for their rights to marry then no they don’t “support” them; however, if you mean they don’t serve gays then you are mistaken…

          • When I was a kid they asked the collection people if they were gay. I had three friends who said yes and they were immediately shown the door. I volunteered at one of the shelters and was forced to turn away anybody who said they were gay. This organization has been blatant bigots for many years. Finally had to walk away from them And support more worthy organizations.

      • Thank you for posting that information. This story continues to get traction because of the sensational nature of the comments. The writer of the article needs, at the minimum, to publish an update.

      • the website in Austrailia that supposedly disagrees with this article is ‘unavailable’
        when I click on it….

      • Don’t make excuses for them and the link doesn’t even work. If this is what Christianity is about I prefer to be atheist. Why would God bothered to send his son for the second time if this planet is not worth living because of these type of people.

      • My friends have reached out to the salvation army for help and they refused to help them simply because they were gay saying that he had to take a vow of celabesy in order to get help and that he was going to hell. So yes they hate gays and hide it when pressed by the piblic because they know they will lose support.

    • I love how people who aren’t Christian are so blind that they can’t see the real ones from the fakes. I’m Christian and I find this offensive.

      • I’m not a Christian and I find this offensive. Nice “reporting”

      • There are no “fakes,” sweetie. This guy is as Christian as any other Christian, and he isn’t alone. You do not get to exempt him from your religion just because you don’t like how honest he’s being about what Christianity entails.

        • Christianity entails love, even loving your (perceived) enemy. It entails following the teachings of Christ as they’ve come down to us. Alas, many Christians today use the name but don’t walk the talk. They prefer division, hatred, vengeance, intolerance, disregard for the poor (many of whom are helped by the Salvation Army), victim thinking. These are the exact opposite of what Scripture records as Jesus’ injunctions to his followers. Words mean something. I don’t know how people get away with calling themselves Christians when their actions mock the word.

          • “Christianity entails love…” etc. etc. – to YOU. Other Christians disagree with you, and quote other passages of scripture to back themselves up (see article). The scriptures are not all bunnies and rainbows; including the new testament.

            I’m glad that you’re picking the nice parts of Christianity. That places you on a higher moral level than many fundamentalists. I invite you to go a step further. The water is cold but refreshing.

          • I don’t understand why critics and adherents of Christianity are both making the same category error and being rude to one another in a series of non sequitur ad hominem comments that ignore any significantly important issue so completely.

            From the Christian implying that Christians who call themselves Christian but don’t measure up to his (vague) criteria to the knee jerk association of SA with all things churchy – I ask you lovely wonderful people all to get outside and look around more, crab less, grumble not at all, and keep that yap shut until some thousand thoughts or so have passed through those noggins. You can type comments on the internet so I know you have brains.

            Let’s use ‘em, people – your reports on religion or nonreligion are useless to everyone else: this I promise you.

            Gay people: please forgive them – it’s going to take another minute to sort this out; please be patient and accept my apology – I know: it’s incredibly stupid…

            but what are you going to do: we’re all just talking apes, after all.

            In any case, no amount of backpedaling mealy-mouthed BS from the CIC of the SA is going to trick me into giving those hatemongers a single penny – it has nothing to do with any specific hatred they may or may not embrace. It is simply that any self-professing “charity” which admits to being controlled by religious doctrines they interpret through any lens other than a stance of absolute helpfulness (with no judgments made nor supernatural beliefs invoked) is simply a coven of crazies.

            It doesn’t take a lot of complicate political posturing or fake morals to know that one does not hand one’s money away to a coven of crazies. Simply stuff, folks. Stop hooting at one another and move along.

        • So someone doesn’t “get to exempt him from their religion”. As if it’s a privilege. Ituri you are an idiot. Even within Christianity there are dozens of denominations. Each of which may have drastic differences in beliefs. Your blanket categorization is that of an ignorant bitter atheist who probably has no qualifications to speak upon the issue. And then you talk down to someone and call them sweetie. Because you are the universal arbiter of people’s opinions. Getting embroiled in comment section arguments is a waste, that being said,go fuck yourself.

        • I think that all she was saying is that you shouldn’t label a whole group on the actions of a certain percentage. That is how genocides happen.Just look at all the horrible things that have happened to black people, women, the Hutu and Tutsi’s etc because of generalizations.There are bad seeds and extremist in every religion. Just because some Christians chose to focus and believe in those horrible values does not mean that they all do. There are many kind, loving and ACCEPTING Christians out there that should not be ignored. I am not Christian by the way, but I am Jewish and I don’t appreciate stereotypes being enforced against anyone.

        • there is a difference between Christianity and religion. Real Christians are in an uproar about the salvation army supporting its own bigotry by claiming there views are Christian. They are not! There is no message supporting hate of anyone in the bible. The bible says love even your enemy, and someones sexuality doesnt make them my enemy. There are plenty of things my friends do that I wont as a Christian, but thats their choice. Its scary how many churches teach this, but you gotta know that just because some claims they are something doesnt make it true, and there are plenty of Christian churches that preach against this, thousands of them angry and offended on face book about this article. Your words against all Christians because of the ignorance of those claiming to be Christians is just as predjusticed. Hate is hate. The bible says there will false prophets that come in Jesus’ name… how many crazy cult leaders have claimed to be the messiah, just because they declare they are doesnt mean a real Christian doesnt recognize the lie. No follower of Christ is among any group of haters Matt 7:22-23 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name? and in your name have cast out devils? and in your name done many wonderful works? Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who practice evil!’” I think this scripture says it all!

          • “Real Christians are in an uproar about the salvation army supporting its own bigotry by claiming there views are Christian. They are not!”

            “No True Scotsman” fallacy.

            “There is no message supporting hate of anyone in the bible. The bible says love even your enemy”

            The bible says also gays are an abomination and children that DO NOT honor their parents should be killed! BTW the last part of that sentence is in Lev. 20:09 or so. The “love your neighbour” bit is in Lev. 19:18.

            In Matthew 15:4-8 Jesus says if you don’t follow the old testimonies laws and still claim you are a believer than you are a hypocrite. Maybe you should stop blindly believing what your priest or pastor or whatever tells you.

          • who said that you cant use the words of god to prove your ideas ..but dont use that words in contradiction com we can finde orders to kill those people..and in the same time to love ouer enemy..there must be some kinde of misunderstanding those words of god ..for me i do beleave that riligeons are constitutions and it must regulates peoples life…and if humans respect those regulations ..they must opay god some words .if you peleave that the piple is gods words and orders you must go on with them..or else you say i want to understand them the way i want..if we get to that level..then everyone will have his own understanding and if he have the power he will force people to get and beleave the words of god the way he wants..back to mid-ages-so again and again i am not talking about what those people beleave or not..i am talking about how humanity explains -sodomy as agood dead..and sence we have those words of jeasus ..m,ust be killed can we expain it …and sence we are talking about loving ower enemy..we have to explain first how can we understand the idiom-enemy–whats the meaning of enemy-anon beleaver – anon cristian-ore what???who is the enemy???\\\\\\\\???

        • I am sorry. I apologize for all the christians who have made you feel judged. It is not our place to do that and it pains me that prejudice and hate have become more important than LOVE. We are not perfect. I as a christian do not agree with what was said about the LGBTQ community, as I am sure you do not agree with every LGBTQ person that you know. Do not let this man’s grand standing harden you. Please forgive us.

        • Oh shut up. So if I, as an atheist go out and shoot a few people, am I representing all atheists? To your logic I am.

      • @Dovah:
        (0) This is an example of what’s called the “no true Scotsman” fallacy. (No true Christian…)
        (1) I appreciate that you don’t agree with Craibe and that’s great.
        (2) The author was not complaining about all Christians, just the policy of the Salvation Army. I agree that the author could have put more effort into finding out the official policy.
        (3) Regarding your point about being blind to what “real” Christians are, I’m afraid from the outside that is not so obvious. Certainly a sizable percentage of people who call themselves Christian believe homosexuality is evil.

        • Ok people listen do not respond to this comment I will never look at this site again

          I am only 14 but I seem to understand something you guys are missing
          love is not giving people what they want it is giveing them what they need. I am a christian but I do not say all gays should die they are doing the wrong thing and if they do not repent they will go to hell but do not yell at them and tell them they should die. judgement is the lords. many christians do not act like christians when they do that. tell the Gays that they are doing the wrong thing do not be cruel and judge them christians are not perfect I do the wrong thing but I repent quickly and do what i can to fix my mistake. Love is not about giveing people what they need this is important. If you want to judge christians go ahead but I the 14 year old! will sit by and act mature compared to the “grown people” arguing! I lost my temper i am sorry this comment will not be deleted

          • Ps. I clicked a random reply it might not seem well placed and i am bad at spelling and grammar

          • Maybe the statement is being misunderstood. In the context in which it was written, the bible depicts homosexuality as an abomination, not exactly your normal sin. death is the consequence of sin, how much more so then for something that is abominable to a Holy GOD? It is not our call, christian or not; it is the LORD’s! We need to concentrate on practicing righteousness, and showing love towards one another. That does not mean that we condone blatant sin. We must seperate ourselves from those who go against the commandments of GOD, or suffer with them the consequences! Much love!

          • Dear Paul,

            I’m responding because I suspect that you will look at this site again.

            Since you’re only 14, consider the following question: how do you know what other people need? Maybe your church elders are mistaken, and maybe you are also mistaken. It’s worth considering, and you have many years ahead of you to do so. How do you know the things that you say?

          • @Gerald Adkins Sr: how do you know there is a god, and that you know what he wants? Why did a desert-dwelling bronze age tribe get it all right, and the farmers in Egypt, Greeks, Vikings, Buddhists, etc. get it wrong?

          • @on the other hand: I’m not sure about Gerald, but I know there is a God, because I’ve felt His love- not in church, not in Nature, not even in other people, but inside myself. I know there is a being out there who loves me more than I can comprehend and that He wants what is best for each and every one of us, and beyond that He wants us to be happy. But he is Our Father, and because of that He has rules for us to follow, not because He wants us to be restricted, but because he wants us to grow in the right directions. Sometimes those rules change because the direction He wants me to grow is different from the one He wants you to grow, but there are definite lines that we all can follow, regardless of where we are going- He wants us to be kind to each other and love each other, not because we are the same, but because we are different. This includes, to my way of thinking, being homosexual. And to cover the last part of your comment, I don’t believe that the Israelites got it ALL RIGHT and the Egyptians, Greeks, Vikings, Buddhists, etc. got it ALL WRONG, however I also do not believe that I have it all right either, nor that any one human being can know everything that is right in God’s eyes. We are not God, nor can we truly understand him, but we can follow his teachings of Love. If Homosexuality IS wrong, and that the people who practice it shall be punished, that is for God to decide. It is not our place to punish each other any more than it is the right of a child to punish his or her brother for doing something their parent has told them not to do. All that child can, and should, do is guide their sibling. However, if that sibling is not willing to follow, they should move on and wait for their parent to come home to punish their brother, not shout angrily at him and try to “correct” his behavior, because that is not his place. Nor is it ours to condemn a person who may not be condemnable in God’s eyes.

            I’m sorry, I’m rambling now.

            TL/DR: I know God is real. He wants us to be happy, but in being happy there are rules He has set up to guide us, but the rules are not always the same for each person. We should not judge each other because we do not know everything that God does and it is not our place to judge each other.

          • James 2: 10-11

            10 For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it. 11 For he who said, “You shall not commit adultery,”[a] also said, “You shall not murder.”[b] If you do not commit adultery but do commit murder, you have become a lawbreaker.

            You are just as guilty as everyone else. It is only but Christ that you are made new. Christ is God and God is LOVE. Judge your own motives if its not out of love for people, love for God, the ask Him to give you and OVERHAUL. I am not saying homosexuality is right but yelling at people with their ears plugged is not going to help anyone.

      • Humm – I’m an atheist and I find Christianity (plus all other monotheistic religiions)offensive, but I wouldn’t put the Christians to death just because they are ignorant.

        “You believe in a book that has talking animals, wizards, witches, demons, sticks turning into snakes, burning bushes, food falling from the sky, people walking on water, and all sorts of magical, absurd and primitive stories, and you say that we are the ones that need help?” Mark Twain

    • I was brought up catholic…non practicing since I was about 16…I believe in a higher power..not into man made religion…I believe “Christians” make God into THEIR image…and what works for them.

      • Does the media director still have a job? Yes? Then they can give all the lip service all day long about how they didn’t like what he said. Bottom line, if he isn’t removed from his position, they are supporting his.

      • Why should they CORRECT this story! The world needs to know how unchristian they really are! Doesn’t the bible clearly state that your not supposed to judge people? Maybe you should pick it up and read Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” So now its time for the world to know that they aren’t following “god’s path”… I have always donated to the salvation army in the passed! But I will never again donate to them!

      • It’s not only about this one extreme statement. The problem for the Salvation Army is they continue to defend their practice of discrimination against gays within their organization, although they say they do not discriminate in the services they provide.

    • they do not know the meaning of the word christian. christian is from christ. christ said not one word about gays.. not a word and he sure never supported killing people because of their sexuality.

    • This “article” is horse shit. One, its a year old. And two, it grossly misrepresents the truth to support the “writers” personal bias. This is not news or journalism.

    • I’m an Atheist so I’ve NEVER given the SA anything, but this is something I wouldn’t have thought they would say. It’s one thing to say gays shouldn’t marry…but DIE???

      Beyond the pale, Salvation Army. Your extremist stance is going to cost you not only money but goodwill. I believe this could be the beginning of the end for you.

    • On that note, the law they are citing is from the Old Testament. The laws and practices of which were negated with the New Testament. The law of “Love thy neighor as thyself” encompasses and surpasses all of the old Jewish laws and is the foundation of the Christian doctrine. Saying they agree with this old law is not Christian. You can disagree with someone’s lifestyle choices, but saying that someone who doesn’t believe as you do should die is the same way extremists use religion to force their beliefs on others, through fear. Note: I am Christian, and ashamed of them for this.

    • I am a strong Christian and I follow Jesus. I believe the Bible. However, I want to apologize on behalf of all those who, like Salvation Army, rep Jesus name, but are treating their fellow human beings with incredibly bold hatred. Not agreeing with LGBTQ is one thing. But proclaiming that “gays should be put to death?” Their interpretation of the Bible is awry when they choose to claim they believe in it but are abvoiusly confused about that. According to the Bible, by Gods holy standard, liars deserve death, adulturers deserve death, murderers deserve death, theieves deserve death. For them to single out gays and say “the gays deserve death” is hypocritical and by the Bible we believe, everyone deserves death. No one has kept Gods comandments perfectly. We have all broken it. Its Jesus though, that came to redeem us and take our sacrifice upon himself. He took the death that we deserved so that through Him we are made pure, holy and righteous before the Living God of mercy. Maybe they should be holding signs up that say “I deserved death.” That would be more honest. Because we all need redemption. We have all lied, somehow cheated, or stolen ect. ect. ect. Jesus is that redemption. Our judgements do not show Jesus heart—- LOVE SHOWS JESUS HEART. Let God be the judge. Its not our place. I have gay family and love them with all my heart. While they know where I stand, I would NEVER treat them any differently than anyone else. I hope that more and more the LGBT will realize that most of the church is not like Salvation Army, and most of the church would not agree with what SA is doing. Everyone has a right to disagree, everyone has a right to support or not to support. But to flat out proclaim HATRED against the LGBT ??? That is NOT GODS HEART. That is NOT my Jesus. That is confused sad people using their FALSE INTERPRETATION of the Bible to express their own fallen hatred. I encourage you friends, the real Jesus. The true Father God, he is NOT LIKE THEM. He is not pleased with SA at all. Its also important to know that when God had to wipe out a nation in the Old Testament, it wasnt because they just pissed him off one day. Those nations were gettting further and further out of control to the point where they were sacrificing their children to statues and drinking each others blood and spreading severe diseases. He warned them and warned them and warned them and waited for them to repent and turn around, and they ignored him. It was with a heavy broken heart that God resorted to that. They would not choose what was right, and so in order to keep them from spreading their distructive way of life to other nations and tribes, for the greater good, he HAD to finaly act on what he was warning them He would do. He is patient and he IS LOVE. If you want to know what Gods heart is like, look at Jesus. Jesus love has changed me and I for one, will never shop at Salvation Army again because of their proclamation of hatred toward their neighbor. We are to love our neighbor. That does not mean we have to agree with or fund everything they do. But we better not deny them the same service as everyone else. Thats why I respect Chick fil- A. They have no hatred toward gay people. They just funded a camp that counseled gay teens and married men who specificaly did not want to be gay and in order to save their hetero-marriage went to the camp to seek counseling for it. For lots of people the verdict is still out on wether or not being gay is a choice. Are people born pedophile? I dont think so, bt the pedophiles think so—- and how do we prove they are’nt?? so its a very complicated subject. But Chick fil A would NEVER deny their facility or food to gay people, or express personal hatred toward them. And they did’nt. They should serve as an example to other Christian businesses. Its okay to have a Christian business. This is America, but I am SOOOOO DISAPOINTED in Salvation Army. Im so sorry everyone

      • We should be loving them, as Jesus asked us too. And as for thieir deathstyle choice, we shouldn’t judge. We all make choices in our lives to end it early.

        Hard truth is homosexual men only live at average until thier early 40′s. Poor guys.

    • Ok, I just read it and just as I thought it is another attempt to discredit a “Christian” charitable organization. The article quoted Romans 1 that does indicate that homosexuals are deserving of death; however, the article doesn’t tell you that there are “many” other sins listed in this passage.

      The author of this article also attempts to twist the Biblical views of sin, judgment and salvation. If you flip over to Romans 3:23 it says that all have sinned and come short of God’s perfect standard. Then in Romans 6:23 it says that what sin has earned mankind is DEATH. This goes all the way back to the historical narrative of Adam & Eve. They were created perfect and there was no such thing as DEATH. Once they sinned against God all mankind became guilty and death entered into the world. Thus, because of sin we all die.

      This bias author isn’t tell the readers about God’s grace and his desire that all men come to the knowledge of salvation through Jesus. Why did Jesus DIE? He died because the price we deserve for sin is death and eternity in hell. Yes, homosexuals deserve death, but guess what guys SO DO WE. This is why its called the SALVATION army. They are working to bring all people to salvation through Jesus.

      I ask the author what does he mean by “supporting” the LBGT community? Does he mean they don’t help the homeless and hungry if they are gay? Or does he mean they don’t give to gay rights organizations and march in their parades? The salvation army loves all people and the money you give will go towards helping the needy no matter what they believe or practice.

    • Major Andrew Craibe should remind The Salvation Army they need to read the whole Bible and not just parts of it. If you keep reading Romans 2:2-3 states “But we know that the judgment of God is according to truth against those who practice such things. And do you think this, O man, you who judge those practicing such things, and doing the same, that you will escape the judgment of God?”

      • The church aint fooling nobody, and neither is the gay activists, both are secretly wicked and I mean WICKED. The church is so full of christianzed withcraft full of demons and devils due to allowing mystics, and the lust of the supernatural in them, and doing witchcrafts calling on the Presence, the counterfeit holy spirit in the name of a jesus, how wicked they are, and so are the activists, you dont know what they are causing to fall on gay folks heads, all need the biblical Christ Jesus, no matter what their sin is, many are calling and worshiping the wrong one already reading the new age bibles and calling on the new age assended master jesus, the imposter who the pope, and all of its mystic filthy seducing daughters are trying to impose on the sheep, especially the children. Any stupid person can even see how close we are to the end, the last hour, and your still worried about the flesh? and the stupid things of this world? I believe most see the warning signs, the so called church is just as filthy as the world, not many biblical NT christians really out there. Its gonna rain some killin stuff before long, the whole world should repent and call on the name of Christ JESUS right now. gay and straight.

    • Im a gay believer in jesus christ of naz. and you know what, I dont support gay marriage, so there. A warning to those who think everyone who IS accepting as being a warm and fuzzy sheep, YOU are being set up, Its tragic that so many gay believers are flocking to the whore of babylon MOTHER ROME and her seven daughters, they have a trap for you already set and the masses are being deceived. You would be surprised to know who really is coming under its umbrella, most churches hows that and the POPE? ARE YOU STUPID? Dont you know who they are? I would tell every gay believer, stay home and read the old printed king james and have NOTHING to do with those who have ALWAYS slammed the door on your face, next time it will be off with your head and soul by the time they are done with you. Not everyone who calls himself/herself a friend will truely be.

    • This makes me incredibly sad. As a Christian, a Christian who lives by the word of the living Christ, I hold to the teachings of our Savior that we are ALL children of God and worthy of love and life and compassion! No one should be discriminated against, and if this group is twisted enough to proclaim that homosexuals should be put to death, are they also going to put to death those who wear clothing that is blended, as the texts say, or stone to death men who sleep in the same beds as their wives when they menstruate, or kill children who talk back or are disrespectful to their parents? Do they also hold that their daughters should be sold into slavery, because that is also in there as well? We don’t worship the BIBLE, nor do Christians with any sense take things that are not acceptable or correct in this day and age and use them to harass others! True Christians are about love, peace, and acceptance! I will not support this group until they change their policies, and I hope that other Christians won’t either. It is groups like these that make us look like a bunch of idiots without morals or sense or kindness! This makes me SICK!

    • This is not directed at Molly she was just last poster on wall. I am part of the SA and here is simply what I wish to say. We love you- whoever you are. We will help you-whoever you are as long as we have resources to do so. These signs are a hoax -we will help this is a guarantee. I read a couple other post and just in case you really want to know a SA officer receives $12,500 a year salary- that includes national commander. How do I know – I am one so were my mom and dad. Blessings to all- if you need help please come to us. Blessings

    • This is a perfect example of how people take a passage in the bible and twist it to their own philosophy.

      Jesus said in Matthew 22 The greatest commandment is to “Love God with all your heart….” And the second is like it “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”
      and in Vs. 40 it says “ALL the law and Prophets hang on these two commandments”. It does not say All (except), it says ALL. This is what I personally believe and how I try to live my life and it works for me. I am not perfect (far from it). After all, “Christianity is not a Team Sport”.

    • god isn’t real it’s all in the minds of brainwashed individuals sadly.
      some stoned or drunk dude on acid came up with the idea i guess.

    • Don’t believe everything you read (like this article above!!) Check out the Snopes link to see how tgvnews altered the wording to make Salvation Army look bad. Do your research peeps, don’t just believe every article you read!!

    • I just want to say, as a follower of Christ, that this is NOT how the Bible says to treat ANYONE. Christ himself made company with the people who were discarded and mistreated by their society. He broke bread with sinners.

      I am ashamed to even be associated by “religious preference” with these people. How dare they treat a person this way! It’s despicable! THIS behavior is what God finds detestable! This is the opposite of “loving your neighbor”, that one greatest commandment that Jesus talked about.

      I am truly sorry that people get treated this way by people who are supposed to be showing GRACE and LOVE to everyone.

    • they don,t think that here in the u.k they treat everyone the same it must be an american thing….typical goes to the us of a and they smear it.

    • It is quite Christian of them actually. They’re following scripture. If anything, they’re being good Christians in the eyes of their god. Christianity is immoral at heart and I don’t understand why people say “that’s not very Christian of them” when that’s the first thing it is.

    • Atheisntareligionidiots

      This article by David Volz is a deliberate misrepresentation of an old, dead issue. In short: It’s untrue.

    • As a Catholic whom donates much to the Salvation Army, I will no longer support this organization. First off, get out of the middle ages and get with the times and second, as the mother of a gay son, I find your way of thinking discusting and discriminating. A person being gay has nothing to do with them not being a human or not being a good person. They deserve to be loved, respected and not discriminated about just like everyone else. I have donated for years and now I am done, it will never happen again. The Salvation Army will be losing lots of donations due to their attitude and sadly enough, it is the people that really need them that will suffer.

    • I have no problem with gays, but I do have a problem with gay marriage. It is no secret how the bible feels about homosexuals. So why would gays want there souls joined before a god that feels they are detestable and should be put to death? Being a christian myself, I know that in order to enter heaven I must admit my sins and beg for forgiveness, that being said how are gays to enter heaven when they don’t think being gay is there own fault? Surely god did not make them that way..

    • This is not representative of the Salvation Army, but rather using the Salvation Army as a means to spread personal hate.

      If you go to their website, you will see how “Christian” they really are:

      “A diverse range of views on homosexuality exist within The Salvation Army – as among the wider Christian (and non-Christian) community. But no matter where individual Salvationists stand on this matter, The Salvation Army does not permit discrimination on the basis of sexual identity in the delivery of its services or in its employment practices. Our international mission statement is very clear on this point when it says we will ‘meet human needs in [Jesus'] name without discrimination’. Anyone who comes through our doors will be welcomed with love and service, based on their need and our capacity to provide.
      The Salvation Army stands against homophobia, which victimises people and can reinforce feelings of alienation, loneliness and despair. We want to be an inclusive church community where members of the LGBTQ community find welcome and the encouragement to develop their relationship with God.”

    • Voltz’s article is absurd. It is divisive, irresponsible slander. Shame on you.If I had the money I would sue this little shit for slander. I promise to send it to my Major, who has legal support and have her do what she will. The signs in the pics are Photoshopped. In the original dialogue the Major not once mentions death nor does he ever say: “gays need to be put to death.” He speaks of his personal beliefs and chooses to believe in Christ and the new testament. The death he speaks of is is what he chooses to see as a spiritual one. It is what he believes. Let him do so. The radio announcer is quoting Romans 18-32, not the major. She assumes that the Sally Anne, because they are christian, and quote the bible in their training literature, wants gays to die. Absurd.
      Why am I taking the time out of my life to write this? Because as a gay man my experience with the Salvation Army was life saving. They took me in, celebrated my sexuality, and not once insisted on my changing anything but my drug habit. Without the Salvation Army I would be dead. So please before we spout hate, which is what this article is, remember that it achieves the same short sighted animosity of a right wing fundamentalist. The Salvation army has never said: “Gay’s Need To be Put to Death.” If you post this schlock, I will question it. All I ask for is less division. We are all in this together and deserve common respect. You lack integrity and have produced one of the most irresponsible pieces of journalism I have ever seen in my forty three years.

      • The reporting of the interview is accurate, the interviewer formed her question after reading the Salvation Army’s “Salvation Handbook of Doctrine” which has since been removed from the Salvation Army’s website, a little damage control no doubt.

        I agree that this article should have mentioned that the Salvation Army denounced what came out in the interview but that doesn’t change the fact that there is a well documented history of homophobia in the Salvation Army, both in their literature and actions. I’m glad you had a good experience with this charity, as a gay man with a history of substance abuse, I understand how important this can be. You are painting the Salvation Army as pro-LGBT and no doubt many volunteers do treat us with respect but this does not excuse the institutional bigotry that’s entrenched in this organization.

    • That second quote seems like a sly publicists’ way of saying “the old guys at the top of the company are rigidly sticking to their beliefs, but we don’t all feel that way.” At least that’s what I’m hoping. Plenty of religious organizations have anti-gay policies, but their actual members believe something different. I know I do.

    • This article as well as the author of said article is an idiot that has intentionally slandered an entire organization through simple manipulation. A minority of unintelligent people does not make up the opinions of such a large and helpful group of people who do more good, than this imbecile. This is article is another reason why the movement for equal rights will continue to struggle for the LGBT community. Not because they shouldn’t be treated differently, but because many choose to exaggerate and/or embellish the truth leading to negative publicity.

    • I only had a second to look at this article. But struck me was the Salvation Army posting a sign saying “No Gays Allowed” made my stomach sink. Really, is this the way Christians are to act? You really think we are going to win over the gay community by that and posting and holding signs that say gays are going to hell.
      As a Christian, I know what the bible says. So I believe as a Christian, I am to love my enemys, neighbors, people who are lost to bring them into salvation and the grace and love of God. I find no love from telling someone they are going to die by their beliefs. Do you really think they are going to ask us how to be saved? I think not. They will retaliate. Get defensive. Did we win them over to Christ? No, I don’t think so. Yes, the lifestyle is sin and yes, the bible says they will die in that sin…but won’t we all die in our sin if we don’t come to Christ. That is what “Salvation” is all about.

    • I do not believe this, I’m sorry. Our local Salvation Army is mortified – they don’t know who these people are – it’s set up like a publicity stunt…to make people hate. I’m telling you, no one who follows Christ (a Christian) would make this statement…period..Jesus and our Heavenly Father loves you, every single hair on your head….anyone who tells you different is a liar, plain and simple. Don’t believe the propaganda….and by the way, Westboro Church goers are not Christians – they just claim to be…they are wolves in sheep’s clothing serving the god of this world..not our Heavenly father whose love knows no bounds…when you pass from this earth…you will find yourself in his embrace – just get to know Him while you are here – it makes life worth living – it makes miracles happen…it will change your life…and you don’t have to stop being who you are…Read His word, Pray and commune with HIM…don’t let these people con you…see for yourself….God bless You.

    • I will never give a nother penny to u people or donate, how dare u say that..does God want them to die, so help me if anyone ever hurts my beautiful baby girl, u need watch out for mama dukes,,here..yr a sinner and God will prevail………..they r human like u and me and love so much more than all of u…who died and left u all in charge to judge others,,,get a life and u all will go to HELL……..amen

    • I think this is one person acting alone, who does not represent the whole Salvation Army. They are one of the few charities who truly make sure the donor’s contributions go the deserving causes and not to cover their administration costs. I don’t believe anyone should die, either for their faith or their beliefs or their lifestyle. I don’t think everyone connected to the Salvation Army thinks in this way. Therefore, I shall continue to contribute to them – boycotting the whole organisation because of what one person says is ridiculous! God loves everyone, but we do need to read the bible to know what is said. He may not like choices, but He loves the person. People, you need to be objective here and not reactive – this is a good organization.

    • Welcome to photoshop!
      Duh, do you homework.

    • This story serves as tremendous evidence as to the infinite wisdom of our Founding Fathers when they specifically and emphatically EXCLUDE religion from our government…how wise they truly were!!

    • these people are not christains of jesus christ
      jesus would have nothing to do with them
      we all know god is love
      and that is what jesus taught
      may hateful religions die off

    • This is SICKING!
      And there Christian’s.
      I won’t be ever donation to them ever again for this article.
      You need to let people live there own lives. Everyone has equal rights!!!

      • Katherine:
        My goodness! Can you be any more illiterate?? Please… check your spelling, check a little grammar, proofread before you send! It makes you look bad and not at all credible.

    • Haha about time! stupid gay people, i personally think its great not everyone has conformed to dick sucking faggots that stick their penis’s inside each other’s asshole’s. Go salvation army, im totally shopping there now.

    • presenting misleading, bigoted and intolerant misinformation is not the sort of this I would expect an enlightened web site to present:

    • Just screw them all and keep walking by the bucket. I don’t need them and they certainly don’t need me.

    • YES, I agree that is wrong. Jesus love all of us, no matter what gender or sexual orientation. God forgives all of us…. MY personal problem is my EX should NOT have his position he still holds in an ARC in Fla. b/c HE ruined our marriage for a bit of sin.. that ruined 15 yrs of our marriage… HE should have been fired…

    • Yup I agree, first thing that popped into my head was religious organisation who thinks ‘sins’ should be passed between parents and siblings. How very Christian of them.

    • Hey, I just wanted to say as an employee of The Salvation Army, and one who has personally worked together with the kettle program for around 11 years now, we certainly do NOT discriminate anyone. We are proclaimed Christians, and we do follow the Bible (at least as best that we can since we are all imperfect people). I work as a youth minister in my branch. I’ve had homosexual coworkers (yes, they were hired by The SA!?!?!?! I know…hard to believe that such a hate filled organization towards that certain life choice would hire some! Mind blowing……. *sarcasm). I’ve had homosexual teens involved in my youth group, one that has completely been brought into our church family. We do not discriminate against anyone here. We house straight/gay/bi/trans/who have you in our shelters. We give food, help with rent and utility assistance, help treat substance abuse problems, help with emergency disasters, help counsel those dealing with pretty much any situation, and we DON’T discriminate in those facilities. We help out ANYONE who comes to us with a need. The Bible says to love your neighbor, and that’s exactly what we strive to do. This is why we raise money each year at our kettles. We are trying to follow the Bible by being branches of Christ’s love by using the resources that we have WORLDWIDE to help as many people as we can. The pictures in this article have also been photoshopped. I can state that as a fact because I’m a graphic designer by trade, and have spent a lot of time having fun with photoshop. It certainly is a fun program! Basically, for all of you who read this, don’t judge an organization based off of what one person writes about it. There’s a good chance that the writer has been negatively affected by that organization, which is unfortunate, but NOT the picture as a whole. If you have 1,000,000 apples, and one of them is bad, do you say that ALL apples are now bad? Or do you just throw that one bad one out and continue being happy with the other 999,999 good apples? Same logic can be applied not only to The Salvation Army, but to basically any aspect of life. I love all of you who have posted so far, and also the writer of this article. I don’t care what your race is, sex, sexual/romantic preferance (we’re all way too oversexed in this friggin country! lol), music genre preference, hair color, height, weight, or anything else is. I know that God has called us to love each person (WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION :) ), and that’s what I am trying to do through my position at The Salvation Army. I really am sorry if you’ve had a negative experience, but trust me, this is not how the entire WORLDWIDE (in over 131 countries!?!?!?!?!) believes/acts/carries out its business. I want you to test this article out. Don’t just blindly believe it. You should do the same to everything that I’ve typed as well. Anyways, grace and peace to all my brothers and sisters this holiday season. Remember that every bit of money you donate does go to help someone in need each year. God bless.

    • Another staged photo shopped pic! The story that is harpped on here is from years ago – the killing of Gays – O come on! The person who spoke on behalf of the SA in Australia and is responsible for the statement was severely reprimanded for speaking out of turn and presenting a view that is not condoned nor supported by the SA.
      This is article is nothing more than another attempt to bully the SA by an extreme element of the gay community.
      The SA unconditionally reaches out and supports and services every person no matter their background. Yes, there may be the occassional pocket out there that may hold a view or takes a position that is outside of official policy – but that is not the SA’s position. The author of this inflamatory article should be ashamed – as you judge, so you will be judged by the same measure.

    • Another staged photo shopped picture! The story that is harped on here is from years ago – the killing of Gays – Oh come on! I would like to apologize to the person who wrote this incorrect article if they have been hurt by the SA or someone in the SA. You are loved by us as much as we love any other. The person who spoke on behalf of the SA in Australia and is responsible for the statement was severely reprimanded for speaking out of turn and presenting a view that is not condoned nor supported by the SA.
      This is article is nothing more than another attempt to bully the SA by an extreme element of the gay community.
      The SA unconditionally reaches out and supports and services every person no matter their background. Yes, there may be the occasional pocket out there that may hold a view or takes a position that is outside of official policy – but that is not the SA’s position.
      Again, I’m sorry to all those who have been hurt by the SA or by someone in the SA. You are loved and will always be loved.


      • oh my goodness, honey.. OF COURSE it is photoshopped! No one said anything in the article that the images here were not photoshopped. No one said, “here is documented proof of signs being held up by SA Soldiers, which were handed out by the Salvation Army”. This wasn’t an article about the signs being displayed by SA Soldiers. ARE YOU THAT DUMB as to think that ANYONE here thought these were real signs? The story wasn’t about that. And if the these WERE REAL SIGNS, this would be all over CNN, it’d be the largest PR slap of a charity organization in a long long time. Please stop thinking everyone around you is an idiot retard and address your fellow person with the assumption of some level of intelligence. Else- stop posting on the internet.

    • I honestly believe that these poor blind homosapians have been completely brainwashed by the beliefs that were taught to him by other blind homosapians, no one to blame as we are all victims of victims, what a book says to them is the truth to them, it’s for some reason the law, they are such fanatics that are not willing to understand otherwise but condemn and judge, if jesus being the cool man he was according to the Bible were there, he would totally let anyone in and help them as much as possible. Christians are supossed to represent “Jesus” but without knowing they have been tricked to follow the wrong guy in disguise and fill themselves with negativity and because they have no life and nothing better to do with their time (which I will gladly tell them what they need to focus on by just looking at them) than to spread their negative thoughts with a vicious hatred sign and wearing a X-mas hat completely ignoring the fool of themselves they are doing. My compassion goes out to them for their Ignorance for what they are doing to themselves, as they are the worst affected people in all this. not us. We can turn to other places for help but where can they turn to? they will be in agony all their lives unless they snap out of it and start living their life and minding their own business because we are not gonna stop being gay because they are condemning us, the more they tell us not to the more we will. we have the most beaufiful lives for staying truth to ourselves, what do they have? a very sad existance, I could not imagine my life condemning other people because who they choose to love. we have better things to do and our lives to worry about to keep growing spiritually. these picture is them for the rest of their lives. they will be standing there looking like the bad guys all their lives but in their heads they are the good guys. just because they choose to listen to others conclusions of reality and not what their spirit is trying to tell them. I dream that one day they will wake up and start living their lives and stop enduring in pain. My heart goes out to them. they are violating human rights at its best, they are they true criminals and unfortunately right now in the sad estate of our legislation and education system we are powerless but not for long because there is a change in the air and I can smell it. Sooner or later people will realize how wrong they have been, And I we will be there ready to help them. because we love everyone.

    • I was recently accosted by one of these “do gooder” bell ringers. I knew upon entering the establishment that I would have to confront this mindless sheeple. When I finally exited I indeed had to have “that encounter.” As i walked by (and desperately bit my tounge) she rang her bell loudly and asked, no demanded (!), that I give her tides… I simply said, ” Not to an anti-gay establishment.” And with that I simply walked away.

      She ranted and raved about how there was a new person that had been employed “to help with relations,” as I continued on my way. I really did just keep on walking. I cannot fight this battle alone. There has to be others that are awake.


    • Too bad people don’t at least scroll through the comments to see if this is even true. Its one of those that has some lies mixed in with truth..check out snopes: The photo of the ladies holding that sign is also photo-shopped and not true at all:

      People should realize by now that if this was at all true…it would have made national news. It didn’t. Because the authors were so dishonest it makes it hard to believe anything else they might publish. Sad indeed. Especially if this is the kind of ‘news’ the GLBT is relying on.

  2. They support a fundamental Christian viewpoint, period. In my opinion, that’s immoral.

    • A REAL fundamentalist believes in PURE GRACE mercy and forgiveness and godly patience……..its the works folks that are the ugliest, they are the ones that would send ya to hell, and liberal churches believe it or not are also works salvationists, baby girl I think everyone needs to actually “get learned” in the old printed king james NT, its the new versions that are horrid, and produce nothing.

  3. I just researched this to find out what’s going on with this and the Salvation Army rejected the comments made that you are referring to. You can view their statement here :

    • If the organization rejects the comments of one of its leadership (Craibe), they should demonstrate that rejection by firing him and putting out a press release to clarify that he does not speak for the organization and that any who believe as he does are not in alignment with their mission. Otherwise, I don’t believe them.

      • Unfortunately I don’t see anywhere what happened to the man that made those statements last June. If you find something let me know. Perhaps the author could phone the Australian Salvation Army and do a follow up article?

        • // 04 OCTOBER 2013 //
          The Salvation Army has become aware that comments made on an Australian radio station back in June 2012 have resurfaced and are being reported as being representative of the views of the organisation as a whole. This is incorrect, as we would like to explain.
          We would firstly like to make it clear that The Salvation Army does not align itself with comments made in the interview by Major Andrew Craib, who is no longer in that spokesperson role. The Salvation Army in Australia promptly apologised for the hurt his comments caused. The Salvation Army in other parts of the world also distanced itself from the comments made. Here are links to a few of the responses – from The Salvation Army in Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom and Ireland. These were all posted publicly in June 2012, and stand today.

          From the Sally Ann Website:

    • Joe , I understand where you are coming from and what you are trying to say. But the comments that I had included came straight from Major Andrew Craibe, a Salvation Army Media Relations Director. He was acting as the spokesperson for The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army has stated numerous times, that they do no support same sex right or same sex marriage. You are more than welcome to have your own opinions and beliefs, a spokesperson going on record and stating beliefs on behalf of The Salvation Army, is facts. Thank you for your comment.

      • I definitely understand where you’re coming from and I’m sure its hard to retract statements like that its just sad that an organization that does so much good can’t seem to overcome these statements. I might try to call and find out more from the salvation army out there and hear from them how they responded. Thanks for the post.

        • You are welcome. Keep checking back, there may be an updated story in the future.

          • Will do. Thanks!

          • You need to read the statement made by The Salvation Army contained in the link “Joe” provided. Then fix your ‘story’ accordingly. Until then you’ve only written half a story and not followed up on it.

          • > Sam: You need to read the statement made by The Salvation Army contained in the link “Joe” provided. Then fix your ‘story’ accordingly. Until then you’ve only written half a story and not followed up on it.


          • I agree with Sam & Eric and many of the other comments on this article. I am a gay man (in a relationship) and a Christian universalist. I believe that you should update the information in this article and remove the graphics that have no place in the content of the story.

            Basic fundamentals of journalism require neutrality. It is obvious that you are simply hating on the Salvation Army because you WANT them to be evil.

            David — we cannot fight hate, with hate. We must overcome hate with love & peace. The Salvation Army immediately terminated the individual from his post and issued an apology. They have built bridges of understanding with many LGBT organizations and are moving in the right direction. HOwever, articles based on hate of their point-of-view or calling their existence “evil” only further’s the remarks made by many on the “radical right” that say we (the LGBT community and our allies) attack those who disagree with us.

            Many LGBT people receive services from the Salvation Army every year. Many have spoken up who received assistance after Hurricane Katrina or after the Hurricane Sandy in the NE. Others have talked about being homeless and getting a warm meal or clothing or other assistance.

            Are they perfect? Not at all… but we should be about building an alliance to move forward in love & peace.. rather than returning purported hate with hate. Please update your article with accurate information.

        • Joe – they have done a TON of good for a lot of people. However, their claim to not discriminate is not true. My father knows gay men who were turned away unless they signed statements disavowing their lifestyle.. . . . There are plenty of other organization out there that do tons of good in the world without attaching a side of proselytizing as a requirement for treatment. (And this from a Christian who attends church weekly and spends a good deal of time and money volunteering.). Research some other organizations and I am sure you will be pleased at all the available options for your donations. . .

      • At the risk of letting facts interfere with hysteria.

        So they’ve apologised for being wrong re the “In New Zealand in 1986…”. Which is better than we’ve managed on this thread.

        And a press release from the Australian site makes pretty clear their stance

        And apology for the gone-feral-or-just-a-bit-dim Major Craibe

        Which, again, is better than we’ve managed on this thread

    • It’s not only about this one extreme statement. The problem for the Salvation Army is they continue to defend their practice of discrimination against gays within their organization, although they say they do not discriminate in the services they provide.

  4. *Christ (so-called son of god) was not born on Dec. 25th (Horus was however if you believe in him..).

  5. The point of the matter is just by using Google you can’t find countless attacks from the Salvation Army against the LGBTQ community. This is not something new in 2010 they threatened to shut down thousands of soup kitchens and homeless shelters if NY passed a bill requiring them to pay for domestic partner benefits.

    Also the picture of the bell ringer with the poster board is not photoshopped its a real bell ringer with a real sign. I am a Christian and I am studying to become a pastor.

    We cannot be Burger King Christians you cannot have it your way. The Bible clearly states that we need to leave all judgement to God.

    Luke 6:37-38
    Amplified Bible (AMP)

    37 Judge not [neither pronouncing judgment nor subjecting to censure], and you will not be judged; do not condemn and pronounce guilty, and you will not be condemned and pronounced guilty; acquit and forgive and [a]release (give up resentment, let it drop), and you will be acquitted and forgiven and [b]released.

    38 Give, and [gifts] will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will they pour [c]into [the pouch formed by] the bosom [of your robe and used as a bag]. For with the measure you deal out [with the measure you use when you confer benefits on others], it will be measured back to you.

    • As long as there is organized religion, there will be hate.
      It’s long past time to put religion away, everywhere, forever, and destroy ALL religious books. ALL OVER THE PLANET. Get rid of ALL OF THEM. Bibles, Korans, all of them.

      Put all the people who believe in them in camps, and do not allow them to breed.
      In one generation we’ll be rid of religion, and jihad.

      Only the weak-minded and foolish require it.
      It’s called external locus of control in psychological circles, putting your decisions in the hands of another.

      • Your hate mongering is not different than Craibe’s, just because you don’t agree with religious doctrine doesn’t mean it doesn’t do any good. Personally, I could not have more respect for the LGBT community and I support equal rights, but claiming that religion is only for the ignorant is ignorant on your own behalf. If you truly want to end prejudice and hate, don’t create any yourself, also, burn books? Come on, that’s a tad totalitarian.

      • Because the 20th century’s experiments in national atheism in China and Russia were a great success story for peace and love between all people. Weren’t they?

        No, they weren’t.

        • “Because the 20th century’s experiments in national atheism in China and Russia were a great success story for peace and love between all people. Weren’t they?”

          What the hell are you talking about? “National atheism” exists in many affluent countries like Japan, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, France, most of East Asia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, UK, etc.

          Those “experiments” in China and Russia were actually dictatorships that had NOTHING to do with “atheism” (just an FYI, there have been many dictators in history, religious and non-religious). You might also be interested to know that Stalin’s reign was largely in the image of religion- using peoples beliefs to pit them against each other.
          And why not flip the coin? What about Hitler? He was a self-proclaimed Christian acting on behalf of God. Or how about the fact that 99.5% of the US prison population is religious? If you actually did the research, you’d find that more people have died throughout history in the name of God and religion than for any other reason…

          But don’t let that stop you from spreading ignorant fear-mongering directed at atheists. Dumb@$$.

      • Oh, and you sound pretty hateful yourself:

        “Put all the people who believe in them in camps, and do not allow them to breed.
        In one generation we’ll be rid of religion, and jihad.”

      • >>>Put all the people who believe in them in camps, and do not allow them to breed.
        In one generation we’ll be rid of religion, and jihad.<<<

        Wow, so your solution to hate and intolerance is to be completely hateful, intolerant and persecuting? Awesome.

      • Seriously? ALL organized religion should be banned and their followers disallowed from reproducing?

        You must be both naive and insane.

        Organized religion has been (at minimum partially) responsible for human advancements for ages. The need to record events and stories; the need to share written word with as many fellow humans as possible; the need to build places of worship situated just so with relation to the sun, moon, stars, and planets. The desire to travel in space was even sparked by the need to better understand all of God’s creations. The list goes on.

        I know! We should ban procreation that might possibly result in the creation of a person who will rape, murder, or abuse humans or animals. My point is that your statement is just as asinine and unrealistic.

        A piece of advice – Study human growth and development over the course of documentable history/herstory.

      • @Alex:

        I am an atheist and I believe in freedom of sexuality.

        Please reconsider your reprehensible position. Shame.

    • dear lost concentration..the basic issue is bieng agay..not cristianity who forbids such things -its nature who forbids being odd..-every riligeon in the world forbids going with your desire.without having limits aman to man sex is going so far ..just dont be sticked to the idea of freedom who gives you the right to do whatever you want..there is people now think that they can sacrefice others-by killing them to warship there it good??? when you aske them they say..freedom if we are talking about bible lets make bible ouer guide to life but fore me i dont think that the nowadays bible is the true bible indeed- people changed the instructions of god by writing the bible in awrong way ..that doesnt mean i dont respect the bible but there is something must be ilestrated ..i really want all people to know that what nature refuses must be refused..homosexuality is destroys the family life and takes the human race to the edge..

    • The picture is real, the words have been photoshopped over.

  6. I think it is important to note that the Salvation Army is based on the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses which is a very different religion than traditional Christianity.

    • I think it’s important to note that your ‘facts’ are WAYYY off. Re up on a subject you want to comment on BEFORE you comment on it. That way you look allot less foolish in the end. (no offense)

      • I’m sorry but the facts are not way off like you have said. The facts come straight from a Salvation Army Media Relations Director. Whether The Salvation Army agree with how he represented them, that is an issue that they have to take up with him. But since he made these comments, there is nothing more to research. But thank you for your comment.

        • The person responsible was moved out of his post. I’ve worked alongside the SALVOS for a number of years – I’ve NEVER heard it raised as an issue. Sound’s like one person’s dumb-ass opinion to me.

          It’s a pity that the only people hurt by the resulting bad press and reduction in donations from the public are the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill, those with addictions, single mums needing food to make ends meet, refugees and other people whom come everyday and get help – no strings attached.

          • My step mother is a member of the Salvation Army church. They are most definitely anti-gay. One of the many reasons I don’t talk to her or allow her around my children.

      • And Sam you look A LOT less foolish when you spell correctly. (no offense)

        Sam says:
        June 6, 2013 at 9:53 pm
        I think it’s important to note that your ‘facts’ are WAYYY off. Re up on a subject you want to comment on BEFORE you comment on it. That way you look allot less foolish in the end. (no offense)

    • The Salvation Army is not based on the religion of the Jehovah Witnesses, The theology of the Salvation Army is mainstream Methodist although it is distinctive in government and practice.

      • I;ve heard it called Methodism with it’s sleeves rolled up!

      • wow! i’m ashamed to say i’m a methodist but i don’t have any problems
        with gays or lesbians. they all bleed red just like straights do. realize this is the 21st century and people can believe what they want just don’t
        insult some one because of the sexuality and using christ and the bible is a bunch of crap.. get over it .there are many other bad things in the world to be concerned about.

    • The Salvo’s are from the Methodist tradition, not the Jehovah Witnesses

    • to Jenn = Actually Salvation Arny came out of the Methodist tradition in England, NOT Jehovah’s Witness tradition.

    • You are sadly ill informed like most morons.Jehovah’s witnesses have nothing at all to do with the salvation army.In fact they are not allowed to donate to them as they would be supporting another church’s beliefs by doing so.Pull your head out and get an education that doesn’t involve youtube conspiracy videos,those are being made by people as dumb as you are.-thank you

    • That is not true about the Salvation Army being the same as Jehovah’s Witnesses. The Salvation Army spends its time doing good to its fellow man and seeing to it that people are helped in every disaster that occurs. They hire people in their stores who are unable to find employment elsewhere. They do not preach or try to get people to join their religion in order to get help. All Jehovah’s Witnesses do is preach and argue their way of believing. I’ve never heard of Witnesses ever helping people out unless they were other members of their Kingdom Halls.

  7. It’s unfortunate how an inexplicable belief in spiritual fairies drives the deranged mind into hatred of human fairies. Sorry LBGTQ but, I’m sure you’ve heard the term in jest before. Maybe the members of the Salvation Army and Christians in general, along with Jews and Muslins, should be singled out and thrown to the lions. It was once a great social spectacle two thousand years ago. It would exceed the attendance of any sporting event today.

    • See tho,straight or gay people should not hate each other like that. What you are fighting against is what you too are doing. By making an ignorant comment like that “Maybe the members of the Salvation Army and Christians in general, along with Jews and Muslins, should be singled out and thrown to the lions. It was once a great social spectacle two thousand years ago.” I mean gay or not you just showed how low you are.I understand how much hate you have towards the people who put you down. But if you don’t like it change it don’t repeat what they are saying. Don’t donate or make your own “salvation army” instead but don’t lower your self.

      • There are none more ignorant on the face of this earth than those who believe and use a belief in fairytales to manipulate others. The top down pyramid system of all governments are based on the same master slave relationship of complete obeyence to mindless bullshit rules based on lies written 2k years ago. There are none as ignorant or hateful as those who abuse others through religion and the Vatican are the worst offenders. Remove religion from the face of this earth and there would be no more wars, less prejudice and more cooperation among all of humanity.


          Wait wait what? You somehow believe that RELIGION is the root of all evil/wars/etc?

          How about Human Nature. Al, your opinion ALONE completely invalidates your point. Not to resort to Reductio ad Hitlerum, but calling for christians, jews, and muslims to be throne to the lions? That kind of makes you a sociopathic genocidal Hitler-boy. Which invalidates your point about war since you yourself are non religious.

          Wars are not because of religion, religion is merely an excuse for people to kill each other, without, we would find another excuse.

          Atheism is the trademark of the fool. I see so many atheists online thinking that somehow their rejection of Humanities history makes them in some way shape or form, “elite”. That is to say they feel they are better then others because they have seen the light. Or lack thereof.

          This makes them WORSE then the average Christian. Plenty of average christians just rolling with the punches, not causing any trouble to anyone. But NEVER have I met an average, or even open minded Atheist. They are completely locked into their own nexus, they do not fact check the misquoted biblical passages they use. They are CONVINCED they are right on an issue THAT HAS NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWER!

          Finally Al, the problem is your an idealistic child. You are out of touch with the reality of people. To quote Satre: “L’enfer, c’est les autres,” in other words, Hell is other people. Not religion. Religion is merely an excuse for people to be cruel, much like skin color, poverty level, education, or any arbitrary thing that may separate us. I can only hope you see the truth in my words and grow up a little bit.

          • I was raised as Catholic and admittedly, often use the quotes of so called prophecy to get my point across. The best way to chase off a combative monkey is to throw his shit back in his face. Live and let live.

            A fool believes in the validity of lies and fairytales. Religion is the root of all evil and the basis of most lies. Christianity is the continuance of ancient gods and mythology and has long outlived its usefulness to humanity. It was religion that coined the term evil. There is no evil in nature, just individual weak minds who make excuses for their ignorance and personal short comings. The wolf does not kill the lamb because it is evil, although the lamb would probably think so. Most natural species of animals are altruistic to the extent that they need each other to survive. Humanity is probably the only animal on earth who deliberately bears hatred or malice against members of its own species. “Man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to.” Mark Twain

            Most religions are manifested from these mutual hatreds and have spawned the ugly face of greed and self gratification through religions. Everything dies and the only continuance of humanity is through continued survival of the species. There is no individual immortality. All of Humanity needs to live and work together to insure our future survival beyond the destruction of our solar system. There are more things in the universe than can be dreamt off in your limited philosophy.

    • Al~ Could it be? Is it…..dare I even hope….you? Are you the same Al from the website who provided everyone with music in the morning each day during the Arias trial? If so, and I believe you are if the writing style of this comment of yours is any indicator (your play on words with the ‘fairies’ comment was very punny)then I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I miss everyone over there!

      If you are not the Al I’m hoping you to be……eh…..*blushing* I apologize for the mistake and this comment will self destruct in 5…4….3…2….

      • It feels like a lot of the comments are in the extreme. It’s not outrageous for a religion to admonish it’s members not to participate in homosexuality. There are many behaviors that religions don’t embrace. The problem is hostility towards those who have decided for themselves that they do want to participate. In summation, religions shouldn’t go as far as condemning others who do, and those who do shouldn’t dramatize a religions lack of acceptance of a behavior as an act of hate. There can be no tolerance until we agree on that. I do agree that we are talking about the problems of people, not the concept of religion, that is at fault.

      • Sorry Krystal wrong Al. Never heard of until now but, music is my favorite muse. You may notice I am using my blog name to respond. Sorry for any confusion.

  8. It is a shame that companies and charities who depend on donations, have to put people down and target a specific group.

  9. You’re a bit late with this. The original interview happened a year ago IN Australia (a fact not mentioned in the article)and the International HQ of the Sally Army distanced itself from the statement almost immediately!

    Sacking an officer is not that easy; a Salvation Army officer is the equivalent of a priest or vicar in any other church. A major would be the equivalent of a Canon in the Episcopalian (Anglican) church.

    They are usually not very bright, either. Their hearts are usually in more or less the right place, their brains usually less so. The interviewer challenged this buffoon on Army doctrine. Not having the stones to contradict it he just stumbled through the interview making a larger pillock of himself than necessary.

    But shall I tell you a secret. You know how you try in your piece to prevent others from donating to the Army? This sort of statement from the Army minions is usually followed by radical increases in donations because, sadly, there are many “out there” who agree with him. You’re better off ignoring them. Eventually they will die out…

    • Bill Thank you for your comment. Are you aware that The Salvation Army has been against the LGBTQ community since 2010? The have released several public statements regarding the issue. It does not matter when the statement was made, it was still made. Charities should not be talking positions or releasing statements such as this one. They depend on the community, to make donations to help those in need. But in reality, they are hurting the people in need by these comments. People are going to stop donating to them, but hopefully they will donate to another organization that will have a better viewpoint on this situation. I thank you for your comment.

      • They’ve been against it longer than that, I’m sure. It’s only been an issue recently.

        Here’s the NYT article on them refusing to help a homeless gay couple:

      • It is very hard for me to believe the majority of those in the SA would discriminate against the gay community. The might say a prayer for them, and that in itself is sort of an insult – but the organization in America has been one I’ve supported for many years because I know they are inclusive and sincere in teaching love for all. They also are the first ones to offer help when people are down, work to assist at disasters and have the lowest administrative costs of any charity.

  10. It’s this kind of crap that made me give up all donations to the Salvation Army. Now I give the money I once gave them — and the stuff I used to donate — to Goodwill, which puts it to good use and doesn’t cherish a secret hatred in its heart like these red-kettle hypocrites.

  11. This is a total beat up. First you appear to have deliberately left out reference to the fact it occurred a year ago, and in Australia. Then after quoting part of Major Harmer’s strong response you totally ignore what he said in your very next paragraph. Even when Joe above gave the lead to the Salvo’s official position (and Major Harmer’s full response) you continue to ignore it.

    I’m an Australian atheist and a strong supporter of gay rights, but I know the Salvation Army does some good work, including helping GLBTI people who need it, and usually without proselytizing. We should all be looking for ways to assist in the work while showing that caring about others is not limited to Christians, or straights. This sort of article does not help your credibility.

    Incidentally if we (atheists or GLBTI) are going to use bible quotes to argue with, we should read it properly and look at the context. The overall book is obviously not “divine” in any sense, and Paul was as ignorant as most of his peers, but having looked at Romans 1-2 I can say it does NOT say gays should be put to death. Major Craibe was/is just another cherry-picking ignoramus, and I too hope the Salvos have disciplined and/or retrained him, but Major Harmer and the official sites are much more acceptable to me, and hopefully to you too if you bother to read them.

    • I’m sorry, but the salvation army does not help the LGBT community. They have been against the LGBT community since 2010. The do not support same sex rights nor do they support same sex marriage. Thank you and have a great night.

  12. You lead off with the line “Christmas, it is the time of the year for holiday shopping, and also hearing the bell ringers for the Salvation Army collection donations.”
    It’s June. Right or wrong, no one really thinks about the SA except around the holidays.

    “Recently said in an interview”
    The interview was almost a year ago. Which in the media world is eons ago. Also, you’re just finding about this NOW?

    Finally, a christian organization that is anti LBGTQ?
    Let me show you my surprised face…

  13. It was after Hurricane Katrina that I ceased my giving to those bigots. They REFUSED to keep gay families together once they had been displaced by the hurricane. They went out of their way to separate gay folk. It was cruel and inhumane. They are simply another hate group.

  14. There is insufficient space for my comment, so I have featured Dave Volz’s essay on the Salvation Army on my web site “theskepticarena” (.com) (June 7) with my replies to his essay.

    If you think this is just a way of drawing visitors … then don’t go.

    If you think you might be interested in reading a strong negative reaction to his essay, then you might get something out of it.


  15. So the SA thugs want gay people to be killed, but are still willing to sell them used VHS tapes and dirty sofas because they don’t discriminate. Thanks.

  16. So what if one of their offerspring turns out to be gay hun?

  17. Come one now, I think that you are taking Romans a little out of context. It simply states that ALL those whose choose to sin and go against God deserve death. Those who don’t believe in God and those who do. Not just gays, but all sinners. That doesn’t mean that death is wished upon you, just that you cannot deserve punishment for the sin that you do. Man/Woman up to what your actions. If you choose to sin, then own it and move on. Besides, the salvation in Jesus Christ saves you from all your sin. Which is the point really. Kids break something and deserve corrective punishment. If you don’t correct the actions then you get little sociopaths running around who don’t know right from wrong. That doesn’t mean that you beat the crap out of them. Just that they need loving correction to put them back on the path. If you, as an adult, choose to continue in your sin then that’s between you and God. Try actually reading the text that you are claiming to know before you actually start bashing it. It’s not limited to gays. It actually includes everyone, so stop making it all about you. You are not that important, sorry to say… It’s all about Jesus.
    Also, I find it hard to believe that the Salvation Army has signs like that. Looks like a biased media decided to photoshop some pics and post them. Doesn’t sound like proper journalism to me! If you are going to make a comment then at least make one that can stand on honesty and integrity. Altering signs and facts just ruins you reputation and makes us think that you are liars. I’m all for love, mercy and standing up for the little groups, but you have to remain honest and fair otherwise you are worse. Your journalists should be held to the highest standards, and when they fail should be personally liable and responsible.

    • Truth never seems to matter in these articles -instead they seem to be simply about inciting others to take on another “unjust cause”. Let me make this clear first. I don’t agree with all the statements the guy made but his words are definitely being twisted. He did NOT as the author stated, say that all homosexuals should be put to death. He quoted scripture that said they deserved death. And if you read the scriptures so do fornicators, liars, adulterers, etc. Meaning “deserve death” in the sense of missing out on Christ’s salvation, not as in behead them in the streets. I am not connected with the Salvation Army in any way and didn’t even know what they believed for sure. I am just so tired of people grabbing a hold of one thing someone says, twisting it, then making it a huge controversy, and now acting like every one should boycott them. Geez, get over yourselves people buddy! And learn to check facts too. Its a RELIGIOUS group, freedom of religion means they are free to feel how they want and believe what they want. That is their right! A right our country stands for and fights for. Whats the point of such freedoms if they only apply to all who agree? I’m not Catholic either but that doesn’t mean I can’t respect Mother Teresa and all the good she did. If you don’t like their belief system, DON’T put money in the kettle! It’s that simple. If you don’t like their belief system, don’t eat chicken at their restaurant! Move on!!!

    • You do realize that your statements are only relevant if one accepts that homosexuality is a sin and they must ask for and receive forgiveness?

  18. Salvation Army bell ringers TYPICALLY aren’t Salvation Army employees. Local organizations with volunteer to ring the bells and sign up for dates and times. I rung the bell with Key Club and the local Kiwanis.

    The blame should be placed on the ladies volunteering, not the organization.

    This is like me wearing a “Gays Aren’t Allowed” shirt at a Girl Scout Cookie Booth and someone taking a picture. Or wearing a “Transgender people aren’t real people” shirt to a Breast Cancer Awareness event.

    While this is wrong, don’t hate Salvation Army when it was 99.99% the ladies in the picture not the organization.

    Also, even if it says in the bible and 1 person talks about their opinions and beliefs plus they are associated with the organization that doesn’t mean that they speak for the whole organization including what their profits benefit.

    Best way I can put this, is there are people who will hate organizations from the false statements and possibly true ones online. But if you want the truth, look at their financial statements (they are available online) and see where their money is going.


    IF YOU RESEARCH (you should not just believe their whole agenda is anti-gays and that’s what 100% of their money goes toward) AND FIND THEIR CAUSES THEY PUT MONEY TOWARDS ARE NOT THE ONES YOU SUPPORT, DON’T SUPPORT THEM.

    Really people…really? We have to go through hate comments on an article about an organization when really if you were supporting them before (which I doubt many of you did more than like $1-$10 a year) then just don’t support them.

    • Even though Salvation Army retracted a lot of damage was done. After reading both articles I stench is left behind. This gentleman was totally out of line. Isn’t that the thinking process that put African people into slavery. Although it is not for me to judge in my opinion he is not a Christians. That is not what we, as Christians, believe. The Lord made no mistakes in his creations. Little people have little minds and this is how hatred continues to spread. Shame of Salvation Army for not choosing their people better. If that is not what they stand for for this statement should never have been made.

  19. OK- My GF will not like this. I will encourage her to no longer patronize these establishments… Thank god this will save us $1,000′s a year…Thanks for the excuse to not spend money in your stores…Maybe we’ll just donate to charities that are LGBTQ friendly…

  20. Seriously, Tim, is everyone who disagrees with any gay person, ever, on any subject, somehow a homophobe? Note that I don’t find it necessary to shout either; just bemused. I look forward to hearing what this comment is ‘proof’ of, where I am concerned. ;o)

  21. Lol get fucked, nice helping people there cunts

  22. Again, with this sort of thing… I always want to ask these people that follow biblical statements, if they pick and choose which ‘ laws ‘ they should follow… if they pick and choose, then I give them no credence. If they say ‘ yes, we follow the literal interpretations of the bible, I ask them if they eat shell fish ( most of em do tend to saddle up on those all you can eat shrimp buffets at Red Lobster )They tend to forget that part of the teachings… and I’m not the only one who thought about this… here are 11 biblical no no’s that we tend to forget about and do anyway….,_But_You_Do_Anyway
    ( but as a Jew, I won’t have to deal with eternal hell anyway…. )

  23. I am deeply sadened by this article, not because I believe it but because I know it to be a severe misrepresentation of the church and charity that constantly stands up for those who are marginalised or discriminated against despite serious onslaughts such as this one.

    I know quite well perhaps over 500 people from The Salvation Army, perhaps more, including the Australian leaders and the current international leader. Every single one of them would be outraged by what this article is saying. Outraged not because the Salvation Army has been critisized, but because someone has said that Gay people should die. I am outraged that anyone in the world would say or think this, and it makes me angry that someone would dare to say this is the position of the salvos – when it is absolutely not.

  24. This is so NOT TRUE – it was a misguided personal statement by a single officer who was removed from his post as a result. You need to post a retraction – seriously. I volunteer with the Salvos – and if you examine their history you will see the SALVOS have always stood up for the underdog in society – the prostitutes, the alcoholics, addicts, the poor etc etc. It is in their DNA to help without asking questions. That is why William Booth started the Salvation Army – because the toffee nosed established Church didn’t like him bringing along the ‘dregs’ of society. Not once has anyone in the Salvos asked me about my sexuality. Get real please – this sort of stuff does immense harm to the fundraising efforts of the Salvos and they use that money to feed and assist many many people throughout the world the less they get from donations the less people they can help.

  25. Dave Volz needs to go back to Journalism school ( if he ever went there). Here’s some tips from Journalism 101:
    1. Report the news, don’t fabricate a story.
    2. Check your facts
    3. Quote your sources
    4. Don’t use a year old news story from another country and dress it up as current news from your own.
    5. Don’t quote one idiot’s statement as an official Church statement , because it isn’t . It is just one bigot, with a church title, raving.
    6. At least bother to contact the church in question for an official response to whatever you consider ” current news” and do a little research on what actually happened and state clearly and accurately you are reporting a very old story.
    7. Understand that the Salvation Army is just as homophobic as most religions, but they are not calling for anyone to be killed here. Maybe you need to stick to covering the Taliban, who do.
    8. Check your own bias and prejudice at the door before you begin creating your fiction. And keep your bullshit meter switched to on next to your desktop. Because spreading crap like this does none of us any favours. It’s just one lunatic spouting garbage. Any idiot can see that.

    Oh, And have an enriched and journalistically creative day!

  26. These sentiments are not part of the “Christian Doctrine” but of old Testament Jewish Law. In the Bible Homosexuality is mentioned 7 times, and not once by Jesus. The Bible talks about responsibility for the poor 300 times, some by Jesus.

    Why do Christians obsess on the one and not the other? This has only been a phenomena that has developed over the last few decades. What is the reason for the need to attack Gays? It was not at all an issue for Christ and there were plenty of Gays in his day. I’m sure they were among the prostitutes and “sinners” that he hung out with.

    The Salvation Army Needs to stick with its focus on the poor and leave dead dogmatic theology At the door.

    • And I should have added this: The same book of the Old Testament written to the JEWS, not Christians, also said that children should be killed if they talked back to or disobeyed their parents. So, what does the Salvation Army have to say about that.

      This is why all my donations are made to Goodwill and why I always want to kick the S.A.’s stupid collection buckets over. Hypocrites.

  27. The BIBLE says that homosexuals should be put to death. The Salvation Army people are obviously ignorant fundamentalists, so they can’t disagree with what is stated in the Bible. Of course, they’re assholes, but I don’t see them actually executing LGBTQ people.

  28. IF this is true, and I have many doubts, then the people at Salvation Army must also be put to death. They all wear clothing that is made of more than one type of material…..A SIN.

  29. I still can’t believe people still think this way. What a disgrace.

  30. The headline is misleading…you have a hidebound idiot on a radio show trying to defend a literal interpretation of the Old Testament… (the same document which brought vehement support for DOMA from not just conservative Christians, but also many Jewish communities across the U.S., which ultimately included Sen. Paul Wellstone’s gutwrenching betrayal of all of his equal rights promises to the GLBTQ communities). The press statement clearly shows internal struggle to come to grips with fact that most of the the modern World’s view and commitment, at least in the West…has changed fundamentally.

  31. I have never and will never have any time for the Salvation Army.

  32. This is why I so love organized religion. God loves you if you’re perfect in the eyes of his fanatic believers who are probably daily sinners. I don’t need a place to go after I die. I don’t strive to be a good human being because someone else tells me to. I find strength in my daily existence and am a good person because its the right thing to do and because i care about life and everything that lives in it. I know there are Christians who are not bigots. Ill smile and think about these people instead of these whack organizations. It will also save me money around Christmas time. Money that I can spend on my two daughters and their other mother. We’ll volunteer our time somewhere else as well.

  33. I wonder how much shellfish this guy eats. Also, I know his uniform is made of blended fabrics. That’s also punishable by death. Has he cut his beard? You know he has! Death!

    Hypocrites who only read part of the bible shouldn’t be allowed to have a say in the matter.

  34. “David is the Managing Editor here at TGV News.”

    One thing I recall an investigative reporter telling me, “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.”

    To clarify that, it means check the story and it’s sources. David reported this a YEAR after the incident and either missed it or chose to omit the fact that The Salvation Army blasted the Australian faction of the SA for this and denounced it.

    Tsk tsk, David.

  35. Interesting how many have come out of the woodwork to defend this corrupt organization. The Salvation Army is a farce. They aren’t listed on Charity Navigator because they file under a CHURCH with the IRS rather than a charity. They flat out refuse to reveal their financial information to Charity Navigator, so just what is it they’re hiding? They are hardly a poor organization. They own an entire BUILDING in London near St. Paul’s Cathedral which serves as their HQ. They are doing damage control with their backpedaling on LGBTQ community, nothing more.

    Want to donate to a worthy organization? How about the International Red Cross?

  36. I love how there so stuck on hate and not love.

  37. Please spread the word that the Salvation Army is not some charitable organization like the Red Cross or something. It is a bona fide christian denomination like the Methodists or Baptists. Giving the Salvation Army money is no different than giving your own church money. Would you go to the local Baptist church and just give them money for ringing a bell on the street corner? That’s what you’re doing with the Salvation Army, though.

  38. The Salvation ARmy is just about every country in the world doing so much to help people after tragedies, people that are hungry, people that don’t have the means to pay their phone and power bills, abused women and children. For every dollar donated to the Salvation Army 85 cents is used to help those in need. It’s a shame that an organization that does so much to help the poor and those in need would though the thoughtless remarks of one of their own and their “belief system” would put all this at risk. When are those that say they believe in Christ realize we are all sinners and need to stop judging those for what we believe to be their sins.

  39. Well I only have one comment….supposedly being gay is against the bible, well so is sodomy and I wonder how many STRAIGHT christians out there practice that with their partners……..I bet a lot of the hyprocrites on here. Live and let live, God is the judge not the human race. Geesh.

  40. He doesn’t need FULL Facts. Nor does this kid have to put up with any of yall’s psycho babble. The LGBT Community is tired of having to prove ourselves day in and day out. Well NO MORE! We are all under one higher power! Mother Nature will clean away all these bad people and you folks can move along. I will never be donating to another Salvation Army again. IF you don’t support my beliefs.. Which one is my LIFE… Then you can kiss my beautiful faggot ass. Cause I don’t support bigots. Good day

  41. People like the person above me..(Mudhooks) Make me lose hope for the human race. Shame on you

  42. The Bible also says thou shall not kill. So the book is a contradiction.

  43. This article is obviously misleading. It’s not the entire Salvation Army saying they do not help the gay/lesbian community. So the Salvation Army doesn’t support gay marriage??? SO WHAT. They are entitled to their beliefs. It doesn’t mean they are gay bashing. It means they are Christian and follow their bible which in their religion states what a ‘marriage’ should be. GOD Gays are so quick to look for people hating them- get over it. The truth is CHURCH DOESN’T BELIEVE IN GAY MARRAIGE. Yes you should be able to marry in a court house or office just not in a Holy place that doesn’t support what you believe in. Sorry that’s how I feel and that’s coming from someone whose parent has been in a gay relationship happily for over 24 years. And I’m very happy for them both.

  44. @Jen… Go fuck yourself. At this point half of you people better not cross my path. I will be kicking your ass =]. To even say we are looking to blame someone isn’t the case. It is the organization itself that is hurting themselves. Soo… Fuck off

  45. Never even thought about this before (SAs views on LGBT), but now it makes sense. The comments about death show more than just a lack of love and respect, there are some brain cells missing too.

  46. Since this topic has kind of evolved from charitable discrimination to a discussion on the usefulness/uselessness of religion, I’ll make my piece about the latter:

    Organized religion had its place thousands of years ago, as a layout of rules and acceptable behaviors that kept us from killing and raping each other into extinction. Now that we live in a time of science, there’s really no use for organized religion. Any charity that exists doesn’t HAVE to exist because of the church- it just so happens that the act of charity has been adopted by many churches in order to advance their usefulness to society.

    That said, there are also those who turn to the church to legitimize their existence in this crazy world of exponentially growing technology and information. However, these people don’t need a huge building and grotesque likenesses of the crucifixion to come to terms with their own lives. Everyone can have an individual relationship with their respective “Gods” without the need for ridiculous communal beliefs like a virgin birth, burning bush, or a big-ass anti-apocalypse boat.

  47. Does anybody else detect that something is fishy about this “interview”? If Major Andrew Craibe is the Media Relations Director, why does he sound so unsure of his answers. Hmmm I’m not really buying this. He would have to be absolutely stupid to walk into a interview completely unprepared to address the controversy at hand. Don’t believe everything you hear, people.

    PS All sinners deserve death, according to the Bible. We all have sinned. Doesn’t matter what the details are.
    We all fall short of the glory of God, hence the need for Jesus. Truth speaks louder.

  48. Keep in mind not everyone from the Salvation Army feels that way. We shouldnt punish people in need because a few ignorant people come into contact with a camera or microphone. I go to the Salvation Army to volunteer or donate. Not to support or stand against sexuality, race, jello, haikus or whatever. Donate or volunteer because of helping people, dont let ignorance rob you of the greatness in helping people in need.

    And for the record, I support the gay community.

  49. Here’s the thing: the Salvation Army is not a charity. It is first and foremost a church, a religion, a denomination of Christianity. They run some charitable organizations, but they are a community centered around a common faith — not the other way around.

    And whether or not they truly think LGBTQ folk should be killed, any faith that insists that LGBTQ are unnatural, sinful, etc gets a thumbs down in my book. They will not get a penny of support from me. Ever.

  50. This is NONSENSE. It has been my exprience that the Salvation Army (As a organization) does not condone or encourage any “sin” sexual or otherwise. The Salvation Army is a “Holiness Movement” and has been since the days of William Booth on the East End of London. It is my understanding that the LGBTQ community needs to understand that “tolerance” which they want so bad from others is not usually in their own vocabulary. Just because someon is not interested in “perversion” doesn’t mean they are a homo-phobe, or against the “person” who practices the sin (whatever sin it is). I understand that some reading this do not believe that homosexuality is a sin – or that anything else is a “sin”, because they have no fear of God before their eyes or in thier spirit, and may want to do whatever they well please no matter who likes it or not or who it hurts or intervefes with or influences…. BTW, the whole LGBTQ Community are not child moletsters, however I believe there “are” pedophiles within that community. and BTW; the Salvation Army does not discriminate against gays, but does hold a standard of Holiness. Please get your “facts” straight (pardon the expression – I know it is offensive to some in the LGBTQ Community) no pun intended LOL.

    Don’t Panic and Don’t take anything personal! (just a good rul of thumb, when dealing with the whole world, right?)

    This is being written by a Christian who loves people (Chirstian or not) and one who has experienced the transforming power of Jesus Christ, and does not hate homosexuals – but know that community first hand and know enough people who have left that community to pursue a wholesomeness not afforded there. (not that people don’t find solace there).

    Remember, to walk what “you” talk, as well. Especially when you are throwing stones – make sure you are transparant and without fault.
    Love and Prayers,

  51. Kathleen Bradley

    My bible tells me that Jesus said love one another as you would love yourself! I will no longer support the Salvation army

  52. If their belief system follows the Bible that rigidly, then you should be able to offer a reasonable sum of money to buy his daughter as a slave, and also if he’s wearing two different kinds of fabric you’re allowed to throw rocks at him. While you’re on it, ask him why he’s not boycotting Red Lobster.

  53. This organization is quite obviously not Christian, the ironic thing is, I always had my 5 children donate every Christmas and my 2 youngest sons are gay! Go figure!

  54. Romans 1 18-20 Says nothing about anyone being put to death nor does it mention anything about sexuality homo or hetero. This organization clearly ranks up there with the Islamists and Westboro Baptist.

  55. If people are mad about this article because the salvation army DOES give to a lot of families, and we are talking about boycotting them, its probably because it makes you feel like your making a differance by throwing some change in a bucket. My proposal is find another way to help people other then giving to an organization that doesnt accept all people.

  56. Sounds like a muslim extremist…”follow us or die!…and give us your spare change…”

  57. Truth never seems to matter in these articles -instead they seem to be simply about inciting others to take on another “unjust cause”. Let me make this clear first. I don’t agree with all the statements the guy made but his words are definitely being twisted. He did NOT as the author stated, say that all homosexuals should be put to death. He quoted scripture that said they deserved death. And if you read the scriptures so do fornicators, liars, adulterers, etc. Meaning “deserve death” in the sense of missing out on Christ’s salvation, not as in behead them in the streets. I am not connected with the Salvation Army in any way and didn’t even know what they believed for sure. I am just so tired of people grabbing a hold of one thing someone says, twisting it, then making it a huge controversy, and now acting like every one should boycott them. Geez, get over yourselves people buddy! And learn to check facts too. Its a RELIGIOUS group, freedom of religion means they are free to feel how they want and believe what they want. That is their right! A right our country stands for and fights for. Whats the point of such freedoms if they only apply to all who agree? I’m not Catholic either but that doesn’t mean I can’t respect Mother Teresa and all the good she did. If you don’t like their belief system, DON’T put money in the kettle! It’s that simple. If you don’t like their belief system, don’t eat chicken at their restaurant! Move on!!!

  58. We hate what we fear in ourselves .Time has proved that again and again.God has a sence of humor it’s called karma,and we true Christians will laugh all the way to the heaven:)

  59. I’m sure glad my atheist mother taught me the Golden Rule.

  60. On a lesser note – they’re massively anti drink but here in the UK go round the pubs collecting as they know people will give them more money when they have had a few drinks to get them to go away.

  61. “No one deserves death.”

    When you put it that way, it sounds like you’re talking about people who have done something bad but don’t deserve such a harsh punishment as death. A better angle to take would be that there’s nothing wrong with being gay and so they don’t deserve any punishment at all.

  62. Well golly gee, I’d have something to say about this… if this was anything close to real journalism. Sorry guys, a quick google search will debunk this “story.”

  63. I am Christian but I am not Christian, I am etero but I love gays. I feel good!

  64. Sorry, as a liberal humanist, I find this article to be unnecessary and inaccurate as to being a true picture of the Salvation Army in action. Sure, they might have conservative views but to accuse them of condoning murder is a vile libel. They do good deeds on a daily basis and I thank them for that.

  65. This is an absolute disgrace! I will never put my money in that red bucket again!

  66. This story lacks credibility and full disclosure. At best, it undermines your argument. At worst, calls into question the legitimacy of the LGBTQ movement. Half-baked anecdotes and photoshop do not a story make. Blech.

  67. What the hell is wrong with people?!

  68. There seems a whole lot of judging going on here! The Spiritually Certain are collecting cash on the strength of it all the time. To me, life is simpler if I measure people as I find them, there are enough just causes around me that I can help, so I exclude most charities. I do not ignore the ignorance, I make note of it. Still, that way I too become a judge, which I try hard not to be.

  69. How very Christian of them, NO MORE donations for the Destruction Army! Give it to local non-religious food banks.

  70. The radio interview happened over a year ago back in June 2012, and the Salvation Army released a statement rejecting what Craibe said when this happened. Way to stay current, tgvnews!

  71. Dave, I made a contribution, as did others, and then sat back to see what happened…

    I learned, in any event, that if you’re a journalist, you served your time at Fox News.

    1) You decide that a year-old event is suddenly “hot news”.

    2) The senior officers of the spokesman apologize for the statement made by the captain and reject his views as being those of the Army.

    3) You refer to several similar incidents but find it unnecessary to offer more than hearsay. Links or GTFO.

    4) You deny that the photos you use in the article are fake despite the fact that several contributors proved conclusively they are.

    Oh David, I could go on for much longer but I’m afraid your slightly pathetic war on SA has ceased to entertain me.

    But…since you are such a crusader against anti-gay religious organisations I look forward with deep anticipation to your attack on Islam, The Koran and any statements by their prophet Mohamed on the LGBTQ crowd. I can give you millions of links to statements much worse than that of Captain Stupid!

    You’re big enough to take them on, aren’t you?

  72. fuck the salvation army bastards

  73. How does someone with such terrible grammar and punctuation, combined with an obvious lack of proofreading skills, manage to become a Managing Editor anywhere? I hope he’s not actually getting paid for this…

  74. If you have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself! I will NEVER donate to Salvation Army ever again. Get educated!!!!!

  75. I have a problem with people wanting to boycott a place just because of their beliefs. I dont think anyone should be put to death, thats quite extreme, but to hurt others who need their help is also extreme. They do a lot of good helping people, and I know for a fact they dont go around asking people’s sexual orientation, nor would they refuse the same help they would give anyone else. Please research these things more before posting it.

  76. Is there a number to call to get my donations back, being gay money and all?

  77. Love how you’ve taken a great organization that helps more people in need everyday without discrimination and made them the villains. First of all, your information is wrong and slanderous. Defacing their signs and logos should be a crime just like graffiti. Let me ask you what are you doing to help those in need?

  78. I was raised in the Salvation Army Church and if it had not been for the extraordinary love and caring of the people there my life would have been quit terrible. I was involved in many of their activities including ministry. The .20 of every dollar in donations is used to bring others to the cross. I have NEVER seen anyone in the SVA organization discriminate against anyone. They help every person who needs it in so many ways, including homosexuals. To think that a church like the SVA would sanction murder is absurd. I was taught as a young person in this church that homosexuality is wrong, but that God loves me and wants me with him in paradise. As it was so simply put by a 14 year old on this thread, when we ask for forgiveness and do our best to not repeat the same sin, we are forgiven. This media representative miss spoke and did not have the information he needed to answer these questions in a proper manner. The SVA is no more anti-gay than any other Christian organization. Here is the official reply from the Salvation Army Church.

    • You almost had me until “.20 of every dollar in donations is used to bring others to the cross.” If that is true I believe that may have made up my mind with or without the current drama. I’ve worked for churches. They’re doing just fine without keeping the .20 for themselves.

    • just because they are “no more anti-gay than any other Christian organization” doesn’t make it ok…. They are still “Anti-gay”.

  79. That is so wrong, they won’t be getting any donations from me anymore

  80. Sad that they don’t have a problem excepting our “gay” money obviously if you haven’t figured out it should be about the family’s in need not about who you think should live or die…. It’s just the scared closet cases that had to hide who they are bc they don’t have the heart to come out and be who you are and for that I pity you…..god decides my destiny oh yeah that’s right a gay Christian who knew and it’s not a rare breed there every where

  81. Not happy. What happened to Christian kindness?

  82. I agree, it is 2013.. I cant believe we are still on this subject.. Get over it. Gays are here, They are here to stay, they should be equal to every other human being. The thing that irritates me from this post is mainly the comments. Some are particularly rude. Who ever thought it was ok to treat someone like trash and then make it all better via “Repenting”, or by apologizing to God, not the person they actually hurt, is a douche.

    I am taking a rather impartial view, I get it, straight people are sick of seeing gay issues being flashed all over the internet, parades and etc.

    On the other hand, gay people are sick of seeing that they are denied the same things that straight people are, or being prosecuted simply because of their orientation. So, the easiest way to get around all this jazz, treat everyone equal, I promise you that posts like this will stop happening. Therefore the rebuttal will also cease.

  83. The disciple John was “the one Jesus loved.” Now, Jesus of course loved all his disciples. So for the book to say that John “was the one” it must be talking about some deeper kind of love.

    Jesus brought his friend John home to meet his mom, and said “Behold your son!” If he had brought a woman home to meet mom and said “Behold your daughter,” he would have been telling her that he had just gotten married. That instead of losing a son, she had gained a daughter. But he said “Behold your son.” She had gained a son.

    I’ve read that John was with Jesus throughout the crucifixion, and he took care of Jesus’ mother afterwards. All this makes my gaydar go “boing!” Of course, there is a world of possibilities, but some of them are more likely than others.

  84. Well no more donations from me

  85. Them and the radical Islamists!!! What a bunch of spiritual deviants!!

  86. The fact the Salvation army choose whom they support is the same reason I will… doesn’t mean anything if they do a lot of good to a lot of people just to those they deem to be worthy recipients … not vverychristian like surley that must go agsinst thrir beliefs? Or do they pick and choose that too?

  87. I live in Astoria, Queens, NY and can attest to the amazing and tireless work the SA does in our community. Queens is one of the most diverse places on Earth and the SA serves anyone needing help regardless of sexuality, color, language, financial need or whatever else. I’m not a member or holy roller but I can say my local branch is an example of welcoming support for any person in need. They run a food pantry, clothing store and after-school program. They get their message of serving others across without resorting to ignorant inflammatory statements. After all, they are serving their white, black, Latino, Arab, Asian, Croatian, Brazilian brothers and sisters, not condemning anyone to hell.
    The author of this article is inciting the same hate the SA chapter member made in Australia. He should have noted that this statement is over one year old and has been discredited by the SA. The article wrongly implies the statement came from an American member of the SA. I’m not an apologist for this group but give credit where credit’s due. Come to Queens and you’ll see the SA serve anyone in need.

    The Salvation Army in Canada Responds to Australian Radio Interview
    Posted on June 27, 2012 in Newswire | 2 Comments
    The Salvation Army in Canada fully and emphatically rejects the statements made by the media director of The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory regarding the LGBT community. The Salvation Army opposes any discrimination, marginalization or persecution of any person. There is no scriptural support for demeaning or mistreating anyone for any reason including his or her sexual orientation. Anyone who comes to The Salvation Army will receive assistance based solely on their need and our capacity to provide help.

    The Salvation Army in Australia has also rejected the opinions stated and provided additional information which you can view here.

    We deeply apologize for the hurt that these statements have caused.

  88. the letter I wrote to them.

    Hello. I am Robin Lee Cooksey, mother and wife, author and historian, trans woman and tg advocate. Whoever intercepts these messages, its a good idea to pass this one along. I have watched patiently the actions and statements made by the Salvation Army concerning I and my kind. I have stayed steadfast in my hope that true Christianity would shine through in the hearts of those leading officials charged with overseeing this foundation. As I have watched, I have become quite successful in my career and make a lot of money now… Salvation Army will never see a dime of it!

    It may pain you to know that you have fed me, housed me, put clothes on my back and toys under my tree when I was a kid. ME! A TRANS WOMAN! So imagine how shocked and appalled I was when Salvation Army went on record stating that all LGBT parents should be put to death. You blind yourself in prejudice bigotry and shallow hatred, justifying it with misconstrued doctrine, while all along you don’t even know what goes on in your own house! Guess what, in your missions, nationwide, men are loving men and women are loving women. I know I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.

    It is an evil house that hates its own residents. Everyone knows that. It is this kind of hatred that has made such an enemy of me and millions of others to Christendom. You want to save souls and win them over to the fold? This kind of prejudice hatred drives us away. I was raised in the Christian faith. I love my lord and brother Christ with all my heart and I have studied his true doctrines, enough to know I would be ashamed to call myself Christian when I see such blind ignorant hate in all of Christendom, in my lord and brother’s name!

    I had high hopes of helping Salvation Army reach new milestones in their outreach. But I am bound by conviction, faith, duty, and honor to not side myself with such shameful dishonor. What pains me the most is if you hate with this kind of blind bigotry, then that means you hold little opinion of those you reach out to. Well, this is one self made success that will spend her money to shut you down rather than give you a cut penny. You should really look into your hearts and not hate your own residents. Don’t say you don’t hate us. You went public and said we should be put to death. I’m sure even your founding father would be ashamed. If you want to be a good Christian foundation, then love everyone as Christ did, without prejudice, without bigotry, and without judging them. Many of us go on to be a great success and because of your hate in the name of Christ, we’ll have no part with you!

    I spit you out of my mouth and I repent that I ever considered Salvation Army an honorable charity.

    Robin Lee Cooksey

    • @Robin, I have to doubt the credibility of a historian who, based on a comment of a single member of a church, a comment that was subsequently denied by many senior members of the same church, condemns the whole church.

      I worked for the Salvation Army for 20 years, here in Amsterdam. I was probably the only atheist on the payroll. Some of my “devout” colleagues (even the gay ones!!!) had a problem with that, my employers didn’t!

      In the years I worked in the night shelter(14)we provided accommodation for people, regardless of their gender or sexuality. So, many gay guests, both male and female. Less, but still a significant number of transgenders, again of all sexes (never hear from any gay rights advocates about hermaphrodites, but the SA in Amsterdam gave them shelter)

      In the early 80s we set up the first clinic and hospice for people with AIDS because regular care homes were scared of the disease. We also visited people in hospital because the paranoia was such that friends and family were scared of the gay plague. I had no problem visiting sick people because I knew how hard it was to catch the disease; my Salvationist colleagues visited because their lord told them that nurturing the sick was what good people do.

      We had, at that time, a retired Lt. Colonel with a gigantic ego and very popular with the Dutch media. If the Dutch press wanted a S.A. “sound-bite” she was the one they went to. She had the most bizarre opinions and regularly embarrassed senior management…

      …but whenever she shot her mouth off about homosexuals, donations sky-rocketed BECAUSE A LOT OF PEOPLE AGREED WITH HER! I’m sorry, Dave and Robin, but that is the reality. Lots of people, even your friends, will pay lip-service to tolerance for (enter your liberal preference here) but when push comes to shove, if they don’t absolutely loath you, they certainly don’t understand you and if they don’t understand you, how the fuck can they really accept you, whatever they say?

  89. *★*I will forever boycott “The Salvation Army” from now on and tell all my friends to do the same AND spread the word*★* Marcy

  90. Way to go salvation army. For not supporting gays. Every company needs to protest gay people maybe that will turn them back straight instead of everybody just accepting it. Cause nobody is born that way and all the gays just want everybody to accept there ways so that they feel better about themself. But they know it’s wrong if it wasn’t wrong why would there be so much commotion about it in the world.And why would they try to hide it.

    • I don’t know! Why do you make such a commotion about it? I thought Neanderthals were extinct and I certainly didn’t realize they were homophobic! Do you think it may have something to do with their hateful religious belief systems?

  91. What they cite is Old Law writings, which were of the pre-Christ JEWISH culture. The Bible also pits idolaters and fornicators and prostitutes and adulterators with the same fate, and Christ overturned that practice of putting them to death with the “he who is without sin may cast the first stone” teachings in the Bible. I respect and agree with their lack of support for LGBT rights and marriage and lractice. But theirs is not the CHRISTIAN way, and they are setting themselves up for failure and ruin and as crazies like Westboro… Better tone it down while they’re ahead.

  92. ….the Salvation Army doesn’t just depend on donations; they get quite a bit of our tax dollars as a ‘charity.

    I say the time to end tax-free status for religious orgs, and stop ALL taxpayer dollars to religious orgs is long, long past due. They are all getting increasingly fundamentalist and dangerous, and gaining in political power. This does not bode well for our society in general. Just look at the Middle East.

  93. This is further proof of an ever growing tendency of groups (especially in the U.S.A.) that used to be average christian charities morphing into hate filled fascist “Christian Right” wings of a nationwide conspiracy of Calvinist/Dominionist/Charismatic mutations. Much like Germany with the Nazi’s in the 1920′s most people tend to be blind to these groups and there evil intentions. Their goal is to establish a theocracy within the United States. A “Fourth Reich” consisting of so called “christians” who in reality posess the spirit of the Anti-Christ. For further studies of this ever growing threat go to they have been warning people of this for decades and although you may or may not agree with everything they say they do know this subject inside and out!!!

  94. If every church was replaced by a good hospital the world would be a better place.

  95. Ironically, the same section of Romans that is quoted in the article which defines those who are deserving of death also include “they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy”. In the end, it seems to be all about forgiveness. If we receive forgiveness, shouldn’t we give it as well? If we receive aid, shouldn’t we give it as well? If we didn’t deserve it, should we then judge who else might ‘deserve it?’

  96. They may do good but they are like sheep in wolves clothing. They want to talk about the good they do but hide the bad they do. They have a huge training center in Chicago that takes up a whole block of very expensive real estate and guess where it is – in the heart of the gay neighborhood. They do not contribute to the neighborhood or support organizations in the neighborhood. They do protest gay pride and other gay oriented events in the neighborhood. If you want to be in a gay neighborhood, you should support the neighborhood – that is the first Christian thing to do. Never donate to the sheep in wolves clothing.

  97. Well, it is absurd that people believe that kind of crap but it is their right to believe whatever they want. And, they do help a lot of people. So, if you are a member of the LGBTQ community and need assistance, look somewhere else. But, instead of wasting time persecuting the SA for their beliefs, maybe try putting that effort into helping the people that SA won’t help. Boycotting a charity????? Really? Think about that. Boycotting a CHARITY?!?!?! That’s even stupider than believing the bible, which is really stupid!

  98. I know plenty of good-hearted people who happen to be gay…and I just think that it’s incredibly stupid to wish death upon someone who you DON’T EVEN KNOW, but just because they are homosexual!! They could possibly be the most generous loving person ever, and you want them to die not because they’ve done wrong by anyone, but just because of the fact they are attracted to and love people of the same gender? I’m embarrassed for these ignorant morons who have such a screwed up belief system…and the ironic things is that they are so self righteous and think they’re better than everyone. What a joke!

  99. Too many people quote the bible for their own purposes. They condemn one thing, but they don’t condemn other things that are written. If we all followed the bible as it is written then we would all be deserving of dying. I am so sick and tired of people saying they are Christian and then doing exactly what Christ would NOT do! Let’s burn that damned bible and just live good and true lives and stand by the principle to love thy neighbour as we would love ourselves. WWJD?

  100. I am going to write on a piece of paper; “While I support doing good for the poor, I do not support hatred for any person, and if you don’t think gay people should live, you most certainly don’t want my money, so heres this piece of paper instead, I hope your ‘Soldiers’ realize who they are working for, good can been done by yourself or with another organization whose philosophy isn’t hatred.” And I will drop that into every bucket I see.

  101. So basically at the end of the day, it goes something like this “send us money to help families in need and to help them survive… but not the gays, they should die”

  102. So those that say being homosexual is a choice and a sin…
    When did you choose to be straight? When did you choose to say heY! I like that guy! Or hey! I like that girls! If you so chose to, would you be able to love someone of the same sex intimately? I know I tried, but man did it weird me out, hence I know which sex I prefer (notice I didn’t say gender, gender and sex are different ;)). So tell me. When did you decide YOU were straight?

  103. Listen, if you don’t like what an organization stands for, then just don’t support it…it’s that simple. What they believe in is their business, why do people always feel the need to start a crusade against an organization that doesn’t follow their desires? I don’t agree with their stance, but I don’t support their organization either. They see no support from me, but that’s their business, not mine. This is America and they have the right to believe whatever they want.

  104. They’re stating laws that were tolerated over 2000 years ago. Paul “probably” wrote Romans. Not God. Why would anyone after 2000 years STILL agree with some prophet that people should be put to death? These people are utterly stupid and need to learn their faith a bit more.

  105. Judge not and be not judged….wonder where that came from. Only GOD MOST HIGH has the right to take life, outside of divine ordain war.

  106. Christ believed in pure love, and God was pure love, so if you are a follower of Christ, you must also, there is no room for hate. if not you are not a christian.

    • It’s pure something alright but, I don’t think it has much to do with love. I suppose when Christians fight their just wars in the name of your god, they kill the enemy with love. That’s the problem with Christians, they cannot distinguish love from hate. That way you can kill whom you wish without hatred. Sick!

  107. killing gays is murder, legal murder or not, it is still murder, so the commandment thy shall not murder does apply.

  108. Religion is full of shit… people who follow religion are not able to think rationally. Evidences and information are everywhere about the truth but still they are trapped in their little pond.

  109. Someone should make tokens that say “I suppor the LGBT community”. We could leave those in the buckets instead of money to give them an idea of just how much their bigotry is costing them.


  111. Your scriptures say kids who are disrespectful of their parents are supposed to be put to death. What’s your stand on that?

  112. Here’s a followup article from the author. Everyone seems to have different thoughts, but I think he sums it up perfectly!

  113. I worked for the Salvation Army for 4.5 years. Believe me, while not all of the officers and people there are anti-gay, there are a great number who are and I think that many of the ones who don’t say anything or who don’t show their anti-gay stance is for the purpose of saving face and not run into legal action against them. And you should see where a lot of that money goes, certainly not to the employees as they really cut corners in paying their employees much of anything while at the same time they demand a LOT out of you. But a lot of that money goes towards their “retreats” to oh say, ski resorts in Lake Tahoe, or “fellowship” days at places like Paramount’s Great America theme park, or their beautiful 2-story homes, many of which are in pretty nice areas, and their cars which they seem to buy new constantly, or all the gallons of Starbucks coffee that the officers all guzzle and their lunch “meetings” at restaurants almost daily, all of which is expensed. The Salvation Army is no good. One of the officers where I worked was also clearly a closeted lesbian. When I started there the officers who hired me were so nice though, they were like second parents even! And they knew full well that I am gay and they never ever said anything that made me feel like I wasn’t a part of things, but when these new officers came in, there had to be a special meeting about me and I heard that the husband had “issues” about working with a homosexual. And then he stripped me of all the responsibilities I had there, trashed every bit of hard work that I did and left me to do tasks that a 4th grader could do. I wouldn’t give a dime to them. My family won’t ever donate to them and they donate to other charities now.

    • not just cars and trips ..not just eating .drinking having fun
      but also gathering mony to spoile the riligeon of those africans
      milions .bilions of bounds are spoiled to turn those bushmen into gathering money in this way ..people who gives donation or give charity. do not know about this ..they just say .give us to make the hall world know about bible

  114. And why are we not challenging their 501c3 on the basis of their death beliefs? Why should taxpayers support an organization that promotes death for groups of people they don’t like. This is outrageous and THIS is the those of behavior the IRS SHOULD be investigating. I’m happy to file the complaint with IRS but I want support behind me.

  115. i want my money back. ridiculous. it also says those without sin may cast the first stone… (ill wait) lol.. whores, sex before marriage, divorced should all be put to death as well( if we r going by what salvation army says the bible means)
    bible is more than just words u have to read between the lines stop being so literal…
    the only way to bring anyone to God is by love. Gods a gentleman He will never force Himself on u, so everyone else needs to stop.

  116. Wow, I guess it’s a good thing that I never mentioned that I am gay before I applied to work at one of those red bucket stands last holiday season. That’s a job that I don’t want to have again.

    • wow you was agay..thats good how you feel now ..but you must injoed your hall opened and trained to the comming days.. i think you will get back to this soon do you agree

  117. This definitely not how to look at people, I personally believe that you are not to hate people but more hate sin. Its hard to explain but basically I hate homosexuality but I would never go as far as to say homosexuals are to die. Hate the game not the player idea sorta…homosexuality is not a game but you get what I mean…hopefully.

    • Hatred, like religion, is born of ignorance and fear. When greed is injected into to equation, the religious mind can find hate for anything or anyone they refuse to understand. They prefer to protect their life style by supporting those of like minded ignorance. Reality is never a factor unless it supports their particular ignorance. Religious indoctrination becomes a conditioned response over years of practice.

      • another way hatred breeds is through doctrine created by phony signs and falacies. just another example of fecalistic mentality trying to convert others.

      • hatred, like, homosexually driven agendas, is born of ignorance and fear.
        when greed is injected into the equation, the homosexual mind can find hate for anything or anyone they refuse to understand. they prefer to protect their lifestyle by supporting those of like-minded ignorance. homosexuals indoctrination becomes a conditioned response over years of practice.

        • Well it’s obvious that you’re sitting on your high and mighty throne and are insisting that you are right, so very well. The precious time that I have on this earth is valuable to me I’m not looking for an argument. We’ve both voiced our views and opinions and let’s just agree to disagree. Have a nice day.

        • But, you don’t hear homosexuals promoting hatred against mindless Christians. If gays were to threaten the lives of Christians as you do in your mindless hatred, they would be arrested. Your promoting hatred, homosexuals promote love.

    • typical for their kind. turning something genuinely wholesomeome and good into lies ugly and corrupt.

      • You shouldn’t talk about Christians like that you hateful whore monger. We all know that Christians are delusional idiots but, you shouldn’t promote your venomous hatred and beliefs against them.

  118. Using a photoshopped image with fake text makes me question this article. I’m leaning toward believing it (given what I have read elsewhere) but that photo has me distrusting your facts and your website in general now.

    When you do this type of thing you lose trust, your most important asset as an organization. The original image shows the text on the sign as “DOING THE MOST GOOD” (not my emphasis, the sign actually has it in all caps).

    If you just grabbed this image from elsewhere without questioning it please check your sources more thoroughly in the future. If you doctored it yourself then shame on you for feeling the need to back up your possibly accurate article with a fake picture.

    When you make stuff up to support your cause you have gone to the dark side. Please come back.

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  120. I am pleased that the Salvation Army have taken this stance because in so doing they highlight the hypocrisy and intolerance which is so frequently synonymous with religious ferver.

    I really wouldn’t have thought their stuffy, rather outdated ‘army’ could afford to be so prejudiced in their outlook at a time when churches are struggling to get bums on pews.

    I’m glad they’ve nailed their colours to the mast, and I will take great pleasure in watching their ship sink slowly into obscurity.

    • intolerance you say… it’s you that’s no tolerant. you act like gays race when in fact it’s really just the fact that you’re confused about your sexuality you think that we Christians hate you but we don’t. we love you just like Christ did. when it comes to real love truth trumps all. the truth about you sir is that you were born with a penis thus making you a male. cut it off and put bags of rice on your chest and you’r still a man. man is created by Nature to be sexually active with the opposite sex female this is the truth of nature. it is the nature of your existence. to disagree with nature would just mean that you’re confused.

      but see that is your issue, an issue that you need to go take up with your counselor your psychiatrist or maybe even your preacher. The Salvation Army can actually help you with this confusion. that is what they do just because they don’t support your twisted views on morality and you’re misconceptions of reality does not mean they hate you. to hate you would be to ignore these problems and allow you to go on miss guided. I’m sorry that your parents failed you and that because of this you have a life full of problems. I’m sorry that you have to deal with constant issues because of your sexuality it’s truly a shame that you’re so lost. I really hope that one day you see the truth and can be proud of who you really are who you were born to be, a male of the human species.
      history will show if you will dare to study it, one of the first flags ever flown over our soil was a Christian flag. the country was based on religious freedom meaning that we are free to be Christians we won’t be snuffed out by small minded people who can’t even figure out what a penis in a vagina or for.

  121. Signs are fake. Its the salvation army, their name says it all an army to help people receive salvation no matter how screwed up they are mission is not to nurture and cultivate what they discern to be sin.
    stop hating Bible believers and attacking us with you’re lying signs and fake propaganda.

    • Christianity is fake, signs are real testament to religious hatred. No one hates the bible, we feel sorry for the sick idiots who believe it. Get a life shithead.

  122. Thanks David for a very informative article.. My son is gay, and I have always supported the Salvation Army and the good work they have done…I may have to re-think that , and look else where for an organization to support!

  123. I don’t agree with this at all you all need to quit judging especially if you do not want to be judges cannot help who you fall in love with at all!!!!

  124. You know, after seeing this I am appalled and shocked. but I shouldn’t really be surprised since there are more and more anti LBTGQ companies and what not popping out of the woodwork every day and I am thankful, thankful that they decided to reveal their true faces and policies so that we as a country can start to avoid and admonish them for their intolerance.
    I was raised with family in the Salvation army and used to ring that little bell in front of the store with my grandfather when I was young and then by my self when I got older. But now that I am an adult that happens to be living in the LBTGQ community, I am turning my back on the Salvation army and will be making it a point to admonish those ringing the bells every year from now on maybe I should make a sign and stand next to them for a while that has an arrow that says(” they support anti gay policies and have a put to death philosophy” don’t support them ) that way everyone will pass by and either not tip or maybe help give a piece of their minds as well. since they like to ring a bell in front of the supermarket that is very much right in the middle of neighborhood where i live in that supports the LBTGQ and has a lot of LBTGQ workers that and maybe i should notify the supermarket about their policies as well so that they can tell them to go ring the bell somewhere else maybe.

  125. I don’t contribute to religious orgs because 1) I’m an Atheist and 2) studies show that the average church charity contribution is 3% of income per year. That’s chump change compared to what they take in from the suckers.

    I find people who have gone through illness or other tough times and give them my money.

  126. It’s an awesome post for all the web users; they will take
    advantage from it I am sure.

  127. Well Rob, you have a much bigger problem than religion, at least they have a reason for their hatred. You, on the other hand, are a homicidal megalomaniac. In most democratic countries uttering death threats and inciting violence against a large portion of our global society is considered a criminal offence. Unless you’re one of the religiously insane!… Lets hope you don’t live in one of those countries or someone may be knocking on your door!

  128. I am kinda shocked by this…I was taught that we are to love all our brothers and sisters…it does say that in my Bible..

  129. BREAKING NEWS: Pope Francis says religion has the right to express its opinions but not to “interfere spiritually” in the lives of gays and lesbians, expanding on explosive comments he made in July about not judging homosexuals.

  130. Then I want a refund of ALL the MONIES that I have donated into that little red bucket of theirs that is everywhere with that annoying bell, when you go shopping….
    I did not know until NOW, their stand against gays & have donated a LOT over my many wage earning years!!!!!!

  131. I find it funny that the Salvation Army never has a problem taking clothes on top of clothes from me when I donate. They never have a problem when I drop a few bucks in the can when they are shaking the bell standing in the freezing cold! But yes us gays are bad news you say? Well I say screw you one less charity I need to worry about. And the Salvation Army should be ashamed of theirselves. We are people, I think everyone needs to remember that! Happy holidays.

  132. I love how this “Christians” pick the parts of the Bible they prefer the most, and leave all the most important parts left. A REAL Christian knows that Jesus broke the old covenant (Old Testament) to bring the new one which it’s based on love, forgiveness and acceptance. It really infuriates me this so called religions that use the Christian banner when they do not follow Jesus beliefs.

  133. It surprises me that the SA manual says parents of gays should be killed. What do the parents have to do with it??? But hey that’s religion for ya! All you liberal straights out there, quit funding this bigoted monstrosity. Any organization with the words ‘salvation’ and ‘army’ in its title should be avoided at all costs.


  135. The funny thing about these so called christians is that it’s the old testament was for the times of that era, we don’t condem or kill people that have cheated or stolen or kids that back talk parents. That said in the bible says they must die too oh wait and eating shell fish is a sin. So called christians are the most hypricritacal people of them all. I will never donate to this organization or any other that acts this way.

  136. Maybe more should do as I do. If there is a red kettle outside of a business I shop elsewhere. If more did that the merchants might change their mind about allowing these bigots near their business……..Fairness and equality mean nothing to these people………..their only real goal is to spread their small minded policies.

  137. Well this is pretty sad but not surprising. Most fundamental religious groups take the scriptural word literally….I don’t think they know what metaphor means….or any of the English definitions for stories that are not men at to be taken literally or verbatim! ignorance…maybe the worst sin among the religious.

    • LMAO…… Ignorance ‘is’ their biggest sin and shortcoming. It’s what allows them to believe in fairy tales in the first place.

  138. Plain and simple Jesus Christ preached love not hate. He also accepted others that people did not. And for a orgnazation to turn a blind eye to the actual acts that Christ lived and did on a daily basis. And put faith in a book that was written by the hand of man. I just dont understand? I was taught love and acceptance in Catholic school. To respect other and treat others the way I wanted to be treated. Well i for one will pray for these people. Because instead of sounding like Christians they sound more like the anti Christ. We need to pray for people like this. For God to take mercy on them for their ignorance.

  139. Well I certainly will no longer donate anything anymore!!!!

  140. Dear Salvation Army .
    We are all childen of the most hight who sides we are one who sides we are all equal the maker weeps cuzz you speak hate another bing of life one should never wish death apon someone just because they love different then you Rom 12:16
    Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position.fn Do not be conceited….
    Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.”
    Romans 12:10

  141. Amen and well said, Rebecca. I grew up Roman Catholic…almost entered the seminary to become a Methodist minister. As I grow older, I have distanced myself from Christianity; but, I am a passionate believer of the teachings and actions of Jesus Christ. Ergo, I am a follower of Jesus, but NOT a follower of the bureaucracies, blinders and mental limitations that have cultivated within the various facets of Christianity.

    If we can not take the basic principles preached by Jesus Christ, and make these central and intrinsic to our entire belief system, then we have used his life as leverage only to supplant his ideologies with our own…and this is an abomination.

    The hardest thing for self-righteous and judgmental people to digest is that Jesus accepted EVERYONE. Easier said than done for the mass of people who merely use religion as a plank for their social/political agendas…and not the other way around.

  142. You suckss..I am a straight man..but you suck..I will never give anything to the army again..

  143. Guess “trixr4kids” did that quick little web search fact check and made you eat your words about the $15,000 plus quarters that you stated. Maybe it’s you that needs to get your facts right “Kenneth T Welch”! It just goes to show how back-ass-words this shit about quotes in the bible. FIRST. Can we all agree that Jesus was a JEW? He was put to death just like everyone else that stood against Rome. There were many people like him in his time so for that fact alone there is nothing special about him. The bible was written long after Jesus had been dead and in some cases people that wrote books that were included in the bible did not even live in the same time as Jesus. Hell. The Bible would not even stand up in a court of law because it is hearsay. Damn! People loose all logic and do not use there brains when it comes to most all religions. I am sorry but you can not have a debate with someone that can not think on logical terms. When someone can not speak or reason logically you might as be speaking to a wall or a FOOL! Dumb, Dumb, Fools. Hell. If you want to take things out of the bible and apply them to the world today then sell me your daughter as I need some cheep labor to clean my house and rub my sore feet. Oh and maybe you might want to put down that Neptune Salad as that is listed as an abomination before the verse that is used towards the gay community. OH and you can charge your christian little ass to Canada or Mexico and pick me up a few slaves as the same book says it’s within gods law to own slaves from your neighboring countries. And dear lordy forgive you if your a woman and speak back to me cause the bible gives me the right as a man to put you in line and I have a hefty branch ready to put you in your place. Oh, No… Better yet! I think I will make you go cut your own and bring it back to me. Maybe all of you that call yourselves “Christian’s” might want to do some fact checking yourselves rather than be lead like a bull with a ring in your nose at church every Sunday (guess fool fits here too). Shall I go on or have you had enough. And yes, as I am sure you can tell, I BITE BACK and take no SH*T! I give one warning, “Walk Lightly” Now I have friends that are Christian, Muslim, Jewish and a couple of Buddhist as I was born in Japan and that was my first introduction to a religious belief system. In Fact many Eastern religions predates any christian beliefs by thousands of years and with some even more. My father was in the military for 32 years so we moved around a lot as a family and I got to see and learn about many religions and cultures first hand and I rather enjoy studding many of them when I have time. Does not mean I agree with them and that goes for Christianity too, aMeN! LOL Now I feel better and can get back to my peaceful nap.

  144. Ah yes, as Christians, we must NOT overlook this terrible sin of one adult loving another adult of the same sex.

    We can however accept those who have KILLED another adult, or child, or abused or harmed them. We can look the other way and accept money from the greedy, the unscrupulous, the corporate giants who suck the life out of the poor and middle class, that’s ok. We can forgive the thieves, the liars, the adulterers and ALL of the other, “sins against which the bible speaks” because, well, THEY are not so bad, even though they leave millions in poverty, homeless, hungry and…dead.

    No, God isn’t really mad at those guys, just the ones who are making out, in the privacy of their homes, with a person of the same sex. THEY are responsible for all the inequity and cruelty in the world and should of course BE DEAD for their sins. Why we’d rather leave our children with someone who will beat, starve, ignore, mistreat, torture or sexually abuse them than with a gay couple, wouldn’t we????

  145. This is just disgusting, if we deserve to die for living the way god made us you deserve to go to hell for sitting there putting down the way someone was born, at least lgbtq parents except them for who they are, your parents should have had you apportion for being such selfish individuals. I was just saying how I would love to help out a shelter with my children one day, I now know it will never be the Salvation Army you sick sick people!

  146. The should have a Christian attitude like the pope has no one on this earth can judge people except God. That just does not make sense that they are takers but yet do not support the organization that helps the needy during a Christ like time. How dare you judge other people who are making a difference. Instead of stirring up problems among people be humble and accept all people. No person is perfect not even the Salvation Army. God came for all people and all people are sinners because they have original sin.

  147. The Romans chapter and verses that he uses as a justification for what he says also states a laundry list of other sins that makes a person deserving of death. Deceitfulness and disobeying parents were on that list.

    No where is the Bible does it state that God hates gays or that gays will go to hell for their sin. Do not cherry pick the Bible and interpret it in a way to justify your own hate. To hate is to sin.

    God loves all his children, not just a select few. God hates sin, not the sinner. Whoever tries to tell you different…that God hates man/woman…has just told you that his God is a liar. Thereby, by that Christian’s own words, they have discredited their own “religion.”

    God loves and saves. As a Christian, you are to follow to Commandments, life Christ-like, and spread His Word. That is a responsibility handed down that has been abused and misused. People have started to play God.

    I am a Christian woman and hetero. I love all human beings…even when they mess up. Humans are not perfect and any human (especially a Christians) that says that they are….well, they’re a liar.

    No sin is better than another. Stealing a box of pop tarts is just as bas as murdering someone in the eyes of God. But people don’t want to hear that.

    So…I’m hear to tell the LGBTQ community something I’m sure they are not used to hearing…God loves you, no matter your faults, sins, transgression, etc. God does NOT hate you.

    Please, do not use this man’s example, or that of Westboro Baptist Church as an example of all Christians. I love you all and I wish you all a great and happy life and I pray that one day you are able to find God, even if that means one that is not mine. And just know that nowhere in the Bible does it say God hates you or that you are going to hell based on your sexuality. There is only ONE…ONE…unforgivable sin and that is to not know Christ as your Savior. In the Christian way, that is the ONLY thing that keeps a person out of Heaven.

  148. I am openly gay. I work for the Salvation Army and I have experienced love, kindness, and acceptance. No one has ever been mean to me or called me names. No one has ever told me that I should be killed or I didn’t deserve Christ’s love. I cannot speak to the experiences that other gays have had, but mine have all been wonderful.

  149. BUT the MUSLIMs also HATE GAYS and put them to death by MURDER…but oh that is ok because they are muslim.


    check this out, i have been to the church through the salvation army church i have never i mean never seen them turn away anyone or make anyone follow their beliefs but rather open their heart and hand to help them out!

  151. I’m a christian however gays should not be put to death. They are humans and individuals. An there are a lot of gay parents out there who are better then straight ones. God is love an is the only real judge. We as
    Christians should have a loving mind set towards gays not a hateful judging one. We need to love are fellow man. No one on the face of the planet is without sin. So come on people!!!! If you are a Christian express love to one another not hate. No one man has the right to say that gays should be killed. Only God is allowed to be the judge.

  152. I feel very sad for this entire organization and its team members. built on christian fundimentals, but promoting HATE.

  153. If I was gay and gave a extremely large amount of money such as a settlement I received of $30,000.00 to SA would SA accept the money?

  154. Thank you so much for sharing this. They will not see another penny from me until these hate filled “teachings” are abandoned!

  155. A Christian follows the word of Christ, not of what is in the Bible under the banner of the Old Testament. Christ said things such as “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, “Love one another as I have loved you”, and “Whatsoever you do for the least of my people, that you do unto me”. The Salvation Army is persecuting gays while wearing the false mantle of Christ. Whatsoever you do to the least of my people… and they persecute, therefore by His words, they also persecute Him. If they choose to disregard His words, they’re not Christians, just Catholics.

  156. This was a story from last year, which one guy in Australia made some comments, which were not the views of the Salvation Army. They Salvation Army quickly apologised to the LGBT community for this person’s comments. Why are you reporting this odd version of the story over a year later?

    And, the images used are Photoshopped.

  157. Ahhh yeah, Christianity. The only belief system in which a HUGE portion of followers go out of their way to blaspheme their Savior *eyeroll*

  158. As a long-time member of the SA, I need to point out that this is NOT in their doctrine.

    The is a VERY large organisation, whose official stance as of a couple of years ago (which not all members agree with) is that they do not believe that living a “homosexual lifestyle” is in alignment with what the Scriptures teach. They DO NOT believe that people who are homosexual should be put to death. This is the case of someone with a title running his uneducated and ignorant mouth off.

    I think it is only a matter of time before these issues will be looked at, like many of the other teachings in the OT and epistles, as cultural law, and churches will begin to realise how silly they’re being. But it’s hard to change the minds of thousands of people at once.

  159. I like how Christians can distinguish themselves between the good ones and the bad ones… and yet when it comes to Muslims, they are all bad with no questions asked. Instead of fighting everyone on here, I suggest Christians who are so upset with the actions of the bad ones in their faith to spend their time changing their own religious folk’s minds… something that would be a lot more productive to everyone involved.

  160. If I Remember Correctly It Is That Yes Christians Don’t Believe It Is The Moral Way Of Life But They As Human Beings Are Not The Ones To Sit Here And Judge Anyone And All Of This Is Down Right Sickening To My Knowledge There Is Only One True Judge And It’s Not The Living It’s Our Heavenly Father So If They Believe They Are Doing Good They May Wanna Rethink About What They Are Doing Cuz In Reality It Can Destroy A Human Beings Life Their Families And No Telling What Else So This Hatred Isn’t Apart Of Christianity This Is Plain Out Evil And Wicked!!!

  161. This article is such a lie and quite Photoshopped. What a waste of space and time.

  162. What gives you the right to judge others? God is the only one who can judge us. READ your Bible!!!

  163. Let it go. You all will get yours in the end…get it? Hah!

  164. I am part of the LGBTQ and this story is bull shit. I am 15 turning 16 and im a bisexual. I am interested in both men and women. If you do your research. The Pope is Gay. This statement that gays need to be put to death is bull shit. In the town where I live we have a community called Rainbow Community. I am apart of that and one of my best friends is the Leader of the community. If you notice more people support Gay Marriage more than people who don’t support. Alone in the US we have finally admitted to letting Gays, Bi’s, Lesbians, Transexuals, Etc. Get married. This entire story has pissed me off. The Salvation Army bullshit needs to stop. Gays have rights too. Also if you read the Bible. God loves his children. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM. NO WHERE IN THE FUCKING BIBLE SAYS THAT YOU SPECIFICALLY CAN’T BE WITH THE SAME FUCKING SEX. GAAAAAAAAH! THIS SHIT IS THE REASON WHY WE NEED BETTER COMMUNITIES. PEOPLE LIKE THIS NEED TO DIE. IF THEY THINK THEY CAN GO KILLING OTHER HUMAN FUCKING BEINGS THEN THEY SHOULD BE IN PRISON. THIS IS ALSO A FUCKING DEATH THREAT! MAKING DEATH THREATS IS ILLEGAL. ITS PRISON TIME. BUT FUCK. I will be sharing this to all my friends and family to tell them about this. You fucking people need to stop. LGBTQ will rise in victory. And we will win this war between you fuckers.

  165. So, the red color of the Salvation Army bucket is symbolic of the gay blood they wish to shed. Makes sense.

  166. It’s definitely true that Jesus died for sinners. Period. Sin is sin. Doesn’t matter if it is a ‘large’ sin, or a small sin. Everyone who accepts that Jesus died for sinners, and accepts Jesus as their savior, (has saved people from going to hell), is forgiven of their sin. This goes for straight people, and gay people. In God’s eyes, everyone is the same. Jesus said to “come as you are”. No one deserves death, unless they choose it. Then, because they didn’t trust in God’s saving grace, they are choosing to go to hell. The key word here is choosing.

  167. Even if your not a member of the gay community we need to boycott organization that preach hate & death on anyone. Let’s all stand up and put these guys out of business, because they are not helping all people in need. They are only helping THEIR people.

  168. I have never seen bullshit like this in my life. I have been a volunteer with the Salvation Army in Traverse City Michigan for some time. I am part of the Salvation Army’s Ham Radio Emergency Communications Network, which in many cases supply the only communications from some of the most dangerous disaster areas in the country. We service everyone, everywhere, we do not discriminate for any reason, the least of them is gender identity. I don’t know why you people would publish crap like this. Is it because the Army does background checks on those volunteers who deal with children? If you think the Salvation Army is discriminatory because they protect children from the many pedophiles within the homosexual ranks then you are the problem, and need to be discriminated against. When it comes to serving people in need no one does it better then the Salvation Army, God Bless Them, every one.

  169. Religion is the root of all evil.

  170. If you are a Christian you follow the teachings of Christ. Christ’s death and resurrection fulfilled the Old Testament, therefore the old testament is not valid except as a history lesson. We don’t stone adulterers any more that we dismember people who treated the prophets badly. Jesus said that the only laws were: to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul; and your neighbor as your self. Nowhere in the New Testament does he mention homosexuality. The only mention is a vague message from Paul to the Ephesians and the Corinthians.
    I find it odd that so called Christians will accept Hebrew beliefs when it serves them and refute those same teachings when it doesn’t.

  171. Yes Amen Rebecca. Yes God said only him alone will decide our fate. Maybe that it should be analyze and thought well why Gay and Lesbian Uprising. Maybe man and woman aren’t happy to be together. Maybe then he decided the fate of the Gay and Lesbian. Maybe because their happy for who they are. Who cares if same sex partner as long as they can love one another. That is all that matter they love each other and their happy living their lives. Stop all this none sense Judging and controlling other people lives. Who says you have the right to control other people lives. Bet you that if we turn around and tell you to change your religion, you would say who are you to decide have me change my religion. That’s only religion that’s asked of you to change. Now what about deciding to take people lives because their same sex parent. What about opposite sex parent that are irresponsible? Leave the Gay and Lesbian. Worry about your life. If you wanna help just help don’t be judgemental.

  172. suppose, for argument sake that being gay is a sin, what I don’t understand is why SOME Christians spend so much time condemning them. first of all, a sin is a sin. there is no such thing as a good sin. so why so much hatred towards homosexuals? did it not say in the bible: John 3:16 – 17 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that WHOEVER believes in him shall NOT perish but have eternal life. For God DID NOT send his Son into the world TO CONDEMN the world, but TO SAVE the world through him.
    how arrogant that some of you actually believe that you know how God judges sin. If people can follow the laws of the old testament, there would have been no need for Jesus to come and show us a different alternative. He would not have to die for our sins. With that being said, HE DID DIE. in fact he overpaid our debt. I am not saying the Law is not important, of course, those are God’s standards. The law is designed to show us that we WERE NOT MEANT to enter His kingdom because these are impossible standards. You were not saved because of your works. It was through HIS GRACE.
    HIS DEATH made it possible for us to enter HIS KINGDOM. WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. The reason why there is no condemnation, no more judgement, nor more curse is not because God had gone soft on sin. But because over 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ took our place. And for every sin you and I have committed or WILL EVER COMMIT, He bore it on the tree and He was punished. He was condemned so that we will NEVER be condemned. He took our place so that we can take His. He became sin so that we may be the righteousness of God. And when Jesus was on the cross, God treated Him like He was the world’s greatest sinner, so that God can treat you like you have never sinned at all.
    I admit when it comes to homosexuality I do not know the answer. I will never claim I know the truth. There are a few things I don’t agree about it, but all in all I love the people just the same. Because it is not of black and white in nature, I go to Him for understanding. I let God speak about it. I just pray to not be frustrated. I pray for His wisdom. I guess what I am trying to say is, God hates sin but he was never quick to judge. He was slow in condemning. He would do everything in His power to give us a chance. So I like to remind my brothers and sisters in Christ to be more like Jesus – be more compassionate to the ones who YOU DON’T THINK is deserving of it. pray for them and share His love not His wrath. Remember, God wants His children to come to Him, flaws and all, than never come to Him at all.

  173. Wow, I think I will just have to stop giving my spare change to them infernal bell ringers. Here’s an article you might like.

  174. a charitable org. that just happenes to pay its leaders 6 figures… imagine the help they could do if they didnt have 147 people making 100k plus a year to ring bells and push papers

  175. Never shopping or giving to the Salvos again

  176. I do not support the Salvation Army and their stance on the LGBT community is awful. However, I think you do your article a disservice by using a photoshopped picture saying “Gays Not Allowed”. It brings into question the validity of the whole story. I know the story is true, you know the story is true, however, when many see the photoshopped picture, they KNOW they are looking at a faked picture, so is the article faked too?

    Just a thought….

  177. Ignorant, even the pope Reminds us not to judge, that we are waisting more time judgeing than loveing and helping those in need. You are no one to judge the next person, take a look in the mirrow first.

  178. No one has the wright to Punish anyone but God and I don’t think they are god do they need to stop trying to play god

  179. As a Christian I was physically sick reading this. This is NOT speaking for all of us!

  180. The bible also sais if a woman is raped she is to marry her rapist…if thats the case, why not demand this to be put in place as well?
    Smfh. Stupid people.

  181. Suck my big toe!

  182. at first i bought into this, part of it is true, but when put together like this, it is taken out of context.

    1) photo shopped picture shows its a slam job, NOT real news.
    2) snopes shows what they did, the interview WAS real, but the handbook states while they dont condone homosexual SEX, they dont discriminate against those who are homosexual. big difference, and as he stated in the interview, the bible is the precedent in the bible DOESNT mean they are practicing it, but is their basis on not approving of the actual act of homosexual sex. having attended one of the churches as a 8-10 year old, i never saw any of this, or any issues of this sort. of course that was the late 70′s early 80′s.

    i think that this site should remove this article as being a flame story. i have no issue taken it to those who are TRULY like this, but not when its made up.

  183. A friend informed me of this article. It is the icing on a very bitter cake the Army is now baking, or perhaps more like making loud and illogical noises causing their cake to fall.

    This is a commentary concerning a separate issue with the Salvation Army, of reasons without reason, for positions taken on a national level, having local consequences both negative and backward in thinking.

    I live in Billings Montana and have witnessed the birth and premature death of a visionary 10 year initiative The Salvation Army dismantled in its 3RD year of development. It was designed as a national prototype by a 5TH generation officer of the Army as a change in coarse for the Salvation Army to alter its direction from a generational failure of a hand out practice, to a hands up direction in ministering to the poor. It was taken apart within a year of the Majors leaving due to health reasons. The reason given was, the Majors had to stay for the entire 10 years of implementation.

    In its 3RD year it was finally beginning to bear the fruit of its labors and the greatest advocate of its continuing was the community and partners brought on board to make it happen. The most bitter aspect of this dismantling, was removing Eva’s Orchard set next to their headquarters. It was planted both as a message of sustainability and teach the children who tended it, the economic value of selling the fruit produced. At the end of everything put forth with these programs, channeled through the arts, education and sustainability, were the lessons connecting hard work and sense of ownership to economic empowerment.

    It was remarkable in that the programing focused on quality arts and music programing for children, hydroponics, aquaculture, composting, and community gardens for all who wanted to participate and learn. All of it was offered free for the public to participate under this umbrella of learning and diversity. The vision was,”If children living in poverty have experiences of normalcy and exceptional value, it will help them to understand the generational chaos they live in is not normal. In opening this exceptional programing to everyone, diversity could be learned by osmoses; shared by learning, rather than divided by economic class. Programs from how to balancing a check book to preparing nutritious and tasty meals on a low budget were to be offered parents while they waited for their kids, along with so many other training programs to teach those who wanted, a way to get out of the sub-basement of poverty.

    The genius in the effort was the programing was masterminded by a husband and and wife team who partnered with an umbrella of other greater good and church organizations, making it a unified cause that fed both body and mind. The worker bees were Americore volunteers, bringing the brightest and best of our youth to our town, and they gave it their all.

    Perhaps my commentary has less to do with the Salvation Army and their LGBT stance, than the greater issue of an archaic backward turn this venerable social good organization has made away from bold and collaborative changes to guide the poor into the light of prosperity…. back to this position of “Putting Gay Parents to Death”, and “Removing Eva’s Orchard”. It is saying, “Put gays back in the darkness of the closet, and reverse outreach programing back to controlling the poor with a hand out philosophy, further enabling a legacy of successive generational poverty.

    If you wish to look further into the birth, evolution, and death of this remarkable Hands Up program, please google Billings Gazette Salvation Army This is a history of the project in the form of articles in what was done and undone as a national prototype to help the poor help themselves.

  184. Never again will these fucks recieve money from me everytime I walk in and out of walmart this holiday season. Fuck you guys and your christian beliefs we are way past biblical times open your fucking minds to the present and our future. NO FREEDOM TIL WE ARE EQUAL.

    • Laura, you might want to read some of the replies, this article is misleading. the pic was photoshopped, and the way the interview, while it IS what he said from what i could find, is NOT the meaning the title of this article says.

      the dont CONDONE the homosexual lifestyle, but they DONT discriminate against it either. they serve the gay community, they dont require you to say if your straight or gay, etc to get their help. this is a flame job, trying to incite needless hate and angst when its not needed. I am all for roasting those who ARE like this, but this “article” is NOT news, its put together with a decidedly nasty slant, not a lot of real facts, other than the interview, and all he said was that they have biblical reasons why they dont SUPPORT directly the LGBTQ community.

  185. Years ago, the Salvation Army was busted for taking donations from the pickup site directly to the dump and it cost them bigtime in donations at Christmas and through the year. Now they are bashing a group of their biggest donors and buyers. They should keep their opinions to their selves and I am not gay but believe all should be equal.

  186. I guess people in need don’t need anything from the LGBT community according the salvation army…

  187. One: this story is based in the US (trust me they’re ALL crazy!!) and is the OPINION of one individual who’s clearly got some pretty extremist ideas. Would YOU like things YOUR associated with judged by one whacko?!

    Two: Each national region of Salvation Army has a different doctrine, however, a fundamental aspect is that they serve and donate to ALL causes that help others, ignoring things like orientation, faith, or gender.

    Three: like it or not, if you believe everyone should be free to believe as they wish, some faiths don’t support same-sex…well…sex. It doesn’t mean they don’t support the person, they just don’t support their bedroom choices. You ~cannot~ have freedom if you demand others change their beliefs to suit yours. That’s not freedom. Many dominant faiths, including Islam and Christianity have openly taken stances of not being supportive of same-sex intercourse..So should we force them to change because what they believe is wrong? Well they think you’re wrong, so who’s right?

    Look, this is coming from, of all things, a Pagan. Salvation Army IN GENERAL seeks to support on financial and other fundamental levels, all people(And there’s ALWAYS repercussions no matter the region when someone decides to get their fundamentalist panties in a knot within Sally Anne’s ranks..and where there’s a position to be had there will ALWAYS be fundamentalists.) regardless of if they’re children, drug users, battered women or their batterers, and, yes, even folks who love people who are the same gender.

  188. I have to say it all comes down to this……discrimination is everywhere unfortunately. Whether we like it or not. People are just down right miserable and are always looking for the next thing to complain about or boycott. No one wants to do real research and even if they did you wouldn’t find that EVERY Salvation Army location has discriminated. In judging all of them by what one man said of by one stores employees actions shows discrimination against them. Not to mention people are saying the Salvation Army said all gays need to be put to death when he never said that. The interviewer was pushing him to try and get him to say that to cause a controversy when all he said was that in his belief system gay people don’t inherit the kingdom of heaven and in doing so they would not live forever…meaning die. He wasn’t saying he wants them to die. People just want more and more to complain and fight about. Stop blowing things out of proportion. I’m not saying their beliefs are right because you shouldn’t live by the Old Testament rules because Jesus saved us from having to bear all of that wrath, but you can’t complain about discrimination when it’s being done to that organization for what one man said that was blown out of proportion. As a Christian you don’t ever WANT people to die or go to hell but its part of religion that some do and his belief is just that HIS. Don’t discriminate against a persons belief when it doesn’t harm anyone other then hurting their feelings. Bottom line grow up! There are real issues in the world we don’t need to stir up trouble where there wasn’t any

    • This comment is not a local issue. This man is the head of communications for the Salvation Army, and speaks for their position in the USA. It would be interesting to see the take the Army has in the U on this position, where the organization started, and still has final say on their pol. I totally respect the legacy and history of the Salvation Army, just not where it is now, and the way it has regressed from progressive change.

  189. The Salvation Army has the right to their beliefs and their own thoughts. It is called ‘freedom of speech’. Why is it that we want our own speech and beliefs to be the only right ones? If you want equality — isn’t freedom of speech part of it. There are enough helping organisations in the USA, world to help, YOU DON”T have the right to make an organisation change their opinions, bully then with posts as this, and try to shame them into YOUR philosophy just because you think you have the right to your own sexual being. Get a life and stop making everyone be like you!!

  190. this is disgusting. I grew up in a very Christian home, married my second husband who has a gay brother and we went to his wedding this summer min which our son was the ring berer and my husband was part of the wedding party. I myself am not gay I don’t believe they should die or be put to death. EVERYONE falls short of the glory of god and sins on a daily basis. I HATE HATE HATE Christians who say ohh this person should die cause its in the bile. common people the bible has an old testament and a new testament, yes it says god despises a man laying with a man or woman with woman, but if you want to kill the gay people or their parents, then lets kill all of society for one reason or another reason because EVERYONE SINS DAILY.
    god I hate when people go on a bible thumping rage and preach shit it is there personal sexual life and preference, how doers that interfere with your living daily . they are people and may need food or gifts and Christmas like any hedoralsexual couple or a single parent.
    this is my rant I could go on for hours. but I wont.

  191. So I suppose the donations from LGBTQ parents, who are selflessly giving back to their community, are not accepted either? Do they require a survey to screen out potential “gay” donations?
    Or do they accept these loving gifts, from fellow human beings?
    All the while claiming that the very community that the church is trying to support, should be divided based on sexual orientation, and the damned half crucified for who they are! Hypocrites. Every one of them.
    I’m sure quite a few of those turkeys, and presents they are so generously handing out, were donated by a gay parent/person.

  192. And it is my religion that all people who believe gays should die should themselves be put to death.
    Or as they say, EYE FOR AN EYE

  193. Every year I have a confrontation with these people. They never fail to blurt out to me “Merry christmas” and or “god bless you”. The later makes me come unhinged.

    One guy said that to me and I turned around and told him that I am not a christinsane, that I do not believe in his god and that his “blessing” is offensive to me. I told him that the SA is a hate group that uses their hateful fairy tales to discriminate and that I wouldn’t give one red cent to them, ever. I gave him a hard core lecture that went several minutes.. I really wanted to ruin his day, I wanted to see him cry or show some remorse but he didn’t. But I still do the same thing every year, I confront these a-holes face to face. They get in my face begging for money to spread their hateful message so I get in their face and give them my two cents.

  194. Its hypocritical for gays to demand “their rights” yet deny the rights of Christians to believe as they chose. If gays don’t want to support the Salvation Army so be it. Let them start their own Salvation Army. Let them raise their own support for charities. That would be a normal response from any organization or business. If you dont like something – start your own. But I’m afraid the gay community is after more than that. Its quite clear that gays want to shut down any organization that confronts their lifestyle. Lets be honest. This is a conflict of lifestyles that is not going to end any time soon. Gays have an agenda to attack the church and biblical standards. Its time for gays to be honest and admit their overall agenda. For example gays call Christian positions “hateful – bigoted or discriminatory”. Yet the Bible calls it speaking the truth in love. Gays call it defending their lifestyle – the church calls it defending the truth of Biblical standards. Why dont gays start their own church and stop all their “hateful and bigoted” attacks against the church? Its quite clear why – gays have no plan to stop their attacks. Their agenda is to shut down the church – take away its tax free status – put out of business any Christian who would “God forbid” state their lifestyle is offensive to God. Its time to be honest about the real agenda of the gay community.

  195. If the salvation army and their followers took a minute to study their own brain using modern brain science, they would see nothing godly about how they behave. The brain is only influenced by hormones, chemicals and genes that change based on the environment that an individual grows in. The Christians who want to execute gays don’t know any better.. they’ve never understood where and when their brains changed into its current state. I wish they could understand that if this kind of science wasn’t published, we would all be brain dead, killing each and everyone of ourselves, or maybe milking a cow by hand with a measily population of 3 million on the whole planet.

  196. I suppose the “Army” PR guy is right if you accept that the author of Romans, the Apostle Paul, was authorized by God to make up stuff about CHRISTianity that Jesus CHRIST never said. In the same category as “Christians” deciding which Judaic abominations they will hate and others to never mention: wearing silk and wool together, eating shellfish, having milk at meat together, etc. It’s an abomination.

  197. You do know that the second photo you posted is fake right? Someone photoshopped the sign to say “Gays Not Allowed”. It was posted around the net a while back but its definitely fake. I have seen the real image.

  198. This is disgusting christ would not approve. God is about love. Just because you dont like something or dont understand it doesnt mean you have to kill it. You are sounding like hitler and thats just unholy.

  199. the second picture (at least) has been photoshopped

  200. The Bible is so repulsive that it has no place in a modern, civilized society.

    Example 1

    The vast majority of Americans believe that God exists, that Jesus is his son, and that God himself gave us the Bible and the Ten Commandments. In fact, Supreme court Justice Antonin Scalia has said that “Ninety-nine percent of Americans believe in the ten commandments.” He has also said, “What the commandments stand for is the direction of human affairs by God.”

    If 99% of Americans believe in the ten commandments, how can the Bible be repulsive? Let’s take the fourth commandment as an example. It says:

    Remember the sabbath day, and keep it holy. For six days you shall labour and do all your work. But the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God; you shall not do any work—you, your son or your daughter, your male or female slave, your livestock, or the alien resident in your towns. [Exodus 20: 8-9]

    This, supposedly, is the word of God, the almighty ruler of the universe.

    Now think about this. Wal-mart is open on the Sabbath. And so is Target. Best buy is open on the Sabbath. And so is Circuit City. Home Depot is open on the Sabbath. And so is Lowes. In fact, millions of businesses in America have employees working on the Sabbath. Even Christian Family Bookstores has employees working on the Sabbath.

    What should we do with all of these people who are breaking the fourth commandment?

    In the Bible’s book of exodus – the same book that contains the ten commandments – the Bible tells us what to do with everyone who breaks the fourth commandment. Exodus 31 verse 15 tells us exactly what to do:

    For six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of rest, holy to the LORD. Whoever does any work on the Sabbath day must be put to death.

    That’s right. The Bible commands the death penalty for anyone who works on the Sabbath, and we should obey. Right? This means we have to kill tens of millions of Americans.

    Should we line these tens of millions of Americans up and shoot them?

    Should we put them in giant gas chambers?

    I think we can all agree that the thought of killing millions of innocent Americans is repulsive. A book this repulsive has no place in our society.

    And make no mistake about it – the bible really means what it says. It fully intends to be repulsive. In Isaiah 40 verse 8 the Bible says:

    The grass withers, the flower fades; but the word of our God will stand for ever. [Isaiah 40 verse 8]

    The Bible says the same thing in 1 Peter 1 verses 24 and 25. And in Psalm 19:7 the Bible says:

    The law of the Lord is perfect.

    Since the laws of the Bible are perfect, they should never change.

    And then there is this. In Matthew 5 verse 20 Jesus says:

    For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven. – Matthew 5:20

    According to Jesus, we must follow the laws of the Bible.

    Do you believe that we should kill millions of innocent people because they work on the Sabbath? If not, do you want a book this repulsive to be quoted in public? Read to children? Used in our courts of law?

    Example 2

    The Bible wants us to kill most people in America. For example, the first commandment says, “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.” What are we supposed to do with everyone who doesn’t believe in God? We are supposed to Kill them. Deuteronomy chapter 17 says that we are supposed to stone non-believers to death.

    If a man or woman living among you in one of the towns the LORD gives you is found doing evil in the eyes of the LORD your God in violation of his covenant, and contrary to my command has worshiped other gods, bowing down to them or to the sun or the moon or the stars of the sky… Take the man or woman who has done this evil deed to your city gate and stone that person to death. – Deut 17:2-7

    In 2 Chronicles 15:12-13:

    They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. – 2 Chron 15:12-13

    Deuteronomy 13:13-19:

    Suppose you hear in one of the towns the LORD your God is giving you that some worthless rabble among you have led their fellow citizens astray by encouraging them to worship foreign gods. In such cases…you must attack that town and completely destroy all its inhabitants, as well as all the livestock. Then you must pile all the plunder in the middle of the street and burn it. Put the entire town to the torch as a burnt offering to the LORD your God.

    Deuteronomy 13:7-12:

    If your own full brother, or your son or daughter, or your beloved wife, or you intimate friend, entices you secretly to serve other gods …do not yield to him or listen to him, nor look with pity upon him, to spare or shield him, but kill him. – Deut 13:7-12

    What if you take the name of the lord in vain? Leviticus chapter 24 verse 16 says:

    Anyone who blasphemes the name of the LORD must be put to death. The entire assembly must stone him. – Lev 24:16

    The Bible is quite clear. We must kill everyone who does not believe in God. There are approximately 30 million people in America who do not believe in any God. There are tens of million more who believe in gods other than the God of the Bible. The Bible commands that we kill them all.

    And keep in mind that the word of the Lord lasts forever, and the law of the lord is perfect.

    Think of this as a Christian Jihad. The idea of killing tens of millions of people because they don’t believe in God is repulsive.

    Example 3

    If you curse your father and mother you are to be killed:

    All who curse their father or mother must be put to death. – Leviticus 20:9

    Example 4

    If you commit adultery you are to be killed:

    If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife – with the wife of his neighbor – both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death. – Leviticus 20:10

    Example 5

    If you happen to be homosexual you are to be killed.

    If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death. – Leviticus 20:13

    So let’s review: God commands us to kill:

    Everyone who works on the Sabbath
    veryone who does not believe in God
    Anyone who curses father or mother
    Everyone who commits adultery
    Everyone who happens to be Homosexual

    According to the Bible, we need to kill tens of millions of innocent Americans. The idea of killing this many innocent people is repulsive. The idea that people would walk around carrying a book that demands the death of tens of millions of innocent people is repulsive.

    Example 6

    Here’s another example of the Bible’s idiocy. Rebellious teenagers should all be killed as well. Here’s what the Bible says in Deuteronomy chapter 21:

    If someone has a stubborn and rebellious son who will not obey his father and mother, who does not heed them when they discipline him, then his father and his mother shall … say to the elders of his town, ‘This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious. He will not obey us. He is a glutton and a drunkard.’ Then all the men of the town shall stone him to death. – Deut 21

    Think about how many American teenagers need to die.

    Example 7

    In Matthew 18 verses 7 through 9, Jesus speaks:

    If your hand or your foot causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life maimed or crippled than to have two hands or two feet and be thrown into eternal fire. And if your eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell. – Matthew 18:7-9

    This verse is repulsive on three levels:

    It is repulsive because Jesus is such an idiot here. He is completely wrong.
    It is repulsive because it demands that people maim themselves.
    It is repulsive because the entire concept of “hell” is repulsive.

    Jesus is an idiot. Cutting off your hand or gouging out an eye accomplishes nothing. If you are having a problem with unproductive behaviors, what you need to do is talk with a counselor or see a therapist. Self-amputation is absurd and repulsive. Jesus dispenses advice that is completely useless, and recklessly dangerous as well.

    Example 8

    The Bible’s absolute sexism is well known, and it is repulsive. Here are two examples:

    Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church. – 1 Corinthians 14


    Let a woman learn in silence with all submissiveness. I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to keep silent. – 1 Tim 2

    We can find dozens of verses that are just as sexist. The Bible’s sexism is both ridiculous and repulsive.

    Example 9

    The Bible fully supports slavery. In fact, the Bible has been used in many cases, including the American civil war, as an authoritative justification of slavery. Here are three examples.

    Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. You can will them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life. – Leviticus 25:44


    If a man beats his male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies as a direct result, he must be punished, but he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property. – Exodus Chapter 21:20


    Bid slaves to be submissive to their masters and to give satisfaction in every respect; they are not to be refractory, nor to pilfer, but to show entire and true fidelity. – Titus 2:9

    You can see that, according to the Bible:

    Buying and selling slaves is fine.
    Beating slaves is fine.
    Slaves are to show entire and true fidelity.

    If you are an intelligent person, you know that he entire idea of slavery is repulsive.

    Example 10

    The Bible is riddled with repulsion. Take, for example, this verse:

    Anyone who is captured will be run through with a sword. Their little children will be dashed to death right before their eyes. – Isaiah 13

    Or this:

    Samaria shall bear her guilt, because she has rebelled against her God; they shall fall by the sword, their little ones shall be dashed in pieces, and their pregnant women ripped open. – Hosea 13

    Or this:

    Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man by lying with him. But all the young girls who have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves. – Numbers 31

    You get the picture. The Bible is repulsive.

    You have seen ten graphic examples of repulsion in this short video. You can find hundreds of verses like these throughout the old and new testaments. You find Racism, sexism and bigotry gallore. The deaths millions of innocents are chronicled in page after page of this appalling book. There is no question that this book is repulsive. It has no place in a modern, civilized nation.

    We currently use the Bible throughout American society. We do that, in large part, because most Americans have never read the bible and have no idea how disgusting it is.

    We read from this book at weddings and funerals.
    We force people to put their hands on this book in court.
    We find copies of the Bible in nearly every hotel room in America.

    The Bible demands that we kill everyone who works on the Sabbath. The Bible commands us to kill teenagers who drink too much. The Bible empowers us to enslave people of other nations. The Bible commands that we oppress women and kill people who happen to be homosexual.

    A book this repulsive has no place in our society. It is time for the intelligent, thoughtful people of this nation to acknowledge this simple fact and act on it.

  201. I’m a Salvationist and there are a growing number of us that are completely agaisnt this irrorgent old way of thinking. Being a christian means spreading God’s love by loving and supporting all. In that doctrine about its reference in Romans about “putting to dealth” dosen’t mean physically, but on a spirtul level.

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  204. What a load of shite

  205. The salvation army is a big joke anyway! I was at a rough point in my life and turned to their organization for shelter. Some families came to the shelter around christmas and donated huge bags of clothing, toys, and other electronics and such to the residents of the shelter. Before giving the residents ANYTHING, the salvation army “soldiers” that worked at the shelter called in their co-workers and ransacked through the bags taking everything they wanted for themselves. Out of the 5 or so bags that were donated only one barely filled bag was left to give to the residents of the shelter. I have seen them do this with donations to their stores as well. I have NO respect or kindness in my heart for people like this and they just keep adding to distasteful things they do. I will NEVER donate ANYTHING to the salvation army thieves… There is NO justification for stealing from poor less fortunate people.

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  207. Misleading at its best.

    I am gayer than three dollar bill on designer drugs yet I would never publish lies like that.

    Does homophobia exist? Yes. This interview was from 2009, and the SA immediately condemned it.

    You think you’re advancing the cause yet you’re just another bitch who cried wolf.

    Look up REAL injustice, using fake ones disparages us more than any homophobe troll could do

    • Preach! This is my first time visiting TGV “News” and, if this poorly crafted and completely misleading story is any indication, it will be my last.

  208. Maybe I need to rethink the call I was going to make donations to. That’s so wrong on so many levels. Just wrong!

  209. Simply put , I am getting very tired of this argument against gays .. Time it ended and everyone move on with their lives , such wasted energy , love all if you equally

  210. This is what Romans 1:18-32 says. If you read from 28-32 it is a very accurate description of todays world. Homosexual behavior is blasphemy in the eyes of God(whether you like it or not). As you don’t have believe what we(Christians)believe, we definitely do not have to buy into your homosexual righteousness. It is wrong,,,,,and gross for that matter!! :)

    • ROMANS 1:18-32

      The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

      21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.

      24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

      26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

      28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

  211. K so…how does who i sleep with have a thing to do with charity or anything else? like i dont see the relation.. lol sex to charity? hmm? nope, lol i think the closet cases that are angry cuz they cant be who they want sitting there all day thinking about dirty stuff and the stuff they cant do are the typed of ppl behind this cuz really, whos thinking of what someone is doing behind closed doors in bed while being charitable? i mean.. ugh so sad!

  212. Ok who is giving you the right to say who should be put to death .It never fails that someone has to start something when it is not there concern.We use to give to salvation army well that just went bye the waste side and i will be telling the other freinds that we have that give to this place to no longer give your money here.Thats bad you will take there money and have no problem with that .Well as of a mother of a gay son let the person who has no sin cast the first stone

  213. “Your country of America was in charge of blowing up Hiroshima and Nagasaki! Whole cities vaporized in SECONDS! ”

    Pretty sure we didn’t just wake up one day and decide, HEY LET’S BOMB JAPAN”
    Ahem, Pearl Harbor

  214. The Bible does say that a man who lays with a man should be put to death, however it says the same thing about a woman who isn’t a virgin on her wedding day or children who disobey their parents. David did so many things against God’s command including loving a man yet he was still loved by God. We can’t pick and choose what we want to believe the Bible tells us. God loves us no matter who we are, what we have done or where we have been.

  215. Here’s a problem……for all the people saying they will not support the SA….did you ever think that many of the people they help could very well be PRO-GAY or at least supportive of gay issues? Remember the old phrase “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” By no longer contributing, are you SURE you know who you are really hurting? Think about it. Oh by the way…I’m a member of the LGBT community.

  216. The Salvation Army here in Portland Maine gave up a substantial amount of money in lieu of offering domestic partner benefits to their gay employees. You decide whatthey think of gay people.

  217. Presently, 6% of all philanthropic monies in the entire world goes towards advancing the militant gay agenda. Any group or individual who tries to go up against that is not going to win anything except a lights-out loss of their ability to earn a living. The gay mafia is a lot like the Nazi hunters; they will hunt you down and ruin you. While the Stonewall Riots were about police brutalizing gays, it’s no longer about that, it’s more about gays brutalizing anyone and everyone whom they have a mind to brutalize. At the end of this process, no one is better off, not even gays. The whole project of “getting even on the straights” is just another painful episode in the failed history of man’s inhumanity to man.

  218. This is disgusting.. Anyone who thinks anyone who should be out to death is finitely NO CHRISTIAN!! I will never put another dime in those red buckets!!! Be ashamed!!

  219. the salvation army is a joke they turned down a donation because he won the money in a lottery

  220. It’s really unfortunate that this article is still up, and has still not been corrected. It damages the credibility of the whole site.

  221. David Volz is misdirecting & only writing what he wanted people to see-to cause an uprising, a stir. “Let’s get more gay people mad at the “Christians!” Hence the offensive altered Salvation Army Signs. What David doesn’t want you to see are the facts-that he slandered an organization by choosing not to publish the full interview, followed up by an apology from Craibe. Bush league journalism Mr. Volz!

  222. Before calling for a boycott of Salvation Army, I believe people should first consider where the funds they collect go to. They don’t collect for their selfish purposes…the funds go to people who are in need. The company has their philosophies and principles, and we need to let them have that. The LGBTQs cannot and should not force themselves upon the company if supporting their cause completely goes against their principles. If the LGBTQs only want to support companies who embrace their cause, then that is their call. I think it would be inappropriate to call for a boycott of a company whose existence is to help other people.

    If one believes in Christ and immerses himself/herself in understanding the Word of God, they would believe that the Word is the infallible truth because it IS the truth. No matter how many times it has been translated and interpreted, they all point to the same thing: God’s Truth. God’s commands. God’s love. A Christian should spread the Word of God; the Holy Spirit does the convicting.

    “Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.” (Romans 1:32)

    When the day comes, each of us will make an account of what we have done on earth…not for others, but in the name of God. You may choose to believe in that as I do, or you may not. Just remember that in everything we think/say/do…ask yourself: How am I glorifying God?

  223. thats ok thats why i had lion dens installed out on the ranch so i can show the Christians the kind of love they show us homosexuals… as they say Eye for a Eye.

  224. No donations from this lady this year!!!!!

  225. I don’t know what the journalistic requirements are for TGV News, but I’m guessing the bar isn’t set very high. Why? Two reasons:
    1) Quotation marks should only surround words that are actually spoken. Not the speakers name.
    2) Using photoshopped images to support a story just shows that the story is absolutely not trustworthy. Regardless of whether or not the story is real, using a shopped photo alongside it tells readers “You probably shouldn’t trust us. We don’t know what we’re doing.”

  226. Don’t fool yourselves. The New Testament has plenty of anti-gay sentiment and laws. It is the book of Romans that declares that gays be put to death. JC was peaceful, but the religion he spawned was rewritten and no longer reflects his teachings.

  227. This is ridiculously taken. The man is referring to a passage of the Bible that says homosexuals will die in their sin….. As well as heterosexuals. That is what salvation is. Salvation is the grace that saves one from death. The scripture he is referring to points out that some people will not want God’s salvation. They will make up their own ideas about God and so, when they die, they will die. Whereas salvation refers to one simply passing through from this life to the next. The Salvation Army cares for 1000′s of homosexuals every year. Do you think you are helping gay people by trying to twist things so as to piss off the every people that are helping to cloth and feed people that are down and out, both hetero and homo. All because they agree with the Bible that says sin is a problem?

  228. Perhaps they should have read Romans Chapter 2 as well and heard the penalties for Man’s Judgement!

  229. oh my god says love thy neighbor he doesn’t specify

  230. Salvation Army is the Devil. They are spreading Hate..Shame on them.

  231. Well, it seems NOW we can just WALK ON BY AND SAY…NOT GIVING TO YOU, I AM PRO GAY! Eat that jerks. If you were happy with YOUR OWN SEX LIVES…you’d not be so damned nosy into Others’ now would you? SICK bout you MIND YOUR OWN SEXUAL BUSINESS AND STOP SEEKING TO HEAR WHAT SCARES YOU? All who hate on gays, are either A: in the closet gays who KNOW they will not have family or friends if they are HONEST so they use lies and hate to cover it up..or B: Unhappy about how horrible their sex life is so they want details on others’ sex lives…sounds a bit NOSY AND INTRUSIVE TO ME!

    And I USED TO GIVE to the Salvation Army. NOT ANYMORE!

  232. If the Salvation Army has a tax exempt status it’s time to take it away from them. In fact, it’s time to take away tax exempt status from all religious organizations since the are all political these days.

  233. I am totally disgusted with the S/A. I volunteered there for a while and have given thousands of dollars worth of things to them. Being a transman and finally accepting myself at 52 years of age after this kind of fundamental upbringing has really had me upset.

    I will never step foot in their store again or give my dollars to them.

    If there is a Jesus, I’m sure he is pissed too about their hate policy.

  234. PLEASE PEOPLE STOP BELIEVING EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON THE INTERNET IS TRUE… goto to verify if something is TRUE or FALSE. What Salvation Army says is not what this article is telling us at all!! Honestly think people enjoy arguing about touchy subjects.. Guess no one wants to just live peacefully People need to grow a brain and freaking use it! Be smart people

    • “Stop believing everything you read on the internet! Instead, go to this website I agree with and believe everything posted there uncritically!”

      Anybody else see a problem there?

      Look, I agree with you that people should exercise critical thought in the face of sensational information, and I also agree that Snopes is generally a well-researched and trustworthy source, but your delivery needs work.

      Additionally, though the Snopes article in question does point out that this particular instance has been exaggerated or taken out of context, it does nothing to address the SA’s longstanding policy of discrimination against homosexuals (as evidenced by numerous political actions in support of anti-gay legislation). Regardless of the somewhat “yellow” journalism on the subject, the fact remains that this organization has made its stance on homosexuality very clear. I have considered the matter, and found that for me personally, this issue is severe enough to warrant a boycott of the SA. I encourage you all to give the matter due consideration and come to your own opinions.

  235. Who cares if they like gays or not??? They still help people in need. Boycotting them is the dumbest idea you morons could come up with. Cut off help to EVERYONE because you dont agree with their beliefs. Way to go people, you fucking morons.

    • So do many other organizations. This article is just bringing awareness so people who believe in equality can donate elsewhere.

  236. Why not discover the US, someone has already discovered his ASS!

  237. It’s very frustrating when people call themselves Christians while at the same time reflecting the exact opposite of what Christ stands for. I am a Christian, and I want to rebuke what is being taught by very ignorant people. Please let me clarify something–yes homosexuality is a sin, but so is stealing, lying, murder, coveting, vanity, jealousy, wrath, lust, etc. Jesus hates the SIN, not the SINNER! And we have ALL been guilty of sin at one time or another. God loves ALL of us and wishes that none would perish. His wish is for all of us to repent and walk uprightly, but out of love He gave us a choice whether we wanted to walk with Him or go our own way. If people are choosing to continue sinning, that is their choice! And as Christians it is not our job to condemn them! We are called to LOVE them! The bible is clear on this.

  238. This is bullshit!!!!!!! I am so sick and tired of all these stupid ass people singled out gays,they are so stupid.. What gives them the right to tell gays they can’t shop there??? My mom is gay… And i love her with all my heart… Those people who say gays can’t shop there they need to be put to death..

  239. Thank god I am a athiest

  240. Whether he is gay or not, any organization that puts murder (against the 10 commandments)in their religion is barbaric. I hate organized religion, there is more evil, and corruption because of organized religion than any other faction of people. Do not support Salvation Army this year, I will never again.

  241. David, you are so bias! You misquoted the Bible and inserted your own interpretation to make the Salvation Army look worst than it is. You should be a shame of yourself! You are such a bias journalist!

  242. Well we all better start killing mentally challenged people too and anyone else that was born with a mindset that differs from your Christian beliefs. This is why I don’t choose to be religious. This kinda shit makes me sick.

  243. I belive christians are such hypocrits and so are Catholics…I bet anything there christians so call pastors that are gay but they dknt admit it do to what other people would say …….my point is I dont belive in god sure if he excisted years ago I understand that but he is no longer t here anymore and he is not l going to tell anybody what to do in there personal life. Im not gay but if I was I wouldnt give a fuck what other people would say

  244. Done giving money to this pathetic organization. I will spread the word so others are also aware of these simple minded idiots!

  245. Another article to Slander a Church/organization that actually does good.

    The author must have taken a break from Listening to his Morrissey albums.

  246. You have got to be kidding me right? What ever happened to love thy neighbor as thy love thyself….or all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god… all sins are created equal in the eyes of god…. or take the plank out of your eye before thy judge thy neighbor. Oh, and one of my favorites … thou shall not kill…. last time I checked the salvation army didn’t hang on that cross for my sins so where do they get off judging my friends and I for loving who we do…. last time I checked love comes from god and hate comes from the devil…. so does that mean that the that your following satin now? Sucks when people just throw words and make judgements around like they are better then anyone else…I love the fact that a murderer can be forgive by god but a a gay couple can’t … or a liar… or a rapist…. or a child molester can be …. but 2 people in love can’t be help by the good christian people BC of who they love…. way to be hypocrites…. If Jesus can forgive the murder next to him on the bible … then the salvation army needs to get over themselves….

  247. This is a place of acceptance. Not a place of repentance. So save your breathe,You homophobic shithead.

  248. Well they forgot about how the bible states it’s a sin to wear garments aka clothes woven of two threads aka different materials which in every photo its shows them wearing normal everyday clothes which are made of two different types of threads and also that if a woman is divorced she should be stoned and killed
    But the bible actually preaches love and I quote “love thy neighbor “and also states no sin is greater then another sin so maybe they should reread the bible understand the meaning of it before condemning other people to hell because the only one that can truly judge people for their sins is god

  249. WTF!!!
    You are fucking idiots! I rather be with gays than stupid fucks like you. Stupid idiots like you need to be put to death. People like you are the reason this world is screwed!

  250. Based on a quick search for a broader spectrum of sources, it seems this article distorts the truth. It makes sense that the author of this article is upset by the SA’s position, and it is the natural human reaction to feel defensive and fight back. But to introduce distortion in the process weakens the argument against the offending organization. If the SA is truly as bad as you think, why not just tell the plain, unfiltered truth, and let it speak for itself?

  251. When is it going to stop being an “eye for an eye”? Is the statement that gay parents must die absolutely absurd? Well of course. Any sane person can knows that. But “if you don’t support us we don’t support you” doesn’t exactly strike me as productive. Attack the leadership at the Salvation Army for their archaic belief structure. But withholding your spare change that might go to help a family in need? Come on. That’s not winning. That’s stooping. Instead, why don’t people face adversaries and say “I will be a better person than you.” Maybe give that a try.

    • The difference here is that there are a great number of alternative options when it comes to charities to support. I would much rather give my money to one that I feel confident will not use a single cent of my money to promote a hateful, discriminatory political agenda, regardless of how much other good work they might do. Just because I choose not to support a group who’s basic ideology is in direct conflict with my own does not mean that I’m against charity. If anything, I feel it is responsible of me as a giver to ensure that the money I give to charity is being used in a way that I approve of.

    • It’s really more of a case of “you discriminate against us, so we’re not going to support you,” is what I’m trying to say.

  252. I recently found out about the Salvation Army & the goodwill I NO longer support either one of theseso called charities I now donate strictly to the women’s battered shelters and directly to the Open Door Mission it’s unfortunate and a shame that so many people are going to suffer now because these donations will not be coming inbecause of some clothes minded people I may not agree with it but it is not my business to judge only god can judge

  253. The communications and public relations secretary stated that they would continue to help EVERYONE in need. They don’t have to agree with your lifestyle but they do have to continue to be charitable to anyone who asks which is exactly what he said they would do. Whatever their opinion of your lifestyle is doesn’t matter. Their job is to help the needy and that’s what they do. If you are needy and gay they would help, which is all that should be expected. Just because they aren’t shouting from the roof tops that they support gays and lesbians is irrelevant. They aren’t making a profit. They are using what money is donated to help the needy. If you are gay or lesbian and you let your personal feelings get in the way of helping the needy then that’s your own personal problem.

  254. You should be ashamed of yourself. This is an out and out lie. I KNOW the Salvation Army and while they may not agree with homosexual marriage or homosexual marriage, they would NEVER advocate violence against anyone who participated in such a lifestyle. This article does NOTHING to advance a civil discourse and you should be ASHAMED of yourself.

  255. Out of touch army

    You know, it is awful that we have to be represented by these “officers” of the Army. As a long-time employee of a Salvation Army family shelter, I can attest to the fact that many of the Army’s beliefs are shortsighted and old fashioned. Most of their hands on social service programs are actually publicly funded, though, so as is in the case at the shelter I work within, we accept (and dedicatedly work with by our own accord) ALL family configurations and all all individuals within each family, regardless of race, sexual orientation, religious belief, or gender identification. There are some dedicated social service employees within the Army who work for programs that the Army barely recognizes. If you want your donations to go directly to assistance for families, instead of the endless beauracracy of The Salvation Army, seek out one of their shelters or transitional housing programs directly and send your donations in their directio. The Army is more interested in spending money on publicity these days (i.e. natural disasters) than the direct human service it has prided itself on in the past.

  256. Seriously??? And you claim to be Christians?? Perhaps you need to re-read the Holy Bible. In Matthew 22 Jesus addresses the Pharisees and makes it very simple and to understand how Christians should live. He said “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.” Hmmm…I don’t think your idea of murder and killing others is what Jesus was teaching. I believe your organization has become a very disturbed and confused “cult”. Please don’t call yourselves Christians because clearly you are not.

  257. Wow. This article has a serious slant. The same passage of scripture includes gossipers and people who don’t obey their parents who deserve death. Basics of Christianity: we all deserve death. God doesn’t want to leave anyone in that state so he sent Jesus to die in everyone’s place. No Christian should believe we should be killing because the Bible says certain actions deserve death, since there is grace for all. As for homosexuality, the stories of sexual perversion is very extreme in the Bible. Something we don’t see today. Like all the men in the towns wanting to rape vulnerable men. Christians need to be very careful how they treat people who practice homosexuality since extreme (terrible bullying) ideas in the years have been so harmful. The question is: no one expects the Salvation Army to give money to promote homosexuality since it’s not relevant to their cause. But if there was a hungry homeless person who is gay, would they clothe them, feed them and give them a place to live? The answer should, and probably is, yes. This article missed the point, and was searching for a way to hate Christians. Again, Christians maybe have been asking for it over the years.

  258. welptheregoestheneighbourhood

    Of course, the gay journalist writes about the gays.

    I have nothing against gays, but damn dude – dig for more attention.

    • …it’s a gay journalist writing for a site called “The Gay Voice”. What did you think it was going to be about, monster trucks? I don’t really thing that writing about a gay rights concern on a gay-issues-oriented website constitutes “digging for attention”.

  259. I agree with what was said about Jesus coming back to earth (he didn’t have to) to save us from sin, I wish he would also have eradicated all imbeciles and morons that have all but hate in their hearts.

  260. Let the person without sin throw the first stone!


  261. the salvation army do immeasurable good deeds in the community and would not discriminate at the working level, or even ask for a persons sexuality,,, this is just politics

  262. God said hate the sin love the sinner! Not to hurt but to love. Shame on you Salvation Army shame.

  263. Shame on you people for being so gullible. This crap spreading will cost people the charity they need. If you spent any time volunteering with the Sally Ann you’d know its mostly unpaid or low paid people giving back to people without fanfare or recognition.

  264. I think it’s important to note that the reference in this post to Romans 1 has been taken out of context. “Deserving of Death” refers to the state that all sinners, regardless of the type of sin, are deserving of eternal death, which is what St. Paul is referring to.

    If you are a human being, you are a sinner, and thus deserving of death. This includes Christians. The Bible says that “ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23). He also says “But the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.”

    While the choice to follow Jesus, and to submit your life to His authority, regardless of what you feel, is a difficult one, it is the only way to have any semblance of true peace in your heart.

    As a Christian, I will be the first to admit that the rep from the Salvation Army obviously did not approach this the right way, and on behalf of the Church, I’m sorry.

    I also think that this writer, with an obviously slanted view of things (this is a gay site after all), focused on the misappropriation of scripture and interpreted it as Paul calling for people engaged in a homosexual lifestyle to be put to death, which is not the intent of that scripture at all.

    I can only hope and pray that the Church continues to show love and compassion to the gay community, as we work toward bringing God’s grace, forgiveness and love to the entire world.

  265. Nice propaganda piece with some sweet photoshopped images.

  266. Well when I walk right past them in and out of the store they are standing in front of with that stupid bell and roll my eyes at them in disgust for BEGGING for money to help only select people based on sexuality they will know the mistakes they are making by not loving all of GOD’s children rather then who they choose to help. Sorry Salvation Army you treat people unequally and like shit my donations will be going to ASPCA this year.

  267. Homosexuality is a sin. Pure and simple. It says right in the old testamanet man shall not lie with man as with woman. It’s an abmonination in God’s eyes and should be in every God fearing Christian. I strongly believe that they’re all going in to hell unless they repent and recieve Christ as their Lord and Savior. That’s in the bible also. And what are these “parents” teaching their children that being allowed to corupt? That it’s okay to live in sin and promiscuity? All I can say is our nation that was founded on Christian Beliefs isn’t very Christian any more and I find that sad.

    • For all those cherrypickers who feel that (based on Leviticus 18:22), homosexuality is a sin, I would like to direct your attention to the following.,_But_You_Do_Anyway

      Seems to me like it doesn’t make a ton of sense to unconditionally accept that homosexuality is a sin while ignoring all the other sins given equal standing in the same damn book. But then, religion as a concept doesn’t make a ton of sense to me.

      I just don’t understand why anybody feels like they have the right to force their subjective moral views on anyone.

    • I saw the story on the Salvation Army on my Facebook this morning and was probably as appalled as anyone else. I cannot quote the bible chapter and verse, so please forgive me if what I am about to quote is not word for word – When God handed down the ten commandments, he also gave an 11th commandment. So quickly all you bible people run get your bibles and follow along. God said” and this is the (my) greatest commandment of all Love one another as I have loved you. He never said except the gays, at least not that I recall, and I have come to believe that all people are God’s children, some harder to love or even like than others, but his charge to us is to love everyone. Judgement is his and his alone. So instead of hating gay people, why not reach out and get to know someone, even just a little and you may be surprised they’re just the same of many of us, they believe in Family values, want families of their own, and the right to support those families in the same way most of the rest of us do. Please think about this, it comes from a place of love.

  268. This is so not true, please don’t keep reposting such untruthful things

  269. I may be Christian but I believe that you don’t choose to be gay. Who would choose that with the church and bigots being as they are already and for the Salvation Army to sit there judging and choosing while they beg is just pitiful. Beggars can’t be choosers and I don’t understand hating people because whether or not you like their sexual orientation. it is not your damn business. They are still human. Remember that we are all human and you Christian bigots treating them like crap and outcasts are horrible Christians. That is a fact that you can ignore. the Ten Commandments still fucking applys does it not? Also there is no mass gay agenda, just equality. I don’t get how people don’t get that.

  270. This is such a lie. The Salvation Army would never, ever preach this. I can’t even believe someone wrote this.

    • Do you have any actual evidence to sport that claim, or are you just making a broad generalization based on your personal politics?

  271. i found something that conflicts a bit with this story. may have already been posted i’m sure as heck not digging through all these reply’s!

  272. Salvation Army, you’re all fucked up!!!

  273. The sooner religion dies out the better. It’s pretty messed up and has people say and do ridiculous things. It once served a purpose but we have outgrown it. People need to accept there is no god and enjoy their life! :)

    (waiting to be smighted down…. smited? smote? ah whatever XD)

  274. hello little sheeps!
    All who are raging that you won’t donate any longer please check with your local group and see what that chapters views are. Yes their corporate office and stuff are awful, but that doesn’t mean your local one is. Check with them, flat out ask “hey are you psycho and condemn the LGBTQ?” DO NOT CONDEMN YOUR LOCAL CHAPTER UNTIL YOU KNOW. damn sheep….

  275. A lot of my friends are gays and showing that the salvation army ‘supposed’ Christians that say they follow some book that we don’t even know frankly if its real or not, that’s like saying star wars is real or maybe next time we should all say that Lord of the rings exists here on Earth. So if the salvation army is going to go on about gays and if any of those dumbasses that believe gays should be put to death are out there, then you best just forget it because you defiantly are no Christian, you worship the bible not the Christ. You worship a book, an idol, you think whatever that book says is true well guess what it isn’t and frankly if it was then hell with it. We see things going on around Earth all the time that are in the book but guess what, in the end those things are going to happen anyways its no big surprise at all. There are going to be floods, volcanos are going to erupt hell the eclipse will happen but that doesn’t mean anything and for all we know that book could’ve just been written by some loon back in the olden days, how about we say the Mormon bible is real or how about catholics or even Satanists or whatever which way you look at it its all a bunch of pages in a book. Hell I could write you all a book right now and do you think that it’ll be real? Maybe you can all worship the book I write but that doesn’t mean your worshipping the writer of the book? So what if people are gay, god created them and aren’t we made in gods image? Are we not made in his image? Well if we are then god must be a little gay too dontcha think? If were made in his image then he made the gays too cuz frankly satan don’t go making people at all and for those of you who think that gays were made by something different then you can go shove it and hope that when judgement day does come that you can explain to god why you think gays should die. So salvation army this ones for you, you guys SUCK IT, and GET THE HELL OUT OF MISSOULA WE DONT WANT YOU!

  276. This is for all those linking to the Snopes article on this subject. Speaking as someone who has actually read the Snopes article, I disagree with the viewpoint that Snopes has “debuked” this story. See, I’m not saying that everyone involved in TSA is a rampaging hate-monger (quite the opposite; I strongly suspect that the majority of their volunteers are good, kind, well-meaning people). However, A) people fitting that description are clearly present in the upper levels of the organization; B) The organization itself has a long history of political activism in support of anti-gay causes; and C) their stated ideology is that homosexuality is sinful and will be punished by god, something that conflicts directly with my own views.

    I’m not denying that they do good things, however there are plenty of organizations out there that do the same without basing their mission on subjective and discriminatory moral opinions. I don’t care how much good they do, I’ll be giving my charity dollars to someone I can trust to not judge me or my lifestyle according to their outdated and hateful beliefs, or to use my money to support said beliefs. I’d also like to point out that by giving money to an organization that actively campaigns against gay rights, you are directly financing continuing social inequality. It’s everyone’s choice to make for themselves obviously, but for my part it’s not something I’m okay with.

  277. u know what i take offense to this. i am christian. and this is ridiculous. god says to reach out to people who are lost and surround them with love. show them the same love he shows you. not condemn killing. are you stupid. wow. not going here any more or donating.

  278. This story is not correct. Read the interview yourself. Why do people twist the truth in order to incite animosity for the advancement of their cause? It’s horrible. This twisted article of twisted deceit makes my stomach turn. This is shameful.

  279. I support my local rescue mission. They cater to all people in need of a hot meal and a bed for the night.

  280. They will take their money, but they won’t support them. Wow. Fuck Salvation Army and everything it stands for.

  281. Can we please fix the distorted picture?

  282. That isn’t right i will no longer be donating to the salvation army i will donate else where, where discrimination isn’t used!!! You guys are sick so -me people cant help they were just born in the wrong body. i for one have read the bible and just so happen to be Christian and go to church almost every day and god says to love everybody equally so maybe u “Christians” should try reading it. Cant believe i gave u people money makes me sick!!!

  283. I will never give money to u all again! !!!!!

  284. Because this is a second hand story and i don’t know all the facts, i will just comment on the woman in the interview right now. I am Irish catholic
    and although i do believe in god, besides special occasions i do not go to church or practice my religion. I am baptized, confirmed, and attended CCD growing up. It is people like this that make me stray from it. The “bible” was written in different times, the world has changed and whatever it may say…Any right minded person would not think that “god” or what the bible stands for or is all about would think putting someone to death or even not accepting someone for what or who they are is acceptable. The bible also says that we are given free will…so doesnt that mean we choose our own path by making our own choices? The only weird or “different” people are these religious fanatics who are so busy trying to push their beliefs on others and change the way other people live, and spend so much time angry and filled with hate for things that they dont like, makes me question how THEY are living the way of the bible…doesnt seem peaceful, loving, forgiving, ect.. to me.

  285. I wonder what passes as hate these days.

    The Salvation Army says they are opposed to homosexual behavior AND opposed to the mistreatment of homosexual persons. their statement says their services are open to all people. (their worship services apparently are not open to all persons, including me.)

    On the other hand

    TGVN posts false and invidious pictures attached to an equally libelous story about Salvation Army’s public, rabid homophobia.

    and you all are hating on Salvation Army?

    • It’s all easy for them to *say* that they’re opposed to the mistreatment of homosexuals or that all are welcome to use their services, but their actions as an institution over the last 25 years tell a different story altogether.

  286. That is the last thing I give to
    that organization

  287. It is now approaching that time of the year when people dig deep into their pockets to support those less fortunate. So this year I am reposting this article to my Facebook and Twitter accounts in hope of Spreading the Word that this Group is now unofficially a HATE group in my book. I will NEVER give them another Penny!!!


  288. How terrible that people can be so single minded but that’s the way it is now a days. Very sad. How can you judge people by who they love?? People that hate in any matter should be punished themselves, just my opinion. People should quit worrying about why and who they choose to love and focus on their own stupid idiot thoughts on who should live or die because of who they choose to love. Idiots.

  289. This is stupid, they should not say that The entirety of the salvation armydislikes and rejects gays,, i work at the salvationarmy shelter halfwayhouse and there are people residing who ARE LGTB and they are welcomed just as anyone else would be. THe so called christians that reject. the lgtb persons are not christians at all and will answer to God on judgement day..

  290. The Salvation army did not say gays should die…. They believe in God’s word and His word says that… they are simply quoting scripture…This has become very tangled…. read it for yourself in context and understand Gays are not the only ones He said this about…. there is so much more…. This particular verse is in Leviticus 20

  291. I hope the gay community and other such people don’t believe that this is truly the belief of Christians. Christians are supposed to follow Jesus’ example, and what did HE do? He dined with sinners! He hung out with them, and taught them in a loving way, what they were doing wrong, by showing them what WAS right! Berating, belittling, and wishing death upon anyone was NOT the way of Jesus! He was all about love, if you were a sinner of ANY sort (fun fact, EVERYONE is a sinner) he loved and died for you, if you are willing to accept him as your savior. That’s all there is to it. We all have fallen short of the glory of God, but through Jesus alone, we are saved.

  292. I hate feeling unsafe shopping at their thrift stores. I’m a big into vintage and collectables and sadly avoid their shops :(

  293. well then the next time I see a salvation army member outside Wal-Mart i’ll make sure not to give them my change. they’ll be expecting a big middle finger and a big smile on my face. fuck you salvation army!

  294. The Gospel according to
    St. Matthew

    Judging Others
    Lk. 6.3738, 4142
    1  Judge not, that ye be not judged.
    2  For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Mk. 4.24
    3  And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
    4  Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
    5  Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.
    6  ¶ Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you. ( this is all I need to say to that. Before one speaks of doctrine they should know it them selves. )

  295. People, remember, there are all kinds of people out there, and A LOT of opinions out there. These salvation army fucks are a cist on the body of Christ. This report pisses me off, because one big claus those FUCKS are over looking, is the section where they talk about freewill, and to wish death upon ANYONE due to a difference in opinion, is ANYTHING but Christian. I AM a Christian, and I have family members that are gay parents, and I love them no less. NO ONE ever got hated into the kingdom of God!
    If people are bigoted, they will seek justify there hatred anyway they can, even if it discredits there faith.

  296. This both disgusts me and slightly amuses me. My ex volunteered for the Salvation Army for 10 yrs. They were well aware he was gay, but they weren’t too proud to steal 6-8 hours of his day 5 days a week for his help. The Salvation Army always sets up at Christmas at the front of the store I work at. I will be doing a little more research into this, and doing everything I can to make sure they are no longer allowed to solicit, not only in my store, but the entire chain.

  297. this article is Misrepresenting the Salvation Army in a huge way it has no basis in fact nor does it have any credible references nor have any proof of statement of the Salvation Army any officer involved the pictures are photoshopped and you should be ashamed for running this…it seems to be written by a very bitter person

  298. Ignorance I guess can be awfully humorous. The Salvation Army is a Church that has a Charity. The same way most all Baptist churches would tell you that homosexually is a sin and that you should “heal” your self and repent is not really all that different than what the salvation army is saying. BECAUSE THEY ARE A CHURCH. that happens to have a successful charity.

    David your are a dumbass.

    I am gay as well but I understand most all of the uniform church ideals that go against my sexuality.
    I don’t go around publishing articles about how they are wrong the same way they don’t publish articles about how I am wrong and should be condemned to death.


  299. With all due respect, please do your research before you write articles.

    Quote “For more than 130 years, The Salvation Army has had the privilege of serving vulnerable people in over 400 communities across Canada. Last year, we helped over 1.8 million people. We assisted people from the LGBTQ community and will continue to do so. And we employ individuals from the LGBTQ community as well.”

    just sayin’

  300. Wow, that is horrible. I know where not to give my money. They should be more worried about rapists, child molesters, etc.

  301. This angers me very much because I shop at the Salvation Army every once in a while and I always thought that the men that worked at the Salvation Army had an attitude problem and now I know why that might have been the case I was going to donate to the Salvation Army some clothing today and now I might not do that I might donate somewhere else today thank you for the insight and I will no longer be dropping coins and money into the red buckets at the Salvation Army in front of Kroger or anywhere else for that matter until they support my lifestyle I will not support them

  302. So sad. This whole thread. It’s not about religion, it’s about relationship. What is most wrong with this country is that everyone stereotypes and lumps people into the same categories. I am a Christian with a close relationship with the Lord. I grew up going to the Salvation Army and still attend. It is a Church… They happen to do Charity work as well. All of you that are lumping us all in as evil are part of the problem. So very sad.

  303. According to that same scripture, women who wear pants and cut their hair, should also die.

  304. My partner n I have always given to salvation army. But never again..Jesus lo es and created us ALL. Not just homophobes. Better read the part about who is allowed to judge. We do not break the ten commandments..but I bet most of these idiots do

  305. I am gay and I don’t really care if anyone thinks that is wrong. I know in my heart and soul that I am fine and completely normal. I am also mildly poor and I don’t mind supporting the salvation army because they do help me and my friends out a lot. I don’t know if any of this is true and honestly I don’t care. Life is about making do with what you can; not turning puddles into oceans. Love to all.

  306. If they believe homosexuals should be put to death, then those that commit adultery, divorce and fornicate should be put to death if they are aligning themselves with the bible. Religion dividing cultures/people – its a sad thing folks. Stop hiding behind your religion and get with the real program called life.

  307. Well you must not be a child of God if that’s your belief! My son is gay and I have alit of gay friends and these are true to themselves and do not slander! Slander is against everything in bible! So this year and from every year on I will no longer DONATE TO SALVATION ARMY AND I WILL ENCOURAGE EVERY ONE I KNOW TO THE SAME! I WORK WITH PUBLIC SO I SEE ALOT IF PEOPLE! You need to be on your knees praying for your soul to be kind and not wish death on Anyone!!!

    • This is not true. Its completely altered and taken out of context. And pictures r all photoshopped. .. propaganda at its best right here….

  308. Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army! Do NOT donate to the Salvation Army!

    • I agree with Steve, DO NOT DONATE to the Salvation Army! I repeat, Do Not Donate to the Salvation Army. What kind of CHristian thinking is that? I didn’t know they were about hate. Well, now I know.

  309. this controversy in based on a good deal of interpretation rather than literal explanation. The Salvation Army’s Handbook of Doctrine does not specifically condemn homosexuals and call for them to be put to death; rather, the Handbook of Doctrine includes some passages citing a portion of the Bible (Romans 1:18-32) that some sources interpret as including those concepts. But interpretations of the referenced portion of Romans vary widely, with various theologians and writers arguing that it condemns anything from homosexuality to child sexual abuse to all non-procreative sex. 

    And finally I hope you all do realize all of those “posters” being shown here are all very photoshopped… talk about propaganda. Lmao.


  311. Salvation Army is never receiving anymore donations from me.

  312. As a Unitarian Universalist, this is completely the opposite of our beliefs.
    We have ordained LGBT humans for
    Over 40 years. And anyone who has
    studied the history of the Bible, knows
    That it is NOT the “be-all” book (Use of it in our faith is almost non-existent). My
    faith believes in the inherent worth of EVERY person! This is the reason I’ve
    refused to support the Boy Scouts for
    Additionally, I always have interpreted Jesus’s teachings to be “love”. Many
    Christians though, use it to show that their better than others (divisovness)
    But then again, I’m not a Christian!

  313. I’d like to hear both sides of the story… This sounds like bull shit to me.

  314. Cheryel Lemley-McRoy

    That’s what the English translations say. But the original Hebrew says something entirely different. Someone there needs to study Biblical Hebrew.

  315. I would always put a dollar in your jar every time in walked I to a store, well not anymore! You “Christians” deserve a slap!…with the bible.

  316. Me_chriatian&proud

    One person reflecting a view wrongly but why tarnish all Salvation Army the same? That’s ignorant too. The charity and church do good things and support communities of people regardless of sexuality or ethnicity but as Christians hold certain views on marriage etc – et over it, all entitled to a view. U wouldn’t slate a Muslim for disagreeing with gay marriage and they accept it less than the church!

  317. I’m really horrified. Their comments are nothing but evil and I can’t believe they don’t see this. Perhaps they would like to also make black people slaves again as that was also ok according to the bible, along with a multitude of other barbaric acts written by rather primative men 2000 years ago.
    I have donated in the past but certainly will NOT be donating again !
    Some of these so called ‘Christian’ organisations need to be legislated against (and some taxed) so they can’t spread their message of hate. This is pure discrimination and bigotry and has no place in 2013.

  318. I do believe in God but if u read the Bible there a lot of hate towards mankind killing as such. We must remember this bible was written by men years ago. Not necessary the accurate writings of god. The Salvation Army is promoting hate so stop giving to them. There r lots of organizations u can give to for the good of all mankind. Shame on these ppl for their ignorance!

  319. The Bible is not only homophobic, it’s racist, and sexist. I don’t think those are qualities of God but of man. God feels no such nonsense of His own creations. Some of the Bible may be God inspired but it was nevertheless physically written by man and unless you’re suggesting man is infallible we must take suspect scriptures and subject them to scrutiny as well as evaluate their validity. There are a lot of outdated rules written by man that we do not and should not take literally, otherwise people would be going around murdering adulterers, non-virgins on their wedding day, and those who get round haircuts and tattoos.

  320. I consider myself a Christian in process. I still have a long way to go before I am any where near what is expected of me. My thoughts on this issue are thus:
    We are commanded as Christians to follow Jesus lead. We are commanded to love everyone. INCLUDING sinners….AND according to Christ, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

    Yes and there is, “Judge not lest ye be judged.”
    AS FOR SIN: Which one is the worse sin:
    Hitler’s murderess reign, cheating on your spouse, speeding, cheating on your taxes, stealing or permanently borrowing something, being gay or lesbian, committing sodomy, rape, or molesting children???
    The correct response is: ALL SIN IS THE SAME IN THE EYES OF GOD!
    Since we are instructed to follow the laws of the land then we are sinning if we break the law by speeding.
    Thank you for reading and considering this.

    • Cheryel Lemley-McRoy

      You’re right about sin. Except that in the original Biblical Hebrew homosexuality is not a sin; pagan sex rituals and worship is.

  321. I can’t wait until I see the next asshole outside ringing that bell with Theron little punk ass red bucket!!!

  322. Don’t let this clown get you all flustered. He’s trolling you all. Any shitty photoshopper could do that job in about 5 minutes. And make a bullshit local news affliate FB page. Like the national media would have missed this record setting ratings monster.

  323. Well well to all you people out there who work for the salvation army and call your selfs christians. I hope all of you who says that gays should burn in hell… yall will BURN IN HELL… I will never ever give a nother dollar out my pocket for your sorry ass little red bucket. Ill take my money and put it to people who support the gay community… yall are no christians at all. I describe one word for you type of people…. DEVILS…

  324. Well, how can you guys live with your self. Saying things like that is not the christen way. Dosent the bible say treat others the way you would like to be treated. Dosent the bible say that you should respect others and not judge. The bible was written a very long time ago and back then I’m sure being gay wasn’t very common. Now we are in the 21st centery and I’m sure god is more accepting. We are all his childern now matter what sex we chose to love or what life style they chose. So maybe you should respect everyone around you and not judge. Have some respect.


    I’m not a Salvation Army expert, but based on their website, I don’t think this article portrays a correct view of what The Salvation Army believes.

    Too bad this article puts a negative view on a positive organization.

  326. Here comes the gay butthurt

  327. I hope they are following that doctrine for everything in the bible, i.e. marrying outside your race, working on the sabbath, etc. Oh wait, they don’t choose to obey ALL the biblical laws. Funny, I didn’t think Jesus only spent time with the faithful. Guess they follow a different bible.

  328. I see nothing wrong with this. We don’t need queers raising and corrupting our youth. They’ve messed up our country enough. If dying is what it takes to purify society again, then I agree with killing them all.

  329. I was dumbfounded on reading this. Never knew the SA had such a policy that puts them on a par with the pretend Christians of Westboro Baptist Church. How shocking.

  330. This article makes me sad and the SA will not be getting any of my money. The article is also very lacking in one area. While they say don’t don’t don’t give to the SA they give no alternative to an inclusive easy recognizable charity to give to during the holiday season. If anybody knows some please click the reply button. Thanks!

  331. The salvation army is gay.


    I hope the LGBTQ community doesn’t start protesting or stop supporting salvation army bc of this. If they continue to donate to them it shows that they are rising above their insults and focusing on the important issue, helping the needy. I could understand if it was a retail store or a profitable business and they wanted to protest them. It makes the LGBTQ community look loving and compassionate and selfless if they say ‘i don’t appreciate you judging me but I’m here to support the less fortunate despite what you think of me’.

  333. A person’s sexuality and choices do not belong in a public forum nor should they be up for public discussion. People want to say what the bible says you can and can not do. But Thou shall not judge, to my knowledge, is still in the bible as well. We can not force our beliefs upon anyone, no matter who or what beliefs they may be. And if you REALLY want to pull out the Christian card, then you should be praying for people to find happiness and salvation in their lives, not for them to die and go to hell.

  334. Are you kidding me?? Ignorant, awful….

  335. I have a hard time believing this article is true. The Salvation army does help LGBT’s in every way they help anyone else. I’ve worked with the Salvation Army for a long time and we have to constantly keep mending relationships with the gay community because of stories like this. Love is the number one doctrine of true followers of Christ. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:37

  336. This is BS….I don’t believe this at all. This sounds pretty fake…made up to try try to trash Christians. That sign above between the 2 ladies which says no gays allowed….that has photoshop written all over it

  337. Jesus Christ was not a conservative, a liberal, or a politician. He was also not a capitalist or a socialist. Still, you can say this: Jesus drew sharp lines about what’s right and wrong, he wasn’t tolerant of what the Bible categorizes as sinful behavior, and there’s absolutely no question that he would adamantly oppose abortion and gay marriage.

    • Cheryel Lemley-McRoy

      Jason, there is a question about what Jesus would say about abortion or being gay because the Biblical Hebrew is so very different from your English Bible. Nowhere in the original language are homosexual relationships forbidden; only pagan ritualistic sex worship. In Biblical times gays were called born eunuchs. And the only time they are mentioned is by Jesus in Matthew. Please study Biblical Hebrew before making judgements.

  338. I believe that the Salvation Army should stop judging others and try and help the community. Instead of helping people they are worried about who is sucking who and who is licking what. It’s really sad! Andrew Craibe needs Jesus in his life. It’s ok he will burn in hell with us queers as he calls us! People like Andrew are afraid because deep down he craves a BBC! I will pray for your heartless ass and hope to see you in hell!

  339. great. I just dumped a bunch of clothes in their collection bins. I wish I could retrieve them. I thought they were going to people in need, but I guess if you’re gay and in need, you get to freeze to death. Sheesh.

  340. This is an outrage! Everyone is equal. I will never donate another cent to the salvation army nor will i walk into a store! hope they dont ask me for money when standing outside of walmart either! All they will get is a piece of my mind!!! I will make sure i tell people just how christian the salvation army is.

  341. Shame on you Salvation Army

  342. Ya well meditate on this SA…”he who has not sinned should caste the first stone.” I do believe none of you are perfect…in that case you all deserve to die. God says hate the sin, love the sinner. Apparently you must not know your scripture very well and apparently teaching fallacies is part of your doctrine which makes you a lier which in turn makes you a sinner.

  343. This goes against charitable aims and objectives of equality and diversity and if they have charitable status need to be reported

  344. Well fuck the Salvation Army. I’m so done with them. They can go f**k themselves.

  345. I’m at a loss right now. I grew up going to and following the beliefs of the SVA. Never have I heard the church bash or talk negatively about lgbtq. Who ever did this article before you actually go and destroy the reputation of one of the most respected churches you should get out there and visit and talk with the different locations not all SVA officers or members share this belief.

  346. What I don’t get is how these so-called Christians can just throw away part of the gospel, wherein Jesus actually SAID: ‘The old covenant is finished, I am the new covenant, and the way to God is through me.’ saying, in effect, that every law/rule before his time, except for the ten actual commandments, were no longer required.

  347. This article is bogus. Do some research David Volz before you get sued!
    Looking at the Salvation Army website and Snopes, the views or stupidity of Salvation Army Major Craibe and the misrepresentation by Serena Ryan of the Salvation Army’s doctrine. You are propogating a myth and continuing the spread of hatred via your lack of presenting the truth.

  348. This is a letter that I received from the Salvation Army after my inquiry questioning the validity of this article. Be careful what you read on the internet, and do your research people!

    Dear David,

    Thank you for reaching out with your questions and allowing us the
    opportunity to clear up this misconception about The Salvation Army. And
    please share this information with your daughter.

    For years, Facebook posts, forwarded emails and rumors have been leading
    people to believe that The Salvation Army does not serve members of the
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) community. These
    accusations simply aren’t true.

    Some Internet postings originate in remarks made in a radio interview by
    Australian Major Andrew Craibe reported by the Truth Wins Out organization.
    It is emphatically noted that Major Craibe’s comments do not reflect the
    views, policies, beliefs, or teachings of The Salvation Army anywhere in
    the world at any time in history.

    We acknowledge that because of our size and scope, occasionally one of our
    millions of employees and volunteers might say or do something that does
    not reflect our values. We address these incidents as soon as they arise.

    Since its founding in the U.K. nearly 150 years ago, The Salvation Army has
    lived out its mission: To meet human needs in His name, without
    discrimination. People who come to the Army for assistance will be served
    according to their need and our capacity to help – regardless of race,
    gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

    The Salvation Army believes that all people are equal, regardless of sexual
    orientation or any other factor, including race, gender and ethnicity.

    I encourage you to read (and watch!) more at the following link and don’t
    hesitate to reach out with further questions or concerns.

    Thanks again,


    Jennifer Byrd
    Director of Communications
    The Salvation Army
    National Headquarters
    615 Slaters Lane
    Alexandria, VA. 22314
    Phone: 703.519.5890
    Cell: 703.400.3247
    (Embedded image moved to file: pic19264.gif)

  349. Guess I won’t be donating to the Salvation Army this year or any other. This is one of the most absurb things I’ve ever heard. We are suppose to love our neghbors as ourselves.


  351. I can not believe these people! The freakin bible was written by man! God doesn’t create mistakes. You are born the way you are born to say you have to die because your “Christian god” says it in a book, is just freakin wrong. The bible says this or that. Their are so many verses of the bible. Ok the bible says women and children are property is this true? The bible says Leviticus 20:9
    For anyone who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death; he has cursed his father or his mother; his blood is upon him.
    Yeah your kid should die because he talks back? Does that make sense now days? Oi you can’t believe everything you read. And that includes the bible. Picking and choosing verses is just ignorance. It’s not 2000 years ago. Those people were different and earth was different. Get with the 21st century people!! Hate creates hate. Teach your children love, patiences, and tolerance. Everyone should be created equal because we are human beings! Rant ened!

  352. SMH…. no wonder everytime I see those buckets and hear the bells I feel some negative energy, cuz these people are pure evil. Don’t even try to look like you’re doing good deeds, you have a black, black heart that is filled with hatred and despair.

    • Jesus once said “Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures” This story deserves the same reply for those bad-mouthing the salvation army and those poorly explaining the verses in Romans. If anyone ever actually learns the truth here I would be surprised to hear about it.

  353. I’m not sure everyone here is understanding the real issue. Sure, you can boycott the Salvation Army because they don’t practice religion the way you want them to. Personally I think if you are going to write a bunch of hate speech towards a religious group because they don’t believe what you believe, then you are no better than the group your so strongly apposed of. I thought equality meant ALL people being treated as equal. I don’t recall the Salvation Army releasing a statement encouraging massive amounts of businesses to stop paying homosexuals just because they don’t share the same beliefs. It doesn’t matter what side of the coin your on, there is no such thing as “equality for all”. Some of you are so focused on what you want to see rather than the truth, you walk through blindly accusing others of doing exactly what you’re doing. Sure, gays are singled out and beaten just for being gay. Some are also just as guilty of harming someone else because they don’t support gays. There are good and bad people in every aspect of life. Truth is homosexuals have homosexual problems, heterosexuals have heterosexual problems. Everyone has problems. Trying to push those problems on to each other isn’t going to solve anything. Just leave each other alone and deal with it. If you don’t want to support a certain organization, then don’t. Stop trying to rally the masses behind you though. In the end, there will always be some who are willing to support them, and all you will have accomplished is being at the forefront of some family who has nowhere else to turn not receiving help when they really need it. What did that family do to hurt you? Did their lack of financial stability somehow make your homosexual lifestyle more difficult? Did their starving family suddenly threaten your ability to live your life? Perhaps their children, who have never had a real Christmas, endangered your life by being excited to finally have a reason to believe in something. It shouldn’t be about the man behind the desk. He will always be there to collect what he feels is his. If a family has to suffer because of it, he probably won’t sweat it. You are free to live how you choose to live, and believe what you want to believe. Stop trying to encourage others to take that same right away from someone else, just because they don’t think like you do.

  354. Like Westbro Baptist Church

  355. This supposed media relations guy needs to be fired! He has no clue what it means to be a Christian.

  356. Disgusted by your christian values. So nice to see the.basics like acceptance and love for your fellow man. Not happy the salvos will get my money and respect now.

  357. This is not a literal death, this is the second death…. as in John 8:24, I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.

    And believe me, the second death is a lot worse than the first one.

  358. Well thanks I will keep my donations in my pocket this year!

  359. I will stand by and protest them this year with my Gay flag in hand I have given them money every year never again such hatred does not get you far! parents need to teach there kids now LOVE IS LOVE!being full of hate will only eat you alive and becareful the one you hate might be your own child standing next to you wondering whether they could be gay and to see such hatred a lot of kids go home and kill there self because they are gay and there parents are left wondering why! dumb people.


    Not saying the Salvation Army is innocent, but read the Snopes article.

  361. Calm down. How many attacks on LGBT people were carried out last year? How many were carried out by Salvation Army nuts? You’ve got a lot worse enemies than the Salvation Army out there. But OK, bravely vent your faux outrage online at a charity while you cower in the corner at the thought of taking on the violent people in our society who REALLY go out and hurt LGBTs. Sheesh.

  362. Looks like David Voz likes to make up his own versions of the “truth”

  363. LOL@Hebrew its a broken language and there is no way you can interpret anything without all the alphabet!!! This is a cult and I will not shop at salvation army again!! I will send this link to all I know. The religion that the salvation army is going with is BULLSHIT!!! and the way I am seeing it, an extremist group!! Ignorance is forgiven cuz you just don’t know better, but I see stupid, mean and horrible people. I would be ashamed to be in any picture with a smile that flat out bluntly shows hate!! Ohhhhh yes and make sure when you tell everyone about all the people you help if they don’t believe what you believe you won’t help them!!! This is so sad and so horrible, all the pictures with your signs I hope your families see you all through history as prejudice bigots with a smile of hate! and if you read the bible it says only GOD will judge who the hell are you to act like GOD!! I hope the ones who are carrying the signs of hate (hitler type people) karma will bite you in the ass, and there are millions and millions of gay people, and I am one of them. We are not going to go away and we have fought ugly like you for a long long time, you won’t win and I will not ever shop at Salvation army again, and neither will my friends.

  364. All who curse father or mother shall be put to death; having cursed father or mother, their blood is upon them.

    The bible also says this which I’m sure just about 99% of the world is guilty of. So wee should jus go on a killing spree for god because that’s what the bible says. The bible also supports slavery and gives an entire breakdown of the rules if owning a slave. If ur gonna follow a book u can’t pick and choose what u wanna follow

    • Why are people so consumed with ignorance and hate. First Judaism has taught that stoning and death were punishments for certain sins. Islam teaches that stoning and beheading are modern punishments for sins like homosexuality. Christians are never told to judge or execute anyone for sin. Christians are warned that we can be expelled after we have been approached three times by the church. The article this article references speaks about the greater scale of rejection. This is the point where the sinner himself or herself has proven that they reject God. That is why he allows the sinner to be alone with their own reprobate mind. The consequences of physical and spiritual death are their own fault. They knew what the penalty was. The Apostle Paul was warning all Christians that they should not continue in sin (not only homosexuality). To deliberately continue in sin is to demonstrate that you are not a child of God. I will illustrate what I am talking about. If a bank robber calls himself a Christian on Sundays and Wednesday nights, yet fails to get legal employment, he is not a true Christian. “by their fruits ye shall know them.”
      When people say they “believe the Bible” that could mean a lot of different things. Frequently there are baseless articles like this one. The idea that Christians are being commanded to judge or kill sinners is worth less than animal waste. Animal waste can be used for fertilizer. Christians are commanded to tell sinners that they should repent. The day of the Lord will come and judgment by God will be swift. Christians are commanded to live according to the word of God. We will be held accountable for our failures. Insults from others will not help them on Earth or at the judgment.

  365. This is ridiculous bullshit and what ever fag made this up does deserve to die! I’m not at all homophobic. This is just straight up asshole-ness. How many people have read this and refused to donate now!?!?! You make me fucking sick! Let the poor statve so you can have your 10min of fame you fucking bitch!

  366. just so you know, I went to the Portland area Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center for drug treatment. I was there with a few gay men. True, there was some oppression, but i graduated with one. They were afforded the EXACT same opportunity as every other addict there. So in light of this article, gay men ARE getting help and services from the Salvation Army.

  367. Another reason to be a blissfully happy atheist! I never have to square any circles, I never have to suffer any cognitive or moral or intellectual dissonance, no cherry picking, no interpretation, no quandaries!~ I can judge for myself. And while it’s true that a mix of mild christianity with a large dose of humanism goes a long way to helping society, I’m hoping that the religious part eventually fizzles out completely. I am, however, more perplexed about giving to the kettle campaign – which is a shame as fewer people will be helped….perhaps it’s wrong to throw the baby out with the bathwater…..

  368. Please fact check before writing another article. I believe that should be a requirement for any serious journalist.

  369. Shame on them.